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  1. Sanger had been promising to release a 1/48th B-52 for a number of years, and kept teasing me whenever I visited the website with a message that stated the model was under construction but nothing more - I must confess I began to question whether it would ever actually be released. However, last year it was finally ready to purchase so I took the plunge and ordered one. Any version of the venerable B-52 can be modelled, ranging from the early tall-tailed versions typified by the D-model, right through to the current-day H version. Sanger also offer a wide array of decals to accomp
  2. Hello everyone, After for lurking a few years, I've decided to my progress with everyone. It might be interesting to some as the MB.162 isn't the most well known aircraft. As far as I can tell I'll even be the first to post about a scale model of this bomber on the internet. I actually stared this model a bit back so there will be enough content for the future. I will however The MB.162 was a French, four engined heavy bomber designed just before WWII. Three prototypes were constructed, of which one was finished and test flown before the German invasion. Af
  3. I owe the pleasure of this kit to fellow modeler John Eaton, that very kindly let it go so I could have a go at this extremely exciting build. As we corresponded, John commented on what must have been to travel to exotic places on this gentle beast, in absolute luxury that only the well-heeled could afford. As many of you know, there were in fact two of these Handley Page types, the HP42 and HP45, four machines each. One covered the Eastern routes while the other covered the Western ones. They differed on the powerplants, propellers, and seat number and arrangement. Many other external de
  4. It comes up now and then, whether it is possible to duplicate vac-u-formed canopies. The answer is yes! I will show you how I do it. First off, the canopy you wish to replicate has to be closed at both ends. If it has already been cut out of it's plastic sheet, you are going to have to devise a way to make it hold a runny sort of product. One way might be to glue plastic pieces to the part that needs to be sealed off, using a glue such as G-S cement, which can later be dissolved with 91% rubbing alcohol, without harming the plastic. BEWARE -- THIS METHOD WILL NOT W
  5. Happy New Year guys. Here is my recently completed racer, a Heston Napier Type 5 using the Airframe vacuform kit in 1/72, build can be found here: The vacuform was of so-so quality and was quite thin in places so care had to be taken with any corrections that needed doing. The cockpit was scratch built, as was the undercarriage with wheels and propeller blades coming from the spares box. The build was very much a trial by combat with a couple of drops occurring during the whole process. When everything was made good, t
  6. With the Bugatti racer now completed, time to look at the next one. For no particular reason other than it jumped into my hand, I'm going to try my hand at a 1/72 vacuform , a Heston Type 5 Racer. Nice boxart. The plastic Can't go wrong with Arctic Decals Our resident monk @Moa RFI: will hopefully point me in the right direction. I have only ever done one vacuform but it was so long ago in 1/48, I can't remember any of it. I'm sure it'll be fun. Stuart
  7. A Golden Eagle flies yonder The base for this model was a vintage RarePlane vacuform kit, rather basic and with a problematic "clear" acetate fuselage that gave more than one headache. Fortunately a beautiful set from Arctic Decals helped with the build. Much had to be improved on and added to the basic vac, and for those curious here is the step-by-step building post: The first ever built Lockheed Vega was presumed lost at sea on its way to Hawaii during the Dole air race. This co
  8. A model from 2014, five years ago: I extricated from the closet this one made from a kit that a fellow modeler sent me time ago (Thanks, Keith!) It is an Airframe kit I believe made in Canada, date unknown, but long time ago. The plastic is very thin and flimsy. For what I can tell, the kit came with decals (now absent) but no wheels, prop, or spinner. Of course not even a trace of cockpit detail, or even an interior drawing. The engineering is indifferent, especially regarding how to match the wings and fuselage. The instructions are quite general, and a "note" advising to cut
  9. The "Five-country flight" Etrich Taube of 1913 is now ready to take to the skies. Of undeniable organic inspiration, this graceful bird, clumsy as it may be, heralded the monoplane of the future. Almost all its structural strength came, one may state, from outside, in the form of frames, masts and rigging. A Greek philosopher (like Styrenedes) may have said that at the beginning of life structure also comes from outside as teaching and guidance, when in maturity that structure has been embodied, and it's now inside, as in modern planes. Philosophical disquisitions aside, this adorabl
  10. Afternoon all, This is a build from about 10 years ago - the Aircraft in Miniature vacuform Boeing 747-300. I had it out of the loft today as it needed some repairs and I thought I'd take some up to date pictures that hadn't been sabotaged by the Photobucket debacle. This is a vacuform model that comes as a basic shell - it was fully scribed and wheel bays scratch-built. The decals were from DrawDecal and paints were from Halfords. I had the KLM blue custom-mixed to match the crown on the tail. The kit provides white metal landing gear as well as resin intakes and exhau
  11. Continuing with the modeling saga of less-known types, that nonetheless made significant contributions to aviation history and development, not to mention aesthetics, here is the Sopwith Bat Boat of 1913, credited as the first successful amphibian built in the UK. This is another pioneer (Like the recently-posted Lee-Richards annular wing) that should make BMs proud, being a local achievement. Thomas Sopwith came from the boating field, and used in the Bat Boat a type of construction technique called consuta: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consuta The Bat Boat design went through
  12. A build from 5 years ago, posted as always with its original text. (At that time I didn't know a couple tricks to photograph the models in a convincing snowy environment, so these images will have to do for now): The somewhat strange lines of the Fairchild Super 71 bushplane seem to suggest an exercise on making a fuselage out of beer cans. The whole appearance is further enhanced by the shinny finish and the presence of a pair of floats/skis that any bush plane deserving its worth should be able to wear. The Execuform vacuformed kit is a simple approach to the matt
  13. I have been debating (with myself) whether to make something from a game or settle for something in my stash. The game options were: a space ship from Elite Dangerous, which would involve some 3d printing something from IL2, probably based on one of my own racing skins (maybe a metallic blue & yellow P-51D?) These options are not fully closed off, but, I've decided to go with something from my stash ... A SEVANS Models Dalek, in 1:5 scale The box - with Airfix 1/72 Spitfire for scale A selection of parts, again with A
  14. This model started life as a venerable RarePlane* vacuum-formed kit, and was converted, with some modifications, into an air show stylized machine. New engines and props, full interior -with restroom, and many other details like diverse antennas and lights were added to bring the standard just a tad higher, redeeming its destiny from tired out-of-the-war-mill, to splendorous crowd-awing aerobatic apparatus. The step-by-step account of the transformation can be seen here: The necessary masks and decals were commissioned from Arctic Decals and were to their usual high standards.
  15. A build of yet another vac from 5 years ago: The General Aviation PJ-1 (AF-15) twin pusher flying boat design combines the uncommon with the visually pleasant. Five planes of this type were built and all went into service with the Coast Guard starting in 1932 as FLB (Flying Life Boats). All had names of stars starting with the letter “A” (Antares, Acrux, Acamar, Arcturus, Altair). So you have some variations on schemes and details to pick from. One was converted to a tractor version and re-designated PJ-2. It had P&Ws of slightly more power, a different canopy and of course a d
  16. RAM Models is to release on February 29th, 2016, 1/72nd Vickers VC-10 C.1/C.1K vacuform kits. Source: http://www.rammodels.co.uk/index.php/cPath/65 V.P.
  17. A vac Gee-Bee from 10 years ago (the one posted before was an injected Amodel one): Original text: It is as if my friends were trying to prove that there is no kit impossible to build...as long as it is other modeler who builds them. The Gee Bee needs no introduction; it is just a manned, slightly winged, aerial engine cowl. This vac, together with a few others, was given to me by fellow modeler Keith Hudson. I am grateful of course but now I may have to build them. Humbug. In any case, the Airframe vacuformed kit is old but generally nice if your standa
  18. A vac from 7 years ago: The Pander S.4 -known also as Postjager and Panderjager- was a very stylized Dutch trimotor designed by Theo Slot that first flew in 1933. It was built by the furniture company Pander & Zonen as a high speed mail plane. Only one was produced and after some mail flights it entered in the MacRobertson air race, during which it crashed and went up in smoke. The accident had nothing to do with the plane or its pilots; it was a collision with a vehicle on the tarmac. The Pander was equipped with three Wright Whirlwinds and retractable landing gear, its c
  19. Star Wars BTL A-4 Y-Wing (VC03) 1:72 GreenStrawberry It's common knowledge that the new Bandai Star Wars model kits are pretty awesome, especially since they can be made without any paint or glue, but with this being a modelling forum there are likely to be a lot of us considering upgrades, because we just can't resist! GreenStrawberry have a raft of update sets for these kits that should satisfy most tastes, and they have now broadened their range by introducing a new range of vacform canopies, and with more planned and in progress. What does a vacform canopy d
  20. For some reason I forgot to upload this one, built about 2 years ago. It is related (a post war cabin modification of an existing type) to my current build of the LVG C.VI in passenger carrying guise too, posted as a WiP here at BM. In this small way, I would like to honor Edmund Rumpler, the creator of the plane. His contributions to aviation were vast and significant, and he also created a car that is a delight to contemplate, the Rumpler tropfenwagen. Because Rumpler was Jewish, he was later imprisoned by the despicable and moronic nazis, who destroyed his life and
  21. This Aircraft I did awhile back on another site that was doing a group build on the lost art of Vacuform and Resin.At the time it seemed rather straight forward and simple. I caught it half way thru the build cycle and since I didn't think I would be able to complete the B-52 I had started at the time to finish within the given time period, I chose a "Nice, Simple, Little Airplane" I had in the stash. The build was anything but Nice and Simple ,thought the plane was smallish. So gather round Gents and Ladies as I spin you a tale you can tell your Grandchildren.....And mightily b
  22. A build from 2007, 12 years ago: Gordon Stevens' RarePlanes Seversky Vaculand is a not that far away region that is located right after Plasticland. It limits to the East with Resinland, near the mostly unknown regions of Scratchland, were the Glue River and the Spring of Cyanoacrylate cross into Styrene Territory. Carried on the wings of Methylene and Terpene, the Greek muses of modeling, I arrived to those strange lands where I found this RarePlane’s kit of a –soon to be transformed- Seversky P-35. It is a simple vacuformed model, easy to grasp and with a pleasant sty
  23. A model built 3 years ago, to indulge in the expressed predilection of some esteemed members on the inter-wars period. The beautiful Zeppelin-Staaken E4/20 passenger four-engined monoplane was a product of the postwar (that is post-WWI war), and a very good one. Wisely or not (there were, ahem, understandable fears, surely not appeased by the camouflage covering), the Allied commission decided it should be dismantled, so it bloomed only to be scraped. The mind behind this innovative use of metal (in a way different than Hugo Junkers) was Dipl. Ing. Adolph Rohrbach, later of fly
  24. Another build of a vac from 10 years ago: Fokker is a well-known name even for people not familiar with the field of aviation. Some of his designs (many not actually his, by the way, but mostly Reinhold Platz’s) are easily recognized (like the proverbial triplane); while some others are not. The prolific family of civil transports that were created by the Fokker industries (like the trimotors) somehow shadowed other unique creations, like the machine presented in this article. It was one more step upward and forward in a long line of designs that made a positive imprint in the
  25. A build from 8 years ago: Khee-Kha Art Products rendition of the Fairchild F.71 is up to the usual high standards of its releases. Good and comprehensive instructions with building tips, plans and livery options, resin accessories again superb and completing the package we find a vacuformed windshield and a clear plastic strip for the side windows. The molds are crisp and detailed. This was the first kit offered by Khee-Kha on its expanding range of bush plane kits. You will need decals for your personal choice of subject, but Khee-Kha offers a PIA decal set as an after-market
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