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Qantas 737-800's - 1:144 Draw Decal


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Qantas 737-800's
1:144 Draw Decal


One of the most attractive airline liveries of recent years has in my view been that applied to the Qantas fleet. The A380, 747, 767 and 737 all look very clean and uncluttered, with that big red fin flash and 'Roo making them instantly recognisable.

Draw decal have released a set for the Revell 737-800 kit in their 'Digital Silk' range, covering most of the 738's that Qantas have used. The printing is, as always, razor sharp and neatly laid out on the sheet, on continuous carrier film. No fewer than 32 different fleet names and registrations are provided. A nice touch is the inclusion of two sets of Roo decals to apply one on top of the other and eliminate any chance of the underlying red paint showing through.


The leading edges of the red have a thin gold pinstripe, the two lengths on the sheet being more than enough. Red areas for the winglets are also provided, but as the Revell kit has undersized winglets it is easier to paint them after correction.


It is important to follow Draw's instructions. The constant carrier film requires that you need cut around each decal individually. Here is how my sheet looks after all the subjects have been removed with a no. 11 blade.


It can then be dipped in water, and applied to the model as normal. After allowing 10 - 20 minutes for the decal to grip, a cloth dipped in hot water can be pressed over it to blend it in to the surface. I used a sheet of kitchen paper folded over many times, dipped in hot water from the kettle, being careful not to burn my fingers! The decals will the conform to any curvatures, and stick like limpets to the surface.As with all types of decals, a coat of Kleer/Future will seal them in. More info here


Another lovely sheet from Draw, of a livery I have long wanted to have in my collection.
Having now built and applied these to a Revell 737 I can confirm that they go on beautifully and make a lovely little model.(In Ready for Inspection)


Review sample courtesy of


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Great review John, I have always cut up my decals with scissors, I think I will give the no 11 blade a go next time.

I think that scissors are actually recommended as they produce a kind of slightly bevelled (softer) edge which 'disappears' more easily, whereas a blade can more often produce a harder and more visible edge.

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