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Condottieri part 8

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The real world has been interrupting my modelling recently, my  wife had a successful operation to remove a lump,  the garden is under some sort of control for the time being and work has taken a turn for the better, though that means time away from home.  So very little has been completed,  these two bits being the sum total of my completions.


The cardinal is either blessing the the blooming big gun or telling them they are doing it wrong. You guess is as good as mine. I really like the figure holding his back, he looks like he has put a shift in.









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A great looking Dio and figures it really tells a story.And that guy to me looks like he is saying OH my aching back,as I would be if I had to pick up those cannon balls.Very glad to hear the wife's op turned out fine.

Cheers Jim.

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