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Found 12 results

  1. This is one of those builds that I really wanted to do as it brought back many memories of my time as a young kid rushing down to my local lifeboat station to watch them launch the boat down a steep ramp. The sight of the bow hitting the water and the large spray of water being thrown up was something else to a young lad. My local station was at Newhaven (Sussex) and that is why I used this name. Alas, the one I used to watch was not the robust Severn Class but I just wanted to have something to display. This kit is the new model as I read so much negative stuff about the old Airfix kit and so I decided to be patient and wait for it to come out. I had no major problems overall but the hull was a bit tricky to do. In the end I chose to glue the hull parts in stages and this seemed to work for me. I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures and thanks for taking an interest. A video can be found HERE and I will post some WIP pictures that show the internal work.
  2. Hi All, Not been on here for a bit, been pretty busy. This hasn't stopped my modelling, just made it a longer process. My last project just finished building the USN Bb55 North Carolina, as seen in the bottom of the pic. Reason these are like this on my table is that I've built a new display for them to go in. Have to say how different the camouflage changed over the years in WW2. Aircraft carrier USS Franklin with 1944 measure USS New York 1942 USS San Francisco 1942 USS Indianapolis 1945 ( not yet finished) USS North Carolina 1944 Why did they change them? I do like building them as the (Dazzle) camo does look good. I will do some better photos on the N Carolina in another post.
  3. Progress so far comments appreciated. I think my paint work has improved since the gun leander, can't manage regular photo updates as son assists with tech and I am a slow learner, Thanks to other leander modellers for research, which has helped my build. Cheers Brian.
  4. Hi everyone. These are the build pictures I took as I built this kit. It is the new version of the Airfix kit as I heard that so many people had problems with the old kit. Overall I had no major problems though the hull was a little tricky but I glued it in stages. I have made the cabin section removable to show the interior and this was not too hard to do but forward planning is essential before going too far. I love the plastic that Airfix uses as is has a lot of flexibility and a softness that allows you to cut the thin rails without hearing that brittle sound as the part snaps.The decals were brilliant to work with as they were strong enough for plenty of sliding back and forth to get the correct position sorted. The one thing that would make this kit outstanding would be if Airfix had included a few crew members and I think that for a few pence extra they should think about this when they produce other kits of this scale. Thanks for viewing these pictures and I hope they help others as much as the many pictures I found on the Internet that helped me to see what I was getting into before starting this build. The finished pictures and a video can be found in the RFI section.
  5. Hello once again. I was sent this kit by a special friend in the USA who knew of my interest in the River Boats of the deep south and I wanted to create something special for my own views mainly but I'm hoping that others would also find it interesting or inspiring. The plan: To add lighting wherever I can to illuminate it in the style that they were seen when operating on the river. I don't know for sure what I will be able to achieve as I am basically trying things out as I go along. It could be a bumpy ride or it could be very educational for me but, whatever happens, I will share it with those who are interested. It may not be historically correct but it will be as I would have thought these boats would have been back in that era. So, come aboard shipmates and let's set sail.............. I've cut out the middle section to allow for storing of the wiring The Hull has been fixed to the deck and deck supports added that were not included in the kit. This is the underside of the boiler unit. I opened a couple of the boiler doors and added a flickering LED to create the impression of a fire burning. This is a video of the effect These are the log piles which sit by the boiler and are used to create the steam required. The boiler and log piles in place but not fixed yet. Deck has been painted now.
  6. I'm keen to try a maritime subject and fancy doing an aircraft carrier. I don't want to spend much on it due to the fact it'll be a learning experience for me, so could somebody give me some suggestions?
  7. Hi all and since I didn't make the end of the Maritime GB on the forum, am moving the build over here. A couple of pages of Vacform virgin shenanigans from the GB here. And here's the latest state of play... RarePlane VacForm_Super King Air_wip15R by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Cheers, Dermot
  8. Hi, A little mojo project I have had on the go for a few months. Inspired by my ability to paint white that I discovered with my Valiant I decided to have a crack at this attractive scheme. A lovely kit to build and am looking forward to the AEW.2 I have planned for the Maritime Group Build. Built completely out of the box, using Humbrol Medium Sea Grey 165 aerosol, Halfords Appliance white over Citadel Corax white as a primer. Eduard masks were used and the soot staining was achieved using eye shadow and a flitch brush which worked very well. The kit is so well engineered that I painted the wings off the airplane and a little Tamiya extra thin over the wing spars held them in place once completed with no filling or sticking required around the wing to fuselage joint, this made masking a doddle! Enjoy.
  9. Greetings everybody! I've been visiting the site regularly for the past year, gathering inspiration from some of the amazing models here, but finally I got around to actually signing up! So a few words of introduction: I'm 35 years old and like many others I started the hobby as a child at around 7 years old I think. My first kit was the Airfix 1/600 Belfast. Later I started collecting aircraft, but as a teenager the hobby lost it's grip and was replaced with wargames miniatures instead. I've been collecting and painting these on/off ever since, but a few years ago I came across the Tamiya 1/350 scale Missouri as a bargain in a second hand store. I'd always wanted one of those large ship kits, and wanted to try my hand at something different than wargames stuff, so I decided to have a go at ship modelling again and quickly got addicted! Looking forward to the continued inspiration from so many talented modellers. Hopefully I will be able to contribute with something too
  10. And now for something completely different............ I usually post mostly vehicles on the forums (with added lighting, etc) but I decided to go for something different this time. My eldest daughter kept pestering about doing this pirate ship and so, for a quiet life, I went with it. I've done a couple of galleon builds before but I was suprised at the size of this beast and the complexity of the rigging. Always up for a challenge I looked at how the rear 3 lamps could be lit and maybe also the insides. Rather than go for bright lighting I am going to go for a dull flickering effect so as to give the effect of cold drafty lower decks. Well, less chat and on to the build........ Firstly, the Big Box.......Compared to my size 10 boot at the bottom. Work station ready with the tea supply. A lot of kit and surprised at Revell supplying actual plastic sails. They look quite good actually. Starting with the decks and end panels. Not going for a weathered look with this one Picking out the fittings details Canons built. There's a lot. Assembled, painted and awaiting action.
  11. AKAN Maritime Colours AKAN I’ve been trying these paints out now for the last couple of months so thought it was about time I wrote up the review. I won’t reiterate what Mike has already said about AKAN paints HERE but will try to convey how I got on with them. Ville at HPnS kindly sent out their entire maritime range for me to try out, but since I was building a modern Russian ship at the time I have only used the required colours, but I’m sure the experience I had would have been the same no matter which colour I used. My normal media is enamel so this was going to be pretty much a new experience for me as I had only ever used acrylics on one other model, and that was an AFV. On my first attempt at using the AKAN paints I found them to be rather cloggy and spattered rather than sprayed when using 0.2mm needle in an Iwata airbrush. Once cleaned up and a 0.4mm needle fitted I decided not to be so scientific with the amount of Ultimate Thinners I used and went more by eye, having read Mike’s review, to create the consistency of skimmed milk, as he put it. This worked much better and I was able to get a consistent fine layer of paint over the model. With this success, I refitted the 0.2mm needle and tried a finer spray. With the paint really thinned out I didn’t get any clogging or splattering, yet the coverage was still good, so it goes to show than when it comes to using thinners with AKAN paints, more is more. It was just a shame that the kit defeated me for the time being, but when I get it out again I will add some pictures of the paintwork here. Detail painting using a brush proved to be a delight. The paint going on well and drying to the same tone as the sprayed paint, which I’ve found is not always the case when using enamels. The colours currently in their range include:- Russian/USSR Navy 73107 Grey No.34 73108 Grey No.29 73109 Grey No.32 73110 Grey No.31 73111 Grey No.30 73112 Grey No. 23 73113 Grey No.35 73114 Green 73115 Brown 73116 Red 73117 Coal Varnish German WWII 71095 RAL 3011 Braurot 71096 RAL 7015 Schiefergrau 71097 RAL 7038 Achatgrau 71098 RAL 7035 Lichtgrau 71099 RAL 8012 Rotbraun 71100 Dunklegrau 51 71101 Hellgrau 50 71102 Dunklegrau 71103 Schifflobenfarbe British WWII 70048 APC507A Dark Grey 70049 APC50B Grey 70050 APC507C Light Grey 70051 B15 Grey Blue 70052 G45 Grey 70053 RN White US WWII 72066 5-0 Ocean Grey 72067 5-N Navy Blue 72068 20B Revised Deck Blue 72069 Flight Deck Stain 21 Conclusion I had heard the hype about AKAN paints, but it’s nice to find that it wasn’t all hype when you actually get to use them. Yes, it has been a bit of a learning curve for me, but that’s what modelling is all about, learning and hopefully improving. When the next ship lands on the modelling desk I will certainly be giving these paints another try and I look forward to seeing AKAN add to the maritime range. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Ville at
  12. Hi everyone Yet another of my 'lit' models. This time the Titanic. I had great fun building this one as there was plenty of head scratching when it came to getting the light to shine throughout the ship. By the time I had finished, the kit must have weighed half of its original weight. I used fibre optics for the mast lights but they didn't seem to come out too well in pictures (and my photography skills are way, way behind my modeling skills) and the navigation lights may be too bright for a ship from that era but that's something which can be remedied another time. Though it is not as good as others on here, the most important thing is that it was fun and enjoyable to build. Kevin
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