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F5 GB straggler; Hokeyboss F-5e FINISHED!


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This was a deadline fail for the F-5 STGB and rather than send it to the shelf of doom, I’ve decided to finish it as normal WIP. Here she is, first colour on.


New stuff for me: Panzer putty. It is some kind of silly putty clone and apparently is the answer to our camo problems. As this is a 3 colour scheme, it seems like the perfect alternative to endless tape masks. Now for a blast of Mr Color 337 and see if this works without lifting the previous paint.



Beautiful stuff, no paint lift and lovely clean edges. Panzerputty? Ja! A day of drying , some micromeshing of the overspray and the intermediate blue goes on tomorrow. This may yet escape the shelf of doom .

Anil Mit Panzerputty

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A quick update before I head off up North for a week: laid down the third colour and painted the wells and engine bay:



The Panzer putty is a joy to use, cool watching all the paint that gets on it magically dissolve and vanish overnight too. I was most pleased with my Alclad burnt metal effect: well worth shortening my life for...


Just the glossing, decaling and final assembly left next week when I return from Sunny Wakefield.


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