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  1. Lol sometimes I switch the computer on after a long time away and have to figure out what all the buttons do!
  2. Just returning to catch up with the forums, fantastic work on this
  3. Another month and more modelling Just finished UV mapping the model in max, the next phase is to export the files to Photoshop for the skinning/texturing. Its taken a bit longer than planned as I was tinkering with some retro stuff (another one of my hobbies!) I'll keep the pics coming so you can see things take shape.
  4. looking good, enjoying seeing this take shape
  5. Fantastic build and finish! Been checking in with the build thread and seeing it come to shape has been interesting to watch!
  6. I love the y wing too! Nice work on the detail, you could try to use some different colour/shades on the chipping. A base shade, middle shade and top shade all of the same colour and as some chips show through it gives you the different shades. I use this technique in Photoshop but am pretty certain it could be achieved in the real world using paint with some practice.
  7. I prefer the bare led but if it can be diffused a little it will help. Maybe go with Corsairfoxforuncle’s suggestion to see how it looks. Thinking back to my sign making days we used to use a very fine etch effect vinyl that gave a very light etch that might give you the effect your after, you just apply it to clear plastic. I am sure it should be available in small pieces from a model supplier or if know someone in the sign business they may have some lying around to try.
  8. Thank you, yes it’s a labour of love! The Y-wing is around 750 individual parts and the Snowspeeder is around 400ish. I’ll share the Snowspeeder show us your stuff thread below as I managed to reduce the amount of pieces and put it onto 4 pages. Just look near the bottom
  9. What a year! Managed to get plenty of hours in modelling in 2020, all these models are designed from scratch using image references in 3ds Max, then printed onto card/paper and then created from there. Yes I like Starwars and must expand into other areas during 2021 once I finish my ATAT BTL-Y Wing The model in the in my 3d Programme And the finished model in paper. (1/55 scale, around 41 cm long) T-47 Airspeeder First in designed in the 3D programme And the model in the real world (1/55 scale, around 10 cm long) Hope you like them. My current project Stay Safe and Stay Modelling.
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