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  1. Looks really cool, I would like to see this it with more detail too. Maybe one in the canyon run of the Deathstar! It does make you start to think of ideas though!
  2. Well its been around a month and I think the painting in Photoshop is finished! The next part of the project is to bring the finished model into the real world! As mentioned before I use a bit of software called Pepakura Designer to flatten the model so it can be printed on paper/card. With more complex models such as this I tend to break it down to smaller parts to make it easier to work with. I export to 3DS format, open in Pepakura, add the texture that I have designed in Photoshop to start the process. I'll s
  3. Welcome Kev, Another gamer here too but mainly sim racing with a mix of space sim and FPS for some good measure! Lots to keep you inspired on here and there are plenty of people to help with their knowledge!
  4. Welcome David Plenty here to get inspired by!
  5. Love the Y wing and nice job on such a small model!
  6. great stuff, quite surprised how small this one is, getting the detail to show with the wash looks great.
  7. Welcome , similar story to most on here.
  8. Interesting seeing the paint process and love the detail!
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