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  1. Gwart

    Grumman FM-1 Wildcat

    Hobbyboss easy kit, Mainly a detailing job. Airfix F4F-4,Spine and canopy need a fix and rest is filling work on the outer wing guns. The more expensive way would be to combine the Airfix parts onto the Arma FM-2 (a tremendous kit,the most accurate Wildcat in any scale).Grafting a new nose,shortening the tail height. Hasegawa while basic still looks nice but looses a lot of accuracy in the lower belly/ nose. Shane.
  2. You can see the head armour has been removed and placed behind the seat bulkhead. Shane.
  3. Scratch that,in the OA-4M boxing it's missing the rear coaming behind the canopy.So without scratchbuiling one you can only do the humped OA-4M. Shane.
  4. TA-4K from the OA boxing is closest you can get. I really hope they repop the whole Fujimi skyhawk range.Aggressor markings!. Shane.
  5. Looks good and has quite a high parts count for a 1/72nd scale Spit (73 ish).My only gripe from seeing the renders is the lower portion of the the front windshield being moulded into the fuselage,leaves me filled with horror of the sprue connection point being directly against a piece of canopy without any framing to hide any removal mistakes.Regardless i will still be diving in. Shane
  6. https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=362946&code=&product_type_id=&scale_id=956&keyword_search=&setPerPage=25&currency_id= All of these are Hasegawa tools repackaged.Beaufighter one of them.
  7. Excellent work on that Adrian,now if you could use the same magic to conjure up a single seat Venom . . . Shane.
  8. Any help or info regarding how the additional seat armour was fitted to the Buffalo in Finnish service and how the seatbelt harness worked with that. Thanks in advance. Shane.
  9. Excellent.I would have laid money on it being a P-51 B/C.Maybe they got wind of someone else doing one . . . Shane.
  10. Maybe in the Recon version of the Sword P-80.They're the same tanks as installed on the wingtip of the single seat Cavalier Mustangs. Shane. Had a nosey and found a pic Maybe a tad too long and the shape of the Fletcher tank is almost identical to the P-51's aerofoil,so would need some sanding.
  11. On the picture of Jungle Queen above you can see some retained :- On the front and sides of the pylon, Near the wing leading edge a block of text in front of where the roundels are. These have a lighter background and appear to have been covered over for repainting. The only other stencils i've noticed being retained are on the sides of the fuselage just in front and almost level with the wing LE and below the rear fuselage intercooler doors. Again if you study pics of RAF jugs you will notice Dark squares/rectangular shapes in these areas which could well be masked over stencils which show the original paint and data. Shane.
  12. They didn't get the love postwar P/F-51's got so i would go with the original dark green cockpit with maybe black above the cockpit sill line. front/back armoured head plate.
  13. I would go with the XVI wing ,green is add,red is remove.Much easier than making an VIII C wing armament into an E. Shane.
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