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Tanmodel RF-84F questions


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I was looking over my Tanmodel 1/48 RF-84F kit, and was surprised by the "instrument panel" decals included in the kit. They are just a bunch of black "blobs", with no detail whatsoever. Has anybody used those decals? Are they upside down, like some other manufacturer's kit decals?

http://www.detailandscale.com/scale_modeling_section/haagen_scale_model_reviews/D&S TanModel RF-84F Review/large/TanModel RF-84F_23.JPG

Of course there is no aftermarket available for the kit, except for a few resin bits by AMS Resin. An Eduard color ZOOM set would be nice.



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Hello Recce ... not sure about the TanModel RF-84 ? But i know there are aftermarket cockpits in existence for standard Thunderstreaks ( revellogram, hobbyboss, & fonderie miniatures ). Again im not sure about the differences between the standard and Recce birds cockpits. But i imagine anything else could be scratched ? I know those parts all include instrument panels. Hope that helps some ? 

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