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  1. Phantastic job! Always a pleasure to see a P-38, especially in this CBI finish. Congratulations for paying attention to correction the accuracy issues with the original decals - pretty much the same as I did with my 1/72 representation of the "Haleakala" posted here: As a J-5, the "Haleakala" featured a relatively rare combination of enlarged lower engine cowlings and early style canopy with curved windscreen (like P-38H). It also most likely didn't yet have fuel tanks in the outer wings, as those J-5 and J-10 which did should have been marked with a cross in their data block...
  2. Thanks for the link! Here is the English version: http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/ju87/ju87e.html
  3. Thank you Guys. Now I believe I have enough information for well-educated decision.
  4. Thanks everyone for the info. AFAIK, Fujimi has been considered the best 1/72 Stuka (at least for the B-version) until the latest Airfix release, so that I don't believe that it makes sense to discuss further alternatives here, in particular that the question is not which kit to buy, but rather if it really makes sense to replace what I already have, and from my point of view it would only worth the trouble, if Airfix could be built more or less OOB without any corrections (both in terms of shape issues or crude parts), and Fujimi would have some problem area(s), which would require some considerable effort to be addressed. Perhaps someone has managed to compare both of them in detail?
  5. More specifically: if the objective is to have ‘one and only’ and the most accurate Ju 87B-2/R-2 in 1/72, and one already has Fujimi kit with all related after-market stuff for interior and exterior, would there still be a reason to replace it with the new Airfix kit? The main (if not only) criteria is accuracy/shape. The B-1 version (from which only Airfix is reported to be correct) is NOT of interest. TIA for any input.
  6. Hi, As stated in the title: are there any easy to reach and worth visiting model shops in Manila with good selection and prices for 1/72 aircraft stuff (at least Hasegawa or new Hobby Boss)? If so, how the prices in Manila are compared to those in Taipei? As for Taipei, just in case someone reading this topic might also know the answer to my questions asked here ☺: Thanks again
  7. 2 more Q.s about Taipei: - Are there any serious aircraft-related shops in the Ximending's Wan Nian building or in the shopping mall under(?) the main station? - Is there any aircraft stuff in the AFV shop? TIA
  8. In the meantime, I got their reply (despite returned mail) and the shipping charge to EU should in fact be 266 CZK, although in the basket 121 CZK is displayed...
  9. Speaking of ordering directly from Sword: how was the experience? Also, does the shipping abroad (in my case EU) really cost as displayed in the basket, or it is only for domestic postage? I tried to contact them via formular on their page with undeliverable mail notification as result...
  10. Although I don't have the Dragon kit, according to the photos and reviews, it must be better than Hasegawa, but probably indeed outclassed by FineMolds and RS Models.
  11. Thanks for comments! In my (subjective) opinion, Hien is the most attractive single-engined Japanese WWII fighter. While normally doing strictly 1 model of each type, I couldn't resist buying also a "short-nosed" (Hei) version by Fine Molds some time ago in the hope to finish it with mottled camouflage some day...
  12. Kawasaki Ki-61 Type I-TEI, #5262, Chofu, April 1945, Pilot: 244th Senai commander Capt. Teruhiko Kobayashi (reserve a/c) Kit: Hasegawa (in the meantime clearly superseded by Fine Molds and RS Models) Photo-etched parts: Eduard Wheels with rubber tires: Equipage Decals: Life Like Decals “244th Sentai Pt.2” Built in 1997 and finished initially as that dubious "Shamrock Tony" much discussed around 2000. Partially repainted and completely re-decalled in 2004. Although the level of painting and weathering leaves something to be desired being obviously below that of my more recent models presented here and the exact colours might remain somewhat controversial, lot of corrections and extra detail (wheel wells,ventral radiator, drop tanks - just to mention a few...) were done and so I dare to present it to your attention...
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