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Found 6 results

  1. Here's my OOB Airfix 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat finished with the kit decals for Marion Carl's aircraft. I really enjoyed building this kit.
  2. Hello All, I am wanting to buy a few of the Airfix 172 F4F-4 Wildcats, as I see them pretty cheap at the moment. I would like to backdate/convert one to a -3 variant in British markings. I read that some had folding wings, some didn't. All had the two-flap cowl and 4 guns? On converting one to a Gloss Sea Blue late variant, say a FM-2, too much surgery and best to buy a whole different kit? Thanks for any advice/light you can shed. Jeffer
  3. 1: Introduction/Justification For a long time now I have limited myself to building only aircraft from the mid-1930's to the early 1940's; partly because the colour and marking schemes interested me more, partly because that is the period of aviation and of the war than I find most interesting, and finally partly because time and money do not permit me to build models of every single aeroplane ever built and flown. I have noticed over the past year or so a change in my modelling habits, in that the construction of the kit has become as great a source of enjoyment to me as the painting and finishing and I think this has been largely due to the new releases by Airfix this year - I know that some of my forum-peers have had various issues with some of the kits and in particular the quality control (or perhaps lack of it) regarding the clear parts, but either I have been extremely fortunate or the majority of kits sold do not have these problems, in any event I have not had any cause for complaint. I recently found myself buying and building a couple of the new Beaufighters (even though I had made blood sacrifices to the Dark Lords to get a Mk.1 made and not a TFX) just because it looked like it would be a really nice, interesting kit to build, and it was. Around the same time I wandered even further from my usual areas of interest and got the Wildcat/Kate Dogfight Double set for the same reason, because the kits look interesting. Here's the box: ... here's what you get in it: ... instructions and transfers: 2: Mission Creep As usual rather than do any actual work and risk making a mess of it I'd rather get someone else to do it right. Not having any Pacific War colours in the paint stash - despite its embarrassing and ever-spreading bulk - I put an order in with Sovereign Hobbies for the relevant Colourcoats paints - n.b. do not use this picture as a guide to what the colours actually look like, they don't, the picture was taken under very bright lighting. In the instructions Airfix specify the Kate interior colour as '86' which is 'Light Olive' and is included in the little pots of paint that come with the set; however I was sceptical and ordered a set of AK Japanese Aircraft colours which includes one specifically named as Nakajima Interior Green: On opening up the box and shaking up the paint in question it reveals... ... actually a pretty close match to Humbrol 86 Light Olive. I regret nothing. Paint doesn't count as stash anyway. 3. Constructus Interruptus As the instructions start with the Wildcat, so did I. Here's the bits: I did some basic assembly, most of the parts just click together so I sprayed them assembled but unglued with US Interior Green: Then I read this... So Interior Green is probably not a good choice for a Midway-era Wildcat... fortunately Sovereign Hobbies do include both the Dull Dark Green and the Bronze Green 9 amongst their US colours so I put another order in and will have to do a respray when it arrives. On the plus side, slightly irritating though it is, at least I didn't read up on the colours just after I closed up the fuselage. 4. Displacement Activity In the meantime I have time to devote to painting the crews; here is the Wildcat pilot: I modified his footwear a bit by scraping off as much of the boot detail as I could; US Navy pilots wore shoes, boots being of questionable value on an aircraft carrier deck or if you are shot down into the sea. The rest of the painting was cobbled together from a google image search for USN pilots. Hopefully I'll start on the Japanese crewmen tomorrow. Cheers, Stew
  4. Morning all, Sneaking over the line just before new year are my final two completions, the Airfix Wildcat and Tamiya Corsair. Both in 1/72 and completely out of the box. Two very neat little kits. Thanks for looking, comments welcomed Happy new year Shaun
  5. Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat BuNo 5093, Lt. Cdr. John S. Thatch, Officer Commanding VF-3, USS Yorktown, Midway, 1942-06-04 Kit: 1/72 Hasegawa F4F-4 Wildcat Afermarket parts: True Details #72455 resin cockpit and wheel well detail set Squadron #9105 vacu canopy Decals: Aeromaster #72-093C F4F-4 Wildcat Aces Pt.1 The following improvements made to this kit were: Inner surfaces of wing halves and rear fuselage halves (rudder) were thinned down to obtain sharp trailing edges. Some panel lines were filled and some added according to reference photos. In addition, the overlapping panels (for example, on the rudder) were represented using thin metal foil. The cockpit was replaced by the True Details resin parts. The canopy was replaced by the Squadron vacu formed item. Since the Squadron canopy is designed to fit the Academy kit, some adjustment work was required for mounting it on the model. The canopy replacement forced widening the fairing above the control panel in the cockpit, which have originally had rather wide margins for placing the thicker kit canopy. This fairing was also thinned down for correct scale representation. The most serious flaw with this kit is just an empty space where the landing gear bay should be. This problem is partially solved by inserting the True Details tub, however some extra work was still required. For instance, the recesses to accommodate the main wheel are just repeated in full size on the resin tub and, since it is designed to fit the kit fuselage having rather thick plastic, these recesses turned out to be much deeper than they should be. Some filling and re-scribing was required to fix this problem. Some additional detail was also added to the rear bulkhead and to the engine compartment interior partially visible in front of the wheel bay. In addition, the fuselage walls around the front of the wheel bay were partially thinned down for the correct skin representation. The air intakes in the forward engine cowling ring were deepened and thinned down to scale. Some detail was added to the rather basic kit parts for the reasonable representation of the Wildcat’s complicated landing gear. The aileron, elevator and rudder hinges molded as solid pieces were improved by cutting out their inner areas. The missing central elements were also added to the fairings covering the hinges of the landing flaps. Too shallow kit exhaust stacks were replaced by scratch built parts and the fuselage panel around them was also somewhat refined by making extra steps, holes etc. A new rounded propeller hub and the visible part of the arrester hook were made from scratch. A larger pneumatic tail wheel provided with the kit was replaced by the solid smaller one which is correct for this particular a/c. The replacement wheel was the part left unused after building the F2A-2 kit as a Dutch Brewster Model 339C. Some further minor improvements made on the model can clearly be seen on the photos.
  6. My latest project is finished.. This is my rendition of Lt. James Elms Swett Wildcat as flown on his famous Medal of Honor mission on 7 April 1943. This was his first combat mission and he became ace-in-a-day on that flight, shooting down 7 Japanese airplanes before being hit himself.. Not bad on your first day on the job.. He would end the war with 15,5 confirmed victories in 103 combat missions. He earned two Purple hearts, 8 DFC and of course the MoH.. The kit used is Tamiya. With Quickboost engine, Eduard Zoom set, CAM 48-111 decals, Ultracast wheels and seat (should have been with shoulder belts which I found out one day after I had the fuselage glued together..). Scratchbuild open cowl flaps, improved cockpit (no floor), gun sight, improved gun ports and metal tubes for guns. Paint used was predominantly Mr. Color and Gunze with clear lacquers by Future and ModelMaster. Eduard's color zoom set is wrong in color and so are the CAM insignias. The Tamiya insignia are of the wrong size as well.
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