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Walrus crashes into bus-shelter. Azur Loire 130 C1 Colonial Part II

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Thanks to our hosts I have been given the opportunity to rescue this previous GB victim from the shelf of doom, to attempt to complete it this time. It's previous GB appearance is below


Box art and parts below



The last attempt failed due to the usual running out of time and a sneak attack by the carpet monster which stole some of the parts, that remain lost unfortunately.

Good luck to everyone in this GB

Cheers Pat

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that thing is truly bizarre!!

good luck with it, it's a shame by the looks of it that the vacform canopies have gone a bit yellow with age.

Thanks Rich, I like to think that it has tinted glass to help with all that Senegal sunshine : )

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  • 4 months later...

Sorry everyone, for those of you who have built this kit one look at the pictures above will see that there are internal parts missing.

Now I have seen them somewhere but can't for the life of me find them. I got in touch with the manufacturers but the kit hasn't been built for 8 years and the moulds have been sold to someone else. Therefore this built is completely stalled till I find the missing bits, another victim of the "shelf of doom"


cheers Pat

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