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Long lenses, vibration control and picture "jump"?

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After getting back into photography at the start of the year with a brand new setup (did 2002-2010 as a Canon user, switched to Nikon as a way to avoid simply buying the same lenses again) I settled on the Tamron 150-600mm lens for my airshow lens.

After taking it out a few times to test it out on the Norwich falcon demo team at lunch times, RIAT was the first use of this lens in anger - loved it, had a great time, but noticed something with it that I have never encountered before.

At long focal lengths, especially when windy, the picture through the viewfinder would literally jump, often with a corresponding noise from the camera/lens - I could have the target centered and then it would jump slightly (like a cm or so).

Is this the VC resetting itself? Or am I looking at a faulty lens? The pics came out fine, and the VC was *extremely* noticeable when I wasnt tracking, as in the lens was wobbling in the wind but the viewfinder image was totally stable, so Im leaning toward this just being the VC going "enough is enough, back to square one we go!"


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Don't worry about it... if it jumps what seems a little bit then it's added a little VC and if it "jumps" a larger amount then it's adding a lot of VC as it was most likely doing as your were shooting on a windy day.


I used the lense at an airshow on my canon and had same issue which is odd but photos are fine.

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