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  1. And just last week i pre ordered the MkIV... what do i do?
  2. Exceptional build... looks fantastic, well done.
  3. In need of a cheap compressor that works... if any exist. Why cheap? Well it's not going to get that much use... so don't want to be spending a fortune on one for it to sit in a box for weeks at a time. What's my price? No idea... obviously not a £10 item but also not £80... somewhere in the middle would be nice if possible.
  4. Hello all... it's been a while, family life... you know how it is. I've since glued the body together... which was straight forward. As for the paint job... that's been terrible. I was going for the camoflauge scheme but after the first paint went on i didn't like it... the two colours were just too different so i cleaned it up and repainted using 1 different colour of green to what's listed... but i still wasn't happy so once again stripped it back down. I then thought that i've done a fair few camoflauge schemes in my time so thought i would now go with the plai
  5. Just a few little bits done today. First thing to be done was to paint the interior of the fuselage... while doing that i decided to paint inside the wheel bays. And this is where i had two problems which hopefully i can overcome... 1- when spraying, even though i masked up, i still managed to get over spray everywhere... so need to be more careful or practice a lot more. 2- i'm a messy person... as you can see from the paint smudge marks.... need to wear gloves when handling paints or be more careful.
  6. Those few details really do make a big difference. I haven't had a look at the canopy just yet but if it can be fitted after assembly then i'll look at copying the detail in the photo. Thanks
  7. I wasn't planning too... not with this model at least. My aim is to build a really good Lancaster bomber but i haven't done models for some time so this and a few others i shall be building beforehand are for practice in building, fixing issues, painting and wethering. The cockpit is really lacking so as i put it together... depending on how much you see i may change my mind.
  8. Yes i will be... they are painted and drying as i write this. Hopefully more work and more pics tomorrow evening.
  9. Today was a day for glueing up and painting a few small parts. Fitment of the left wing to fuselage was fine... but the middle section of wing to fuselage had an issue with the size of the tab, once trimmed the fitting is a little loose but it all lines up fine. Middle section of wing to left side of cockpit doesn't line up... again a little trimming of the tab is all that's needed. Same story with the right side of cockpit to right wing And this is all that you get for the cockpit.
  10. I'm Pretty certain the FW-189 will now be my next build now... thanks. I suppose i could of used a fret saw... i do have one with a fine blade... if i had only thought.
  11. Yes it's the Airfix kit... Just googled images to get a number off the box incase that meant anything and found this link... Release dates and box changes. From Wikipedia it states another plane was chosen over this and so it's very much unlikely that they flew again after testing.
  12. So it's been a week since i dug out my spray gun to paint a part non aircraft related... in that time i've fixed my old model, my eldest sons model, built a Spitfire with my other kids, started work on a Blohm & Voss BV141. Then tonight i see.......... planes for sale on the forum... so hoping to get them... seen a post about works.co.uk having offers on.... so bought some more had a quick look on the Airfix website to see what size models they do for possible future builds.... and pre-ordered two more (Bristol Blenheim MkI
  13. Me too... alot. Bought a few years ago in very rusted but working condition... used it a bit and went to two shows. Recently thought about selling it and just buying a small engine or a good condition Lister D... then i thought it would be better to just give it a new paint job. So it got taken apart a little, repainted and placed on a trolley that has also been restored.... almost finished then it can run my newly restored Lister domestic water pump.
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