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  1. I can see only a few of your photos - still flickering grey links for most of them, even after you started using the Flickr BBCode.
  2. Thanks for all the replies, I hope the build doesn't disappoint! So like I said, I made a start on the PE cockpit. It's all quite fiddly, and the instructions are not very clear as usual. Also there isn't much online in the way of reference material, so I'll just have to make an educated guess at the positioning of some parts. Anyway, here's what I've done so far:
  3. My build for this GB is this kit I found on Ebay while looking for something I'd never come across before. Should be an interesting build, I think. I've also got myself a PE set from Part in Poland, and a Yahu control panel as another option. Not too many parts, and they look pretty good. Not sure about the deep lines on the floats though...a bit "padded cell": Also not many decals for a 1/48 kit. 1930s aircraft had fewer markings though, I guess. Only one page of instructions, along with a black and white painting guide: Thanks for looking in - I'm excited to join in the GB as I've not joined one for ages. I've made a start on the fully PE cockpit so far, but I'll post that later on. Let the fun begin!
  4. Looks good so far - can't wait to see that resin pit come together!
  5. I would say I'm an intermediate builder. Comfortable with aftermarket of any type and basic scratch-building. New to ships though. I'll take a look at the trumpy/academy kits, as well as the airfix Ark Royal, although I believe that's a very old kit and may fight me a bit. Thanks for all the advice!
  6. Nothing too big. 1/600 or 1/700 I guess. I'm not sure what the common scales are for ships...
  7. I'm keen to try a maritime subject and fancy doing an aircraft carrier. I don't want to spend much on it due to the fact it'll be a learning experience for me, so could somebody give me some suggestions?
  8. Great work on those seats. More patience than I can ever imagine myself having!
  9. I've used other versions of Zap glue, and not had any problems with it not sticking stuff. The only problem I've had was with their Thin version, which just runs everywhere. Loving the work you're doing, by the way!
  10. I'll have a go at this one. I've been wanting to try a floaty plane for a while, just need to buy one now! Edit: Had a quick look on eBay and bought a Mirage Hobby 1/48 Lublin R.XIII for a tenner. Never heard of it so should be interesting.
  11. Thanks for the welcome everyone! Working on the Revell/Zvezda 1/72 SU-27SM at the moment. Almost ready for primer and got my paints ordered for it.
  12. Hi everyone I've been keeping an eye on a few threads for a while, but decided to create an account with the intention of joining in a Group Build or two. I never know what I want to build next, so hopefully GB's will help with some inspiration for that. I enjoy building aircraft in both 1/72 and 1/48 (never tried anything bigger, but open to peer pressure) and armour in 1/35.
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