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  1. Can't believe i missed this ! Damn my falling in and out of love with the hobby. Fantastic stuff Andy on my favourite plane. The paint work is like watercolour. Amazing.
  2. Bucks starfighter only came second to an X-wing in my eyes. Lovely ship. And the 2 seater wasn't half bad either
  3. Golly gosh. Thats some work Kudos to you sir !
  4. A belated happy birthday Mikey ! Bestest "FREE" model forum out there
  5. Looks aces! Great design. Very professional looking
  6. Michael. Thats shocking I reckon it lands on its bottom. Then the pilot falls out and brushes himself down.
  7. Thats controversial. Not sure how George Lucas would feel about that. But i myself, embrace such originality !
  8. Lovely stuff Im halfway through one of these at the moment. I think you could have restored one found at the bottom of the lake, in the time its taken me to build one.
  9. Well i guess there would have been a trainer. And there it is! Very original sir
  10. Still not sure about the TIE striker, but thats a sweet representation of it
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