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  1. Mariner1972


    Work in progress, I finally worked out how to down load photos. I'll post a few more now.
  2. Mariner1972


    Think that's the best idea. On another note how do you put pics on ? As when I try via iPad it says too big file. So how do you reduce them?
  3. Mariner1972


    I did the Uss New York , but the camo was a bit easier. This is different , as both sides are completely different. I've competed the hull ,but that just needed masking tape . I was thinking of doing what you said Tom , but ive noticed some build it all then paint. The problem with that is painting the horizontal surfaces 20-B , as I carnt even get a brush in some parts.
  4. Mariner1972


    Hi All, Im currently building the Uss Franklin CV13 1/350. Have to admit I thought it would be an easier build compared to the ships I've done. Just want some advice regarding the "razzle dazzle" camo on the Island (ships bridge). Is it easier spraying certain parts separately, the gluing together? Or completing the whole island then spaying? Reason I'm asking is if the latter who do you mask with pe parts attached? As some are very flimsy. Or do you put main body together then spray and then add pe parts later.Whats the best way? Folks
  5. Mariner1972

    Tirpitz advice for a new model shipbuilder

    I bought a few wooden decks for various 1/350 ships from here :- http://stores.ebay.co.uk/dawngrocerystore/Flyhawk-1-350-Photo-Etching-/_i.html?_nkw=Tirpitz+1%2F350&submit=Search&_fsub=3658553018&_sid=992550418 pretty with quick delivery considering there from China. I have used them yet but look pretty decent.
  6. Mariner1972

    Interior colour

    Seahawk , that's what I thought . One side was one measure while the other was so thing else. I've seen some footage with simular camo to the plan I put the link to. Also I've watched the documentary on Netflix about the Franklin. Where the captain blamed a lot of men jumping off the ship.after the kamocarzi ( spelling?) They had a good reason too! . He seemed liked a completely utter idiot compared to the previous captain. They were shunned for jumping off.
  7. Mariner1972

    Interior colour

    Cheers guys, thanks for the info. White it is. Now just need to get the correct USN colours for the razzle dazzle camo. I've researched this a lot on the web and there's a lot of conflicting views to get the right shades. I try to get the equivalent F.S numbers so I can get the nearest Vallejo. Going to be a tricky camo to paint . http://www.usndazzle.com/design.php?category=1&class=1&design_num=6A&designed_for_type=CV&designed_for_num=9
  8. Mariner1972

    Interior colour

    Hi all, I am just about to start with building a 1/350 Trumpeter USS Franklin CV13. This is my 1st air craft carrier i am trying to build. I have already completeted my Air Wing ,now the task of the ship itself. I have noticed there's a lot of openings to look inside . Does anyone know the general interior colour? F.S ? I tend to use Vallejo paints. I know there's a lot of topics regarding the correct outside colours (5-N, 20-B etc) but nothing for interior. Any ideas? I was planning on gull grey? cheers.
  9. Mariner1972


    I mainly do ships now (ww2) and when you have to put small ammo boxes etc on decks, it's hard to prime and spray while there on the deck. And get a clean edge if you hand paint. I personally just prime when I need to now. I was just asking if any do the sprues.
  10. Mariner1972


    Hi all, I'm guessing this has been discussed , but what's the general consensus to priming? I've tried various ways but still not sure what's best. Spray while on the sprues ( everything) or spray / paint while constructing. I've done both ways and both have there plus points and negative points. What do you all do?
  11. Nice idea, I have 5 1/350 trumpeter kits in stash .I will do something simular myself ,as the plastic stand is pretty naff.
  12. Mariner1972


    Cheers , thanks for the help. I'll use a couple for ginea pigs and see what's best .
  13. Mariner1972


    It's the air wing for the uss Franklin. Very small, I had a go at painting with acrylic but didn't seem to stick if you know what I mean ? Might have a go with enamel, I was even thinking of a wash? . I've seen some just paint them black , but I'm not sure about that?
  14. Mariner1972


    Hi all , any ideas on how to paint a 1/350 aircraft canopy and make it look life like? I've tried ,masking etc and free hand painting , but just too small for me. Ideas please?
  15. Mariner1972

    HMS Belfast 1/350

    Great pics ,and 1st class models. My grandad served on the Sheffield in the late 40s amongst other vessels so nice to see a great model of it.