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  1. My next build is Revell's 1/48th scale Flying Fortress. My plan for this model is the El Lobo II paint scheme, with the landing gear up and bomb doors open. Since this model will probably be hung from the ceiling (I don't have a lot of room left on my shelf 😬), I'm going to use string to create bombs coming down from the bomb bay. It'll be a little tricky since this model doesn't have an option for putting the landing gear up and I'll have to cut out the bomb bay doors. But I'm excited to see the results! Below is some photos of the model out of the box, except for a few pieces I've removed to begin the model. I've been working on the interior first, however I'm reading quite a few posts that say the interior is not a shade of green and instead bare. If you have any thoughts, let me now. Until next time, Joanna
  2. Hi fellow modellers This is the 1:35 scale Italeri M1120 HEMTT load handling system with payload, consisting of the Gecko Ammo and Pallet Set and the Gecko ATMP Buggy. The main vehicle is virtually built out-of-the-box but I have added a few extra details such as chains on the front and rear and the spare wheel fastening and there is some slight weathering without going over the top. For the ammo pallets I made some strapping and scratch built some rings with brackets to fix the strapping to the pallets. The pallets were all chained to the load platform and some padding was used on the corners of the ammo boxes to protect them from the chains rubbing. The buggy, again, was built out-of-the-box but I added some accessories such as roll-up sheets, etc. The pallet load consists of boxes of food which have been tied down and then fixed to the buggy. With the securing of the loads I have had some amazing advice from a great friend in the US who was heavily involved with load handling and logistics within the US army while he was serving and this advice has been invaluable. The pallets used are scratch built as I used the kit pallets as templates so now I can make as many as I want for future builds. I hope that viewing these pictures will show what can be achieved with a few idea’s and a little imagination. Thanks for looking and taking an interest. More pictures can be found HERE
  3. Anyone expert in using FR24 or any other FREE (!) aircraft tracking apps? Sometimes I see RAF Hawks, Hercs and choppers on it, but never Typhoons, and if I scroll to other countries no military stuff at all. I get the security aspect so maybe it’s not possible, which of course is fair enough. But if it is possible, how can I see things like German Tornadoes or Lakenheath F-15s on any of these apps?
  4. I stumbled upon this photo collection entirely by accident, and I recall that @Moa and a few others had a WIP and lengthy discussion on Norsemen with wheels, floats, or skis, so I thought some of these photos might be new or useful for modeling projects. What a variety of schemes and fits, and a couple of very nice closeup detail photos! Enjoy! Mike https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=0BpyA5Pp&id=7453481BFC711AC22B0798AB7DD80E3EA6B90485&thid=OIP.0BpyA5PpU6zwA5AOiAEDXQHaF3&mediaurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.norsemanhistory.ca%2FPhotos%2FCN190.jpg&exph=507&expw=640&q=Noorduyn+Norseman+Cockpit&simid=607986817709638447&ck=AC0C10AAB9C21CD846203672EA7086B3&selectedindex=254&form=IRPRST&ajaxhist=0&vt=0&sim=11
  5. Does anyone have the camouflage pattern for the three colour Shorts Sherpa as used by the USAF in Europe?
  6. Hello all, just came across this site while trying to research one of the models that I am about to NOT win on ebay. Anyway, I used to build models a LONG LONG time ago, back when the planet was still young, and Revelle was considered a TOP builder (scary). Maybe they are again, but from the early days, I wandered into better quality makers (again, at that time) and have seen how far the world of modeling has become. I am shocked at all the extra's you can now find, from PE ( I worked with some early model PE, gave me more finger cuts than build satisfaction), decal replacement and resin replacement parts. Things have also become much improved in the paint area as well. So, like the old salty dog that I am, I wanted to get back into it as a good hobby, that I have missed for a long time. I went ahead and bought a new airbrush (4 actually) and a compressor. I have also bought some paints, glue, even wet sanding paper. I ordered a bunch of kits online, and have about a dozen ready to go, but since it has been so long, I wanted to start with something easy. A DAP helicopter seemed perfect. All black, not a lot of parts, nice test bed. I of course have this vision of how I want it to turn out, and I just hope that what I see in my head, is a goal not too high. I envision the model needing only a little electric motor attached the the main rotors, and it will just fly away, shooting bad guys as it leaves the AO. I even went ahead and bought some resin upgrades, and a resin saw set, even though I have no clue how to use either. If you need to learn to swim, just have someone throw you in the deep end, right? I hope that I get as much satisfaction from this endeavor, and not the amount of frustration I am dreading. Anyone with a few quick tips for me, I would much appreciate it. One of the things that I am having concerns over, is how much pressure I should use in my airbrush, using tamiya water based paints? My airbrush is a paasche double action airbrush, if I can find a hose adapter to allow it to connect to my offbrand compressor. I did not know that they had a proprietary connection for these airbrushes, what a pain in the bottom.....
  7. Hi, Having delved into Britmodeller several times in the last five years and registered this is the first time I've actually inputted anything on the site. So it's a moment I have been looking forward to and one where I will not be disappointed as the site is fascinating and the help offered there is wonderful. Even though I have not inputted anything myself I have read other people's questions and answers and comments many times and these have helped me in my modelling. I was a regular modeller when a child and up to the age of sixteen, enjoying making chiefly Airfix aircraft and military vehicles. After a hiatus of 12 years I returned to the hobby after picking up an aircraft modelling magazine from a newsagent. The door began to open for me for a return to the hobby and soon it dawned on me how much it had grown since I'd left it. I'm still a hand brush painter and am happy with most of my modelling, but would love to do more airbrushing. Some poor experiences in the past has made me wary of airbrushing and whilst they say a good workman doesn't blame his tools, that is what I put the blame on honestly. I didn't get much joy with aerosol cans for air pressure and then bought what turned out to be an inferior compressor and airbrush made in China. However, that is behind me and I have bought a quality airbrush and compressor from Sparmax. I will use it for the first time on my next model which is going to be the Airfix 1/24 scale Spitfire V. The exterior surfaces of this type of large scale model will offer good practise for airbrushing. I like modelling chiefly aircraft of every popular scale (bar 1/144) and figures and vehicles in 1/35 scale. I also like to set some of my models in a diorama. I have visited the annual Model World Show in Telford in November four times but have never displayed. I want to continue to grow in the hobby.
  8. Hi again everyone. After the build of the Revell Pirate Ship, I felt like going back to doing something military again. Among my kits I had the Trumpeter British 155mm AS90 Howitzer so decided to go for that. On the whole I'm warming to other manufacturers as some seem to do as well a job as Revell usually do. it's quite a good kit to build, minimal flashing of parts and there is a lot of nice details. I bought the photo etch for it to just to add those very small details. I followed the tips already provided on other members builds to lessen the chance of errors and below are my attempt. Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking. More pictures, including the build pictures, can be found HERE.
  9. This is my Challenger 1 MK 3. It is mainly how it came from the box, with no alterations regarding accuracy except for the addition of PE parts. My knowledge of tanks is very limited and I didn't have the time to study the real thing in detail on the Internet, but I did attempt for the first time to create my own camo netting and tarpaulins instead of paying out a lot of dosh. Using poetic justice I did create some covers for the side accessory pods. Though it may not be real, I thought it looked ok. So, I hope you enjoy viewing the photo's and look forward to any comments, good or bad, as they make us better at what we do. To follow the build in the WIP forum please click here
  10. Welcome to my latest build. As I have been in the mood for building military kits lately, after building the Leopard tank and transporter, I thought it only fair to build something British. I settled for the Challenger as I have always liked watching it in action (on TV) and it seemd to be ahead of its time and stylish and will stand alongside the Leopard nicely. As before I am also using some photoetch but my patience with all of the tiny fiddly bits are testing me (I'm also fed up with super gluing my fingers together and to my head and tea cup). The actual kit is quite detailed really, so PE may not have really been needed. The main parts I wanted were for the rear engine vent grill but I have found some of the extra PE detailing useful in some areas (lights, barrel, etc) so it may have been worth it after all. I hope you enjoy following this build and appreciate all comments, tips, etc. Here goes: The Box Suspension and wheels assembled. Looks like an upside down woodlice......... First coat of the camo to the base, as well as the rear fuel barrels, etc. PE grilles fitted and the front lights sections. Front light PE parts fitted.
  11. Miniart have four new items from the kits, figures and accessories ranges out this month including: A Personenwagen Type 170V Saloon and Soviet SU-85 Mod. 1943 with Crew. https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/blog/article/new-miniart-sept-2016/
  12. We've got three brand new plastic model kits & accessory sets from Meng Models this month for you and a few restocks of popular Meng kits.
  13. So some may be aware that I've embarked on a large, multi-diorama project (gulp) revolving around a fictional conflict in Japan. The planned dioramas include a M1151 Humvee, M2A3 BUSK Bradley, M1A2 TUSK Abrams and a Type 90. The Type 90 is the oldest kit of the group; the others were all bought within the last six months, while the Type 90 is several years old. It was sitting on a shelf in about a 90% completed state, with some parts unpainted or not attached. This particular set also came with the ammo loading crew and accessories, which I never used. So given the overarching theme it seemed like a good opportunity to use all the components together. After mapping out my plan, I embarked on the risky task of masking off the decals already on the kit (they were the most interesting and I didn't want to lose them if I could help it). The only ones lost to the paint were the serial numbers front and back, since they would've been next to impossible to mask effectively (happy accident with masking tape on the stripes; it pulled some of the decals off, but gave them a weather look). I then resprayed the model in black, and for the first time added some white for shade modulation. I then applied the camo (Dark Green (JGSDF) is hard to find ) and clear coated it. From this point on I was in an experimental, uncharted stage. I hadn't done extensive weathering before, nor had I panel lined, not on a tank at least. Using an AK Interactive dark wash I picked up for NATO camo, I gave it a go with this scheme. The result was better than expected. I then applied some AK rain marks, which again turned out better than expected, although the matt coat dulled them a little more than desired (probably because I had them quite faded anyway) and some were lost, but I think it still works. After that it was some mixed up Mig Pigments on the treads, wheels and skirts and lower hull. The diorama base itself posed more issues. The air clay I used to create the terrain had the unfortunate effect of pulling up the centre of my plywood board as it dried, bowing it. The clay then fractured and separated. Not a good start. Luckily, I had some old balsa pieces which I superglued to the bottom to brace it. I then wetted the wood and set about 20kg of weights on top. Success! It worked I then reattached the clay with glue (surprisingly, the clay was completely flat despite having been sitting on the bow). With my base set up I slapped on some Tamiya diorama texture paint and lost some of the imprint detail in the clay because of its thickness. I have something of a plan to rectify this. The texture paint, as it dries, enters a stage where its more or less touch dry but has a bit of malleability in it still. So I may apply some to the area around the tracks and the ammo boxes and then lightly press them into it. Hopefully this will do the trick. I've toyed with adding the paste directly to the treads, but I'm not confident enough in my ability to make it look right, and worry that I could cock it up. I gave the base a spray with some different brown tones and then put down some PVA and scatter grass. The field grass I got doesn't work well with PVA, not for posing at least. The glue doesn't have enough tackiness to hold it upright properly, so I've got some scenic glue on order to do the job. Overall I'm pleased with how the tank came out. The diorama base is starting to look a bit better, but I'll wait and see the final result. I think it needs a surround of some kind, especially if I keep the balsa pieces on. I also bought some 'Green Stuff' to try and make some extra stowage with. Fiddly stuff, and while I made up some tarps, I'm not sure I'll be able to make much more with it (they're currently curing, and I'm waiting to see if they'll end up sticking to the plastic I set them on, or come away nicely to be used. Fingers crossed). So yeah, another text wall from me On to the pics, with some befores and afters (loading crew is done, I just didn't put them on the after test because the PVA was still damp). Gaz
  14. While waiting for the electrical equipment to finish my Schlingmann HLF20 fire truck (here) I have been mulling over and over as to what my next build will be. I like to try new builds that I have not done before which offer a challenge to me and these are getting less and less to choose from (within my budget and available space). I could not find any stockists of any decent buses or fire truck kits so decided to go off the page and look at military again (having built the GTK Boxer here). My lovely daughters offered to put some money towards a new kit as a Fathers Day present and so I opted for this kit. I have not made a Trumpeter kit before but all the parts seem to be in good condition and of good construction. There seems to be a few variations of this build but, not really knowing much about military vehicles, I have decided that I will probably build this kit 'out of the box'. As others may know, this may change as I go along and as for lighting (most of my builds have lighting) I will have to see what is possible. One thing I am already looking at is that the wheels seem to be in a fixed position. I don't like that so.....................................(here I go already). It has photo etched parts so that will be a whole new challenge and I have bought some 'accessories' to create atmosphere for the finished model. I may decide to put the GTK Boxer on the trailor but may opt for buying a modern tank. I hope you find some interest in this build.
  15. This is my finished build of the Faun Tank Transporter and Leopard 2 A5 that many have followed in the WIP section. It is pretty much 'out of the box' with just a few mods to give it some atmosphere. I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking. More photo's available HERE
  16. There are some great new plastic model kits due for release in late-September/early-October from Academy and Roden, including the World War I era 1/72 British Vauxhall D-Type Staff Car.
  17. After a few unfortunate delays you can finally Get To Da Choppah!.. Again. With our amazing deal on the Revell Bell UH-1 Huey Helicopter Model Kit! You can also find more great Revell Model Kits in the Revell Sale on our Website!
  18. For those who followed this build here now comes the final pictures before the Leopard is put onto the Faun Transporter. This is my first attempt at weathering and I think I have a lot to learn, but I think I may have the basics ready for my next build. Hope you enjoy. More pictures HERE
  19. Hi For those who have followed the build of my Faun Tank Transporter here this is the chosen tank kit which I hope to use with the Faun. I have also bought the photo etch kit which is really for the Tamiya build but it seems to all match up with the Revell kit. I have made a small start cutting out some openings:
  20. Trumpeter's upcoming 1/16 German Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger, is now available to preorder!
  21. So, this is my first planned diorama, and the first diorama I've attempted (actually, that's not true, I bashed one together out of balsa wood a long time ago ). But it will be the first diorama since I started putting more effort into my modelling. So far I only have the rough plan of it, and what will decorate it. Its one of at least three dioramas I have planned for this particular setting, which is a fictional conflict between China and Japan. This one will be set on a Tokyo street and features a Humvee crew meeting with a small group of JGSDF soldiers. Over the years I've picked up a number of JGSDF figures, some from the Iraq Humanitarian Assistance set and others the Type 90 w/ loading crew (which I'll probably put with my Abrams). Only painted up the two shown here so far (that camo is tedious, maybe more so than ACU). The additional decoration for this idea came from the Meng barriers set. The k-rails in the set I've painted up and will likely use with my Bradley idea. I also planned to get two other Meng sets, one being the highway set (possibly for the Abrams) and the other the vending machine (for the Bradley). The Bradley (an M2A3 BUSK), which I've started building, will also be in NATO three-tone. So without further ado, here's a basic look at what my idea could look like Gaz
  22. We've got some great items from MiniArt available right now, including two new kits: A Soviet SU-122 Self Propelled Gun with full interior detail and a set of Resting WWII German Tank Crew figures. For full details, please see our newsletter.
  23. New Revell Monogram Kits Now In Stock RVM0394 - Revell Monogram 1:72 - Gato Class Submarine £99.99 RVM1987 - Revell Monogram Snaptite 1:24 - Ford GT £13.99 RVM4197 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - 72 Olds Indy Pace Car w/ Figure £29.99 RVM4329 - Revell Monogram 1:24 - Porsche 918 Spyder £24.99 RVM4361 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - '59 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop £22.99 RVM4370 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - 2013 Camero ZL-1 £23.99 RVM4378 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - Porsche 914/6 2n1 £24.99 RVM4379 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - 2014 Mustang GT £24.99 RVM4397 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - Corvette Stingray £24.99 RVM4398 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - 2013 Challenger SRT8 £24.99 RVM6732 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - Rat Fink w/ Diorama £22.99 RVM6899 - Revell Monogram 1:24 - Jinx Express £20.99 RVM7824 - Revell Monogram 1:32 - Lacrosse Missile and Truck £34.99 RVM7861 - Revell Monogram 1:32 - Panzer IV Tank £19.99 RVM7863 - Revell Monogram 1:32 - Sherman A1 Screamin' Mimi £23.99 Visit the website for more Information. www.creativemodels.co.uk Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news https://www.facebook...eativeModelsLtd Thank you Creative Models Ltd
  24. There's a great selection of new Trumpeter items covering various subjects coming out this June/July, check them out below and see our amazing range of Trumpeter Model Kits on our Website!
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