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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all. Having just completed my high-flying 1/200 Bristol 138, I've remembered that I also have another 1930's record breaker in my 1/200 kit stash. I wasn't planning to build it this year, but on reflection, if not now, when? It's the Fairey Long Range Monoplane which was developed specifically to break the world non-stop flight distance record. Apparently, it was also known as the Postal Aircraft (to hide its true purpose). Two aircraft were built, J9479 (Monoplane I), and later K1991 (Monoplane II). Sadly, in 1929 J9479 crashed in Tunis during a record attempt (killing both the crew members), but in February 1933 K1991 established a new record by flying from Cranwell to Walvis Bay, Namibia, a distance of 5410 miles (8540 km). Like my Bristol 138, I bought this kit second-hand. Unlike the Bristol though, the Fairey is un-started and comes with a decent set of decals . Hopefully it should be an easy one to complete by next weekend. According to Scalemates, this is one of only two kits produced of the Fairey LR Monoplane, the other being an old 1/72 vac-form produced by Airframe. Cheers
  2. With two of my current builds pretty much complete it seems time to introduce another project. This one is a little different from my usual 1:24 plastic car kits; it's a whitemetal 1:43rd kit from SMTS. Why this subject? Because a friend of mine has a TVR S2 (and a Triumph Spitfire) and once said that he'd like a model of the TVR or something close as he's never been able to find one. This was the closest I could find (SMTS also does a TVR S4 but this is close enough) and I'll paint it in similar colours to his car and give it to him as a present. Here's the real car, it's dark blue with grey upholstery so that's what I'll use on this build. The box isn't very impressive but it is sturdy. It was well packed with parts. Not a massive parts count but everything you need is there. There are a few mould lines to clean near the sills. This was ordinary Halfords grey primer. The finish turned out pretty well. I did spot a flaw in the casting, a small hole at the base of one head lamp. Filled with a blob of low melt solder. The mould line wasn't completely gone when the primer fully dried, so it was sanded down again and the holes for the wing mirrors were drilled out at the same time. Wing mirrors soldered into place, which seemed faster, cleaner and more secure than glue. Rear view mirror soldered to the windscreen frame. Quick dry fit to ensure everything goes together. More primer This side looks OK. A bit more work needed on this side. If I'd inspected the parts more closely I'd have spotted the step on the back of the headlamp. the bezel needs to be drilled out to take this. Thankfully not too difficult to get a hole drilled and opened out. I'm quite enjoying this build, I may have to build some 1:43rd models for myself.
  3. Hello again. A new project has begun. Or rather, 2 almost identical models. Both models are of the Scania Lt 141 type from 1979. They were ordered on the same day by the two owners and I took the challenge of building them simultaneously. I started preparing the drawings in November 2018 and here are the pictures of the results for now. They are built in scale 1/8 and are basically 100% scratch built. I made sure to make molds for as many of the parts as possible. It simplifies the work on the other model - and maybe on future projects as well.
  4. Just wrapped this up before work this morning. I won't go into the kit in too much depth as others have already, far more eloquently and in a more informed way. But I will say that it's absolutely beautiful. Falls together, fantastic fit, lovely details, clear instructions. I really can't fault it - beyond the sort of 'what if' scenarios of wishing there were PE belts etc. Still - for those who care enough, those can be bought! Anyway - onto the build. I am including a few along-the-way images, as I used this build to try / improve a few things I have been learning. Interior was painted with Citadel black primer, then the section behind the cockpit was dry brushed with Vallejo aluminium - total waste of time as it's utterly invisible, but I guess most on here will get the motivation. Cockpit and engine section was sprayed with Tamiya USAF tan rattle can. The details were brush painted, before white oil paint was used to pop out some raised details. Reflector sight was a cut strip from 35mm film - a roll that came back blank goes a long way for this! It's darker than ideal, but I quite like the look of it. The main body was primed black - again with Citadel - which I really recommend for rattle can users. I then primed control surfaces with Citadel white, before painting the whole kit with Tamiya bare metal silver. Next up was the red tail. I masked it off, re-primed control surfaces white over the metal, then added a little watercolour masking fluid to leading edges. The result came out rather nicely. I then masked off some wing sections and did a dusting of Tamiya titanium sliver rattle can to break up large areas. After this I mixed small amounts of Vallejo Air aluminium paint with Vallejo black grey, or Vallejo yellow - in varying ratios - before brush painting small panels, hatches, sections - again to break it all up. I then tried to make my own masks, cutting masking tape stuck onto the decal sheet for the distinctive flap markings... this went - well - badly. I am too slipshod with a scalpel and the masks were terrible, and the decals ruined. Instead I cut up an old German cross into small pieces and made the stencil markings from scratch. These ended up pretty overstated, but I was actually really happy with them. Not one for the 'accurists' - but I like the slightly oversized aspect. Still - someone defter than me might use this technique really nicely. No carrier film, and quite fun to do! All markings bar the tail, and wheel covers were home made masks (not too challenging) with varying primers under the red paint and a little masking fluid used. I then did an oil pin-wash over the whole kit. Then small decals were added. And I cut the excess carrier film off the tail marking - which I balked at making myself! Amazing how much difference a few seconds of trimming decals makes. I can't believe I never did it before. Spinner and prop were painted with Tamiya RAF dark earth, then dry brushed with Vallejo mixed brown + white, with minimal chipping. And that was that! Quite happy with how it all turned out. Thanks for looking! Bruce
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to share my new project with you. It's my sixth 1/8 scale truck that is currently under construction. Just like the previous models I have built, it's not a self-chosen project, but an ordered model of an existing 1/1 model. The model is a Volvo Viking L485 from 1960 with a Danish-built cab. It is completely scratch built in metal. I started it in November 2017, being halfway through the project and expecting to deliver it around May this year. ( My new German colleague, Hr Holzmann. Does his work (Metal Cutting / cutting, rolling and bending.) Very well. ) Klaus
  6. The first one has only just been put to bed and they want more!! Well it was a great GB with lots and lots of interesting subjects, which is the nice thing about this type of GB. No matter whats your fancy or favourite subject matter youre more than welcome to bring it along. And from the builds in the last GB you can see we pretty well had everything covered. Non-Injection Moulded GB - Gallery There was an early concern about model eligibility and members showing up with just conversions kits, but it didnt happen, everyone knew the deal and showed up with some amazing models to build. The only issue we did have is what every other GB suffers formnot enough time.though there were a few who couldnt just stop at buildingno they built LOTS!!! So there have been lots of requests to run another one, so here it is! Same deal as before; · The Model has to be made of a material other than Injection Moulded plastic, NO conversion kits! · The spares box can be raided for some of the essential small parts (but as can be seen from all the builds in the last one this wasnt really needed) but to be kept to a minimum. · Subject matter is completely open. · Model material complete open, excluding what was mentioned above. · The final builds will be broken up into three (3) categories based on the main material they are made from; - Resin models - VacForm models - Other material models So have a look at the last GB to see the range of models, then pluck up the courage to have a go at something a bit different from what youre built before and have a go! Plus if anyone has a catchy title for this GB along the dodgy monster theme let me know. Da list.... 1, trickyrich - host 2, philp 3, Black Knight 4, Arniec 5, Pin 6, exdraken 7, Enzo Matrix 8, AndyC 9, BritJet 10, noeyedears 11, whitestar12chris 12, 825 13, kwaterous 14, TrojanThunder - Co-Host 15, RayS 16, SleeperService 17, Kallisti 18, AndrewE 19, nimrod54 20, CliffB 21, jb65rams 22, dazdot 23, Rob G 24, Caerbannog 25, JOCKNEY 26, Basilisk 27, Giorgio N 28, 68 SQUADRON 29, Smudge 30, TonyTiger66 31, Graham77 32, Angus Tuna 33, 34, 35,
  7. Hi all, I've been building the Revell A319/20's recently, putting a little more work into them each time. I'd really like some metal fan blades for the engines. A quick search hasn't turned up any. Does anyone know if they're out there? Chris
  8. Hello, here is another project that started with the pictures found in the internet. Even the tires had to be built from the zero. The scale is 1:25 The project is half made in resin, although my models are mainly built in tinplate In this picture the tires are from the old project that I made years ago. In this picture the tires are from the new project that I made this month.
  9. Hello, I am glad to be posting something about my scratch built trucks here. These are lacking just a few details and I plan to change the tires also
  10. Hello every one, I have white metal action figure & I would like to know what is the best way to fill gaps ? is it possible to use Tamiya putty basic ? I am looking for more than one way to do the job. Thanks
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