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  1. Thanks Thom Some more images of the underside, paint is Archive X, weathering is oils: Thanks very much for looking John
  2. Hey,...I've been working at this for quite a while,...I've got most of the top hull finished,....just some more streaks & decal-like markings I'm working on the underside at the minute This is it compared to the real 32" studio model,....still a good way to go, & some errors to fix Thanks very much for looking John
  3. The main differences between the FM & Bandai Falcons will be size & shape, the FM is around 430mm long,....working out at 1/80 scale, the Bandai will be 480mm,....the FM is based on the 32" filming model which isn't as bulky as the 5 foot model, which the Bandai kit represents,.....but to make matters worse the FM kit is about 10mm flatter than what it should be,....this is the cause of all the inaccuracies of the FM kit,.....the knock on effect of this mistake effects everything else J
  4. The MPC, Revell easykit, Revell pocket kit are all the 3 gear ANH Falcon (5 footer)....the Bandai 1/144 is based on the CG asset from The Force Awakens,...which is a CG representation of the 5 Footer (5 gear),....the Bandai 1/350 (3 gear ANH 5 footer) The only models based on the 32" are the 1/72 (now repackaged as Revell Master Series) &1/144 FineMolds kits & the recent DeAgostini Studio Scale Part work....Also the Master Replica pre-assembled& painted prop ....but this is the first accurate model of the 5 Footer at 72nd scale J
  5. Thanks very much Mike The uniformed (unflared trouser versions) figures are 1/48 resin spitfire pilots I got off ebay......under a fiver each......I just needed to carve off their goggles & flight caps John
  6. Thanks for the great comments guys...... Heres another one done,.....a commission buildJust a small section on the base to do & it will be packaged up & sent to her ownerSome of these pics have been colour correctedSorry so many picsThanks for lookingJohn
  7. Some more pics,...sorry theres so many Thanks for looking John
  8. Thanks Vanoyen, The base colour is Vallejo White & Deck tan mixed 50/50,....the grey panels are the base colour with black added,...to try & keep it in the same tone,...the red is Vallejo Cavalry Brown (Morron Rojo) 70.982 All weathering was done with oils.....I like to go over the model again with the base colour dusting it to back it off,....to tie it together......still a bit more to do John
  9. OK.......the model fell off the table I know,....I'm thick I had boxes of parts,...tools, paints etc & I set the Falcon on top of a surface that was "Not entirely stable" The noise of the crash when it hit the wooden floor made the dog jump out of it's sleep That was about 3 weeks ago & I couldn't rest until I put her back together,.....a good bit of new filling was needed, especially around the jaw,....there were parts completely broken that I had to replace from my second FM kit (I'm building that one differently anyway)......so this is her at the minute,....repaired & weathered further ....more images to come Thanks for looking John
  10. Hey....I'm in the middle of building another one of these beauties,.....but it's a commission build,... Heres where I'm at: Thanks for lookingJohn
  11. Absolutely brilliant Andy,....I love it....Captain said I had to J
  12. Ok some more done The back wall is a bit of PE I had ,....I sprayed it black.....put a decal of cockpit dials over an open section....& a white decal over another,...so hopefully it will look ok when it's lit from behind Thanks for looking John
  13. Thanks very much for the comments guys,....been doing some painting,....still need to back it off a bit to try & blend it inI was able to remove most of The Force Awakens details,.....extra pipework on sidewalls & the docking doors etcToo yellow on the sidewalls,.....as I said I'll back that off& undreside just startedThanks for lookingJohn
  14. Some 'little' mods:Thanks for lookingJohn
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