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Found 14 results

  1. This is my last for 2023, finished last week. Originally started in 2013 (😮) and picked up (and put down) over the years, I finally got it done thanks to a Shelf-of-Doom group build run during the Christmas holidays. The kit is the pre-painted Revell 1/29 Easy Kit with a few mods - I drilled out and enlarged the cockpit clear parts as they're too narrow out-of-box. The right side airbrake was opened up and detailed while the Gunner got his head turned for some movement and both crew repainted. Added some bolt details here & there. The pre-painted kit was repainted and weathered with pastels, Maskol chipping and finished with a Satin cote. Revell_Snowspeeder_9 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_EasyKit_Snowspeeder_6 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_EasyKit_Snowspeeder_11 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_EasyKit_Snowspeeder_13 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking and happy new year! Cheers, Dermot
  2. Well, it's finally finished. I started this project as a way of getting back into scale modeling, a hobby I enjoyed immensely as a young lad. Not having much skill, a mentor or anyone to talk to about this hobby, I simply soldiered on until rock drumming, girls and life competed for my attention. Thirtysomething years later, I am looking to get back into this hobby only this time, money, information and folks to discuss this hobby with (youse!) are not an issue. Be constructive with your criticism, folks. I just getting back into this, am willing to learn and welcome feedback around my work. This meant to be fun and relaxing to m so I'm not gonna be freaking out because someone left negative feedback. Cheers! Update: I'm still figuring out how to share from flickr site. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience! Update#2: I think I got it now!
  3. After a number of weeks I am pleased to share my finished T-47 Snowspeeder! I have tagged a few members that have commented through the build so you can see the finished article (I hope you don't mind). @Konrad Popławski @Pete in Lincs @Hunter Rose @SMD70 @moondrome @Soeren Please see the build thread here: The finished render in 3ds Max before exporting to Pepakura: An some photos of the model: Made from 230GSM Paper, Superglue and Bostik Glue and Nimble Fingers! The model is 1/55 scale so approx 10cm long to match my previous builds. Hope you like it
  4. Time to start a new paper model and I want to keep it the same scale as the Y-Wing I have just completed. The T-47 is an iconic craft from the Star Wars universe and a really interesting shape, quite looking forward to the challenge of trying to get it looking good in paper! I have collected a number of images from the web to look at the craft in different angles, cockpit, landing gear.... The finished model will be around 100mm long scale wise 1:55 approx. The reason for this is I do want to build an AT-AT Walker in paper at some point and may need to think of the size! The front, back, top, bottom and side profiles are in the 3D programme and I am starting to model the basic shape. As I create the shapes I am constantly thinking about how this shape would unfold in paper, you have to be aware of this otherwise you may create complex shapes that you will end up re-modelling later on, it saves a lot of time to go at a steady pace. The thinking process of the shapes would be different if it would be used in 3D art, 3D printing etc.... Not much to look at but it will take shape over the next few weeks! For those who wish to have a go themselves there are a number of videos on you tube , there are a couple I found useful so let me know if you would like me to post the links.
  5. I finished this model some months ago but I haven´t showed it in RFI yet. I waited for new camera equipment, but I am not sure if I am happy with it. The lighting looks a little bit off. The real colour lies between the first pictures and the 2 WIP pictures below, which I have taken before. I tried to recreate every tiny scratch and chip from the studio model. I hope you like it. Some pictures from the finished cockpit while it was in WIP:
  6. Hi, I am new to this forum so I am starting in the middle of my WIP. It took me weeks to find references to the Snowspeeder cockpit and building it. I think all visible parts in 'making of' pictures of the movie and inside the movie itself should be quite accurate. All other parts is guesswork be me and Bandai itself - it seems to me. I like making the details of the tiny cockpit with a tiny brush. A shame nobody will see it after it is finished. Like in the AT-ST this will almost be half or 1/3 of the build time... This is my reference for the outside: http://www.modelermagic.com/?p=2405 Luke and Dak All inside the fuselage with the first layer of paint Mr Hobby Aqueous Colors. 2 parts H11 (Flat White) and 1 part H51 (Light Gull Gray) Its a little bit brighter than it looks in the photos, but the next layer will have more white. Thanks for feedback. Not only at my work, but also if the WIP format ist ok. Are the photes too large or too small? Thanks!
  7. Dear forum members, After my first scratchbuilt model (Turbolaser Diorama) I have decided to try it with a second one. A studio scale Snowspeeder 1:10 scale. This project has been a big challange for me as this whole modelling still feels new to me. In advance sorry for not posting the progress of my work for the past 14 month. I wasn't convinced that I could build this model and did not want to post pictures of something what ends in a chaos. The Snowspeeder is one of my favorite models from Star Wars. Another reason for building it was that I thought that I won't need to vacuum form any parts and could build all parts somehow pretty easy. At the end it wasn´t so easy, for me very complicated and much harder than the Turbolaser diorama. The main issue was that the Turbolaser gave me some freedom to build it in scale, the Snowspeeder not. If there is anything out of scale or shape you see it immediately and it doesn't look good. I have bought a Bandai Snowspeeder 1:48 and upscaled it as good as possible. I have also used all pictures which I could find online. I wanted to build a big 1:10 studio scale model, like what they have used in the film. The model is about 55 cm long, completely scratchbuild from styrene parts and building time is 6 month until now. I started it 14 month ago but meanwhile I took an 8 month break from the build as I didn‘t want to see it anymore. Many parts needed to be build twice because I made mistakes. Now as the model is very advanced I wanted to show it here in this forum first. It is still not finished, some things are still to do and it also need to be painted. This will happen during this year I hope. Please find attached some pictures of my model. Almost all parts except the fuselage are not glued yet because I want to paint the fuselage first. All other parts are fixed with tape for the pictures which looks not perfect but good enough to get an impression I think. I hope you like the pictures of my Snowspeeder. Thank you and best regards, Mark
  8. When MPC first released their 1/32nd scale Empire Strikes Back Snowspeeder I snapped it up and built it carefully following the painting instructions and box artwork. This was one of those models where I attempted some early corrections to known issues, added weathering and a somewhat ham-fisted attempt at modifying a 1/35 scale figure to replace the hideously deformed supplied crew. I was relatively pleased with this at the time and the completed model has followed me through marriage, children and 3 house moves with relatively little damage. Fast forward 30 years or so and, having built and painted the exquisite little BanDai 1/144th scale Snowspeeder and with a good few satisfyingly finished builds under my belt, I turned my attentions to this vintage and now less than satisfactory build. This picture also shows the general appearance of the model before I had made any real inroads other than cutting off the inaccurate little supports from under the laser cannons. the underside and the rear (note the drilled out pipes around the engines done using a jeweller's screwdriver as I didn't have fine drills back then) I also reshaped the inaccurate grill on the front just below the canopy Some parts required removal, cleanup and refitting as they were not fully located. Also note the canopy glazing is now masked. After a bit of seam cleanup a primer coat was applied, in this case Tamiya Fine Surface primer followed by my own mix of Tamiya Grey, White and a little Buff. Masked and painted some of the panels in different shades of the base colour and also tried my hand at using chipping fluid (same as hairspray technique) on the orange markings. Masked off some additional panels to receive a darker shade of the base grey Masking off and starting to chip over all with darker base colour Starting to add some clay washes (Flory Grime and Dark Dirt) Soot for blast damage and streaks using Tamiya Weathering Master er...soot And with a matt clear coat with canopy masks removed. I also made the harpoon and cable That was the outside done. Now to deal with the pilot (in this case I wanted him to look like Zev Senesca) and the cockpit. But that will be in the next post. Thanks for looking in Phil
  9. So I've had this one for a few months, sitting on the pile. Finally got stuck into it and had a ton of fun in the process. Felt quite liberating in a way, knowing I had a bit more freedom with this than say, a real world vehicle Anyway, enough of that. I did do a few pics of WIP, but nothing extensive. I'll add those to the end of this post. I wish I could take some better images, considering it looks better in person. Other things to mention. A few decals were left off, in part because I had already coloured some of the panels they covered differently, rendering them moot. Others would've proven too much of a pain. I tried adding decals to the cockpit side panels, hoping my Micro Sol would conform them. Did not go according to plan, so I ended up having to scrape it off. Didn't get it all off, so when I went to paint the detail, some of it was blurred. Was disappointed with that, especially since if I had straight painted it, it would've looked much better. But, live and learn I guess. Anyway, on with the show And here's some additional images, including some WIP Thanks for looking Gaz
  10. Hi. Build number 4 on the journey. Had a lovely old time putting this together. Really enjoyable. Have to thank AndyRM101’s Snowspeeder build for inspiration & help along the way. His build was invaluable. Many thanks Andy. Had a few fit issues with the engine pods around the rear cockpit, but that was my fault by glueing in the front gun pods before i had everything painted & sorted. My dad bought me a 1/32 Hawker Hunter, which is huge, so i built the speeder while contemplating what i was going to do with that, apart from build it. Here’s some pics of the speeder in its natural environment … of cardboard. Cheers.
  11. This model is almost finished,....just the base to do & final photos to be taken: I primed the figures with white,...then masked the areas I wanted to keep white with liquid latex with a drop of Vallejo colour: So....decals,...base & photos,....& that should be Wedge & Wes done Thanks for looking John
  12. INCOM T-47 SNOWSPEEDER Bandai 1/48 (co-Starring Nigel the Mouse Droid) So, amazingly, this is Star Wars build number 5 so far this year. Amazing because I hadn't planned on doing any until I saw just how good the Bandai kits were. This will probably be the last one, at least for a while (I'm sure I said the same thing after the previous one). Most of you will know the details from the wip but for any who don't, it's all here I'll leave the photos to do the talking (Oh, and ignore the wonky gun, it's since been tweaked) Thanks for looking Andy
  13. Incom T-47 Snowspeeder Bandai 1/48 These finally turned up today and will be my last Star Wars builds for a while (unless the Ep 7 stuff is available for a reasonable price). I'll be leaving the X-Wing for a bit, but I decided to start the snowspeeder straight away. I'm probably going to do a red stripe one rather than Luke's grey stripe which are the markings that come with the kit, and I'll be doing it on the ground rather than in flight so I'll have to make a bit of hanger base for it. I've not done much more than go through the box so far, but I've started to look what work I'll be doing in the cockpit. The moulded detail on the instrument panels is as good as all the other Bandai releases but I might add a few extra details here and there and I'll paint the controls rather than use the supplied decals. It's got the usual clever engineering which allow the parts to just slot together. The side consoles simply slide into the upper fuselage so I'll paint these and the instrument panel before slotting them in As I said, It'll be on the ground, so I won't be using the gibbon twins with their super-long arms which is no loss (it would have been nice if they'd supplied a droid though, something to stand next to it. I may have to have a go at making something, maybe a gonk droid) The problem with not using them is that, like the AT-ST, Bandai have moulded big lugs on the seats to attach gibbon A and gibbon B, so I've ground them off and (rather roughly) rescribed the seat panels. They do look quite coarse but I'll pick up some etched belts which will cover most of the seat so they should be OK. I'll probably add a few extra knobs and switches to the consoles either side of the seats too (maybe a cup holder? or is that only on the ghia model) That's it for tonight. I should get some more done over the weekend Andy
  14. Build 8 I've been waiting for a chance to build this for ages, I know that sounds daft seeing how it's already built but I only did that to save space (no big big box to store). I plan to do what I always do with these "Easy Kits" and give it a fictional repaint. In this case it's going to become a Sandspeeder and get a desert camouflage paint job. Price: £5.00 from eBay And now it's in pieces again...
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