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  1. Hi After three years of work, the first Scania 141 has been rolled off the assembly line. It is scratch-built of metal, brass and many parts are cast in metal so the weight has reached 10 kg. The series is followed by three more Scania's, A 141, 142 and a 143. Klaus
  2. Yes, over time I have purchased a number of machines in the workshop. The need has grown as the models have become more complicated. I'm especially fond of Proxxon's machines. Recently I bought a Holzmann multifunctional machine for rolling, bending and shearing which is indispensable when working with sheet metal. But I found it difficult to build these models when living in Denmark. The Raw materials I need in my models, such resin is impossible or extremely expensive to buy here in Dk, so they come from the UK and germany which are my main suppliers. The last image is the radiator grille on the scania
  3. Hello again. A new project has begun. Or rather, 2 almost identical models. Both models are of the Scania Lt 141 type from 1979. They were ordered on the same day by the two owners and I took the challenge of building them simultaneously. I started preparing the drawings in November 2018 and here are the pictures of the results for now. They are built in scale 1/8 and are basically 100% scratch built. I made sure to make molds for as many of the parts as possible. It simplifies the work on the other model - and maybe on future projects as well.
  4. Hi. Another Volvo from my workshop, drove out to its new owner. The model is a Volvo 465 (VIKING) from 1960. It is built mainly of metal and the construction time was 10 months. Klaus
  5. And Now it's time to start the machine .. And a little more from the chassis:
  6. Hello everyone. I would like to share my new project with you. It's my sixth 1/8 scale truck that is currently under construction. Just like the previous models I have built, it's not a self-chosen project, but an ordered model of an existing 1/1 model. The model is a Volvo Viking L485 from 1960 with a Danish-built cab. It is completely scratch built in metal. I started it in November 2017, being halfway through the project and expecting to deliver it around May this year. ( My new German colleague, Hr Holzmann. Does his work (Metal Cutting / cutting, rolling and bending.) Very well. ) Klaus
  7. Hello and again thanks for all the compliments. It's right as one wrote before, you run out of space if you keep them for yourself. I have tried to store a 2 meter tanker on the rack in my workshop
  8. Hi. Thanks for all the compliments. The models I build are all ordered, so they do not become dust collectors at my place. I will make a new thread at "work in progress - Vehicles" later on when I start up new projects . Here are a few pictures of the models under construction: Klaus
  9. Hello. I am a model builder from Denmark. I would like to show some of my latest scratch-built truckmodels. They are all built in scale 1/8 and I build them of metal. Klaus
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