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Monogram CF101 in 1/48th Scale.

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G'day Chums,

A chap I know did an exchange tour as a navigator on 425 Squadron flying CF101's many moons ago.A few weeks after he told me about this I happened to be in B+H Models in Lincoln where there just happened to be a Monogram F101B on the shelf.Not for much longer it wasn't.

This build started with a fair amount of uncertainty as I had no references,no regular internet access (once a week at the local library) and no prior knowledge of how these things are meant to look.

My once weekly library visit revealed a small amount of gen,enough to be going on with,so progress was slowly made.

The project stalled about 5 years ago from not understanding how some of the cockpit fitted together,what colour the paint finish was and an enforced house move.

The new abode provided internet access so deep research became easy.A friend happened to have what was left of a Belcher decal sheet going spare so pretty much all the goodies were to hand.This is where we are;



Some of the conversion work was done before the house move,namely removal of the slime lights and reinstating the raised panel line detail using stretched sprue.

Both sides of the fin,


both wingtips,


and,just visible above the castellated panel line,both sides of the fuselage.


There's still loads to be done so,5 years on from the last bit done,here we go again.

More soon chums,thanks for looking in.

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Always liked the lines of the Voodoo and the Canadian schemes suit it to my eye so will be watching this one.

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Hello again Chums,

Col,thanks for looking in,I hope this job satisfies the fascination.

Done a bit tonight,the sensor fairing on top of the nose wasn't on the real thing so it had to go.A spot of sawing and scraping left me with a hole to be filled.


My favoured method of gap filling is sprue and its derivatives,so a suitably tapered length was cut and glued into place.Once it has set some careful sanding will ensue due to the conveniently placed raised castellated panel lines adjacent to where I'm working that will be tricky to reinstate.


Good game,good game.

More soon,thanks for looking in.

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G'day Chums,

Not much to report really,just a bit of sanding and a brushful of primer to fill the scratches.



This is a big aeroplane.I didn't realise just how big until I put it side by side with the Spitfire that's on the go at the moment.


More soon when the primer dries enough to sand back.

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G'day Chums,

Have you ever had one of those growl moments?

A couple of evenings ago I happened across a hitherto unseen website that had photos of airframes contempary to the one I'm making here.Guess what?Every one had the IR sensor fairing that I had just removed.More's to the point the website where I read that the fairing shouldn't be there seems to have evaporated so I can't dial it up to heartily berate it.Don't you just love research.

The fairing had to go back on.Could I find it?

I made a new one from a suitable diameter length of plastic tube,tried it,didn't like it so made another one.

It was club night on Monday night which usually necessitates me emptying the bench so that we've got the tools and tackle for use in the clubroom.Guess what I found on Tuesday afternoon when I went to put the bench back together?

So I added some plastic card,the same thickness as the saw used to remove the fairing,to the mating face of the fairing and allowed this to set.


I also cut the appropriate shape of card to replace the proud panel on the top of the nose that I had so diligently removed those few days ago when I was younger and less wise.


This is where we are this lunchtime.


More soon chums.

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Your confusion arose from the fact that there were two batches of CF-101s. The first batch, delivered in 1961 or thereabouts were not equipped with the IR sensor on top of the nose. The second batch, which was swapped for the first in 1968/9 did have the IR sensor. Most widely available photos seem to have been taken of the second batch, and of course all the really spiffy looking colour schemes were applied to these as well.

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G'day Chums,

Jessica,thanks for the gen.

Lack of spare time has been my main failing with this build.I've managed to do a little more but not much.

There is no definate location for the undercarriage mainlegs so I had to think my way around that one.By the good offices of Smiffy I was able to acquire another kit and used the upper wing haves to set up the mainlegs and retraction rams and glue them together.



That's about all I've done since the last time.This one is staying on the bench now until completion and the piccies will go into RFI when she's done.

Thanks all for looking in and thanks to Mish for all her hard work.

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