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Found 11 results

  1. Cheers all, Having a bash at the Airfix 1/72 Harrier and looking to build XV762 in its various guises/configurations, one of which is the attractive (to me at least) white distemper scheme which appears to have been applied for deployment into Norway. There appears to be very little evidence of the actual scheme on the 'interwebs' and the extract from the Xtradecal sheet is pretty much all I've got to go with. I've done a scan of a wide variety of reference books I have available, and again, not much to be found. The white distemper finish appears to have been applied to the existing green areas of the camouflage, with the existing maintenance markings thereon masked over. This is what I understand (and sort of makes sense) from the red notes on the scheme below. While this isn't reflected pictorially of the images below, I'm planning to paint the aircraft in the green/grey scheme, apply the maintenance decals, then mask those same locations and apply a weathered 'dirty white' distemper finish over the green areas. Any thoughts based on any specific knowledge anyone may have of this scheme from the mid-1970s ? Any insight would be gratefully appreciated. TIA A30 (Alfred)
  2. I’m probably going to start another new tool Airfix Vulcan soon, and will be making it as an all-white aircraft using aftermarket decals for 83 squadron. According to Craig Bulman’s ‘Vulcan B.2 - From a different angle’, the first B.2s delivered to 83 squadron in 1961 included some in the XJ serial range. I was hoping to make XJ782, but the only photos I can find show this aircraft carrying only the squadron crest on the nose, not the antler on the fin. It gets even more confusing here as this aircraft has the CO’s pennant too, yet in the Xtradecal set it gives XL426 as being that of the CO in 1961, yet Bulman’s book suggests that aircraft didn’t join 83 Sqn until 1962! My question is basically this: Would I be wrong to add the antler marking to the fin of XJ782? I’m assuming (hoping!) it must have been added very soon after the above photos were taken. Does anyone know for sure or have any images to show it? I’ve seen a photo of sister XJ783 still with no antler in Sept 62, so fear it may only have been applied to the later Blue Steel Vulcans on the unit. Anyone know? The only reason I was going for 782 is because I already have an XL serialled Vulcan in gloss camo, and over time I’d like to do a wraparound XM, a camo/light grey XM603 and this, as a white XJ. But I really like that antler marking! Might have to rethink.
  3. Paint It Black … or white or both That says it all really: the main colour scheme should be black, or white, or a combination of the two (combination yes, so not "I've combined the two colours by mixing them to get US Navy light grey"). A black Black Widow, a white Gustav, a waterline Titanic, a white stealthy Mercedes camper van (with full interior detail of course), a SWAT officer, a UN APC, a black Blackhawk, a White Scars Dreadnought, you name it. Bonus points if you manage to work Rolling Stones into your theme. I’ll finally get started on my Josef Jacobs triplanes, perhaps on an airfield that has a couple of boulders. Anyone else interested to paint it black? @48-Alone-Is-Great @Corsairfoxfouruncle @Andwil @Marklo @CliffB @dnl42 @zebra @gingerbob @Redstaff @Adam Poultney @Col. @Paul J ...
  4. Hi all, I am looking for anyone who would print a set of serials for me in white. I have struggled to get a good looking application using minute lettering sets but I just cant get alignment correct. What I need is a very small set. It is lettering and numbering in Amarillo font, in white, with the overall length of each full serial being 6mm. My very small and my old hands and eyes just cant hack it! Any ideas? Thank you. Martin I put a few names here in case these or others have any idea - @Giorgio N @Terry1954 @bentwaters81tfw @spaddad @Courageous ......
  5. XL443 was delivered to 83 squadron at Scampton on 8th Oct 1962, fully equipped to carry Britain's nuclear deterrent, the Blue Steel and painted in anti-flash white. The aircraft remained with the unit until being flown to Woodford on 7th September 1965 to receive a retrofit with upgraded radars and sensors, etc and repainted in green/grey camouflage for low level operations. The aircraft continued to serve with the RAF until April 1983. More photos tomorrow ...
  6. In a thread on white Hampden torpedo-bombers, Jan Polc of AZ makes it clear that work is being done on this subject, and that this is so far advanced that the torpedo-bomber conversion will be a "cut here and add" conversion. We can of course dream of larger things, but he hasn't said that it will be any more than the conversion parts, or that it will be a 1/72 tooling for AZ, or any other scale for any other company, or given any idea of possible dates.
  7. Getting in a bit of practice for the group build I know its a few weeks away but I have many more Wessex kits in the stash and will be participating in the GB anyway. Italeri Wessex built strait from the box but using modeldecals for the markings.I notice that I need to put a couple of ariels on. Isn't amazing what you don't see in the flesh but shows up like a sore thumb when you see a picture. Tried etch on the seatbelts for a change it is however still a learning process. How people do the really fine stuff is beyond my capabilities. I did rebuild the tail rotor to rotate the right way but overnight the gremlin snuck in and took one of the blades to god knows where so I have used a tail rotor from a previously built HAS3 I may get to modify this one later. This is a generic build and not of a particular aircraft Paint is Tamiya 58 with a coating of future polish. Normal viewing distance 5ft For those that say I am a quick builder the model took 4 days from start to finish working around 4 hours each evening. I was thinking of changing my user name to Rocket Rodders because of my perceived speed in building kits This is an aircraft from the squadron Rodders Thanks for looking Rodders
  8. Morning all, I picked up this little gem of a kit for just over £4 from my LMS, and what a great purchase it was! The quality of the tooling itself is rather terrible- raised panel lines, no cockpit detail apart from some basic seats, poor wing-fuselage join, thick one-piece canopy and minimal level of overall external detail. But its redeeming features are So, I began by first of all cutting and dropping the flaps, positioning the elevator and ailerons and cutting the canopy into two pieces. Secondly modification was the cockpit, now this is quite literally what you get with the kit: (control columns modified slightly) I couldn't let that remain unaltered and so I started to add some detail: (note the compass in each cockpit) One or two coats of paint and gloss varnish later and it was completed: Airfix 1:72 De Havilland Chipmunk T.10 Notes: -Painted with Vallejo "Model Air" -Kit decals with a few from the spares box -Weathered with Vallejo "Moden Wash"- dark grey -Varnished with Alclad aqua gloss Well, that's it- thanks for having a look! Kind regards, Sam
  9. Hi All, I've picked up a 1/200 Vulcan and have finally decided to go anti flash white (I chickened out of doing it on my last Victor...) I want to do this with spray cans. What are the best (ideally cheapest) primer and white gloss products for the job? I don't know whether to go primer > matt white > clear gloss primer > gloss white enamel vs. acrylic etc Any help to make sure this just works first time would be highly appreciated! Ta, Chris
  10. Was at a loss over Christmas and just a bit busy as one would expect ... Dah, Dah Dah!!! and NO MODELLING HUH! Comes the weekend and I'm getting withdrawal symptons so 'what shall I build? My newly aquired: Merit Models M19 Diamond T? Sweeeeettttt!!! Miniart European Tram? Gorgeous or what? HobbyBoss Soviet AT-1 SPG? Argh, Kasten type track! or THIS.......... Yep, You guessed it OK, so it's a TRUCK you say, but I haven't really done a truck for quite a while but it's a very full box (NO CANOPY though, which is a bit disappointing ) And I need my junkie fix or I'll explode. So here goes..... I actually started this on 30th December and this is where I am tonight... I hope you like the build and I'll update as I get to cardinal points. 2nd January 2014: I proceeded with the PE The PE attached to the formers and fixed to the chassis - this is surprisingly easy due to the 'soft' PE supplied, no need to anneal it (it will dissolve! ) and have test assembled the basic cab and cargo deck This is the current state of play - more later 4th January 2014 - It's now later The wheels are together (not fixed to chassis due to painting) and all touch the ground - Result! A minor issue has arisen: Whilst the rear axle builds really well, the spigot from the axle onto which the wheel mounts is too small for the hole in the wheel hub (or, the hole in the hub is too big) - whichever works for you! I have wrapped the spigot with 5 thou using an old plastic straw and this seems to have resolved the issue - all is right with the world! Soon be time for paint, just the fiddly bits now. 19th January 2014 I know, it's been a few days since my last confession - life sometimes gets in the way of modelling As promised, the 'twiddly bitz' are now done - remember this kit is OTB - and all the sub-assemblies are now finally ready for paint The carpet monster has eaten one piece of PE but I hope to find it shortly (I have a tile floor!) It's lunchtime now but will try to get the undercoat on by teatime today. 26th January 2014 - I've been throwing some paint around OK, Yes, I know the chassis is a lot shiny but I have the gloss finish to achieve the desired effect. Following the decal application the chassis will get a coat of Satin Varnish to seal everything in and 'knock back' the chassis to a more realistic effect. More later and soon to move to 'Ready for Inspection' - WooHoo I'm about to finish a model quickly - for those who know me they'll be stunned!!!
  11. I have read about white enamel paint yellowing over time - is this also true for acrylic white? I think I heard or read somewhere that some people add a drop of blue to the white enamel and this prevents the yellowing occurring - anyone know if this is true or not? Any tips and tricks for white paint to prevent the yellowing over time?
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