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Why no M-75 ?

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Hi all,


I was an APC-driver during my army days.

I drove the ancient M-75 (and later M-113.)

Only used by USA and Belgium.


I still can't understand why no company ever made a detailed 1/35 th kit of this APC.

Name any armour,and their will be a kit of it somewhere.


So why no injection moulded M-75 ?




Their is one from Retrokit in resin.But it's just an empty  shell.






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What is wrong with the empty shell?


Most models are built like that. Seems like a rather exotic vehicle that has a short-lived career in the US, Korean war and 30 years in the Belgian army in different versions (market-wise that doesn't look like a big market), in which I suppose the engine stayed the same, but the interior changed more or less depending on usage as a command vehicle, engineering vehicle or mortar towing vehicle... Why Retrokit doesn't release the basekit in different versions or some upgrades for the basic version to make the other versions... 


It should be doable to cut the rear part of the resin kit and replace it with sheet styrene to build up the interior... ok, admitted, a lot more work, and when done, shortly after the modelling gods will release the kit after the 100th version of the tiger, panther, sherman, etc... 








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The Retrokit is good.But I rather have plastic.

Market-wise not the best to make.But I see a lot of amour kits of vehicles with little historic value.


I know the M-75 inside and out all to well.

A joy to drive . Not much that could stop it in the field.


Just a pitty the Belgian army took out the heater.Freezing cold in the winter in Elsenborn or Vogelsang.

We even made an small open fire inside to warm us up.


How we never blew up is still a mistery to me. just below us the fuel tanks and fumes !

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3 hours ago, Erwin said:

Name any armour,and their will be a kit of it somewhere

I wish!  There’s a lot more than there used to be, some of it very interesting, but just off the top of my head:


M44, M52, M53, M55

Vickers MBT


TAM (although there was one once from Argentina)

Abbot (except for the £90 job from Accurate Armour)

AMX Mk.F3, Mk.61

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