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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all After the Miles Master, I decided to stay in the british wings This time, I choosed a airplane a little modern the well know Hawker Siddeley Harrier, the "Jumpjet" I have a little preference for the "long nose" version : the GR3 I bought severals month ago a box of the AV-8A version, the US version of the Harrier It was in "promotion" and because I wished use an after market decals, it was a very good deal for me If the kit has an update for the fuselage sprue from GR1/3 box, the GR3 nose is in this box. The decals sheet I didn't arrest my choice for the red or white tails option I have a little time to make my choice
  2. Harrier Harvest, I was going to go with Harrier Hernia but that doesn't sound quite so exciting! Here is another booby type build followed on from here; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234964850-wip-booby-harrier-gr3-airfix-172/?view=findpost&p=1694841 This time BOOBS is an abbreviation of Built Out Of Boxed Sets. Airfix harrier Gr1 x3 Airfix Harrier Gr3 Italeri Harrier Gr3 Hasegawa Av8-a Eduard zoom etch for Gr1 x2 and for Gr3 x1, Master models pitots for Gr1x3 and for Gr3x1, Pavla seats for Av8a x2, Pavla Aden gun pods for harriers x2, attack squadron Mk 77 napalm bombs for US aircraft x6 Caracel decals early Av8a sheet all in 1/72 scale. I'm just waiting on a few books (thank you Mr H.Lime for the clue) then I'm going to begin "Operation Vertical" One thing I've learned about model kits, if you find one you like get many before eBay put the price up! Secretly I'm hoping revell release the Hunter Mk6 again. What I'm after is help to make (within the limits of my skill and scale permitting) accurate harriers of Gr1/3 and Av8a types, I'm starting with the American versions as I don't yet have seats for the RAF examples. Any help appreciated for any type under construction (everything in the picture is under construction!) Some builds will be quicker with less effort! Please be patient. . . .
  3. Good morning! This build was one that I had wanted to do for quite a while, so my LMS had one in stock the other day so I thought it would be silly not to get it This bulid also marks the end of my AS exams (culminating with Chemistry on Friday) and "liberation" from schoolwork for at least two or three months...... Kit used: Airfix 1:72 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3 Paints used: Vallejo "Model Air"- Barley Grey, Medium Olive, Fire Red, Black and "Metal Color" Duraluminium. The nozzles, heat-shield and gear legs were painted with Alclad Aluminium. Vallejo "Model Wash" Dark Grey was used as a general wash and also sprayed in my first attempt at post-shading. Decals: The kit decals were perfect, with no splitting at all and no excess decal film being visible once applied. Edit: Thanks to Airfix for supplying me with a missing half of a cannon-pod! Thanks for having a look! Many thanks, Sam
  4. I thought I'd move beyond my regular "plane at rest on a 6x6 tile" and see if I could expand to a "plane in flight on a 6x6 tile". I've always had an affinity for the Harrier, particularly the GR3 and GR7/9 and remember getting the GR3 as my second kit at the age of about 9 so this will be my subject of this build. Details: Airfix GR3. Eduard PE detailing. Freightdog fin replacement. Trees and base details yet to be sourced. I've done a few sketches of what I'd like this to look like but I don't think my drawing skills are up to much so I'm reluctant to share them here! I want to do a Harrier in arctic camouflage in the midst of a low level pass over the Norwegian countryside. For interest, I'd like to include a road and a mud track as well as a few trees. I was hoping that the trees could be used to hide the wire that will be supporting the aircraft in some way with the jet sitting about six inches above the base and the tallest tree being about two inches tall. The whole thing will have a fine dusting of snow too. So that's the challenge. I've got to finish my Hawk over the next month or so, so I'm still very much in the planning stage at the moment. Any pointers or suggestions would be very welcome! David
  5. Now I have your attention here's my review. Work In Progress, Built Out Of Box Yesterday! First look, nice crisp detail in line with new toolings from this firm. Construction starts with the cockpit, a 4 piece seat and 4 piece tub go to complete the cockpit along with some decals. It builds up well but needs a little cleaning up first, nothing major, two ejector pin marks on the rear plate need filling. The instructions suggest fitting the ejector seat but I think it needs to be left off so the seam along the top of the rear panel where it meets the fuselage can be addressed if necessary. Then we move on to the air intakes, these look complex but fit together well, the bottom half has detail which goes to form part of the nose gear well, this is also apparent on the rear of the backplate in the cockpit. Next up, the fuselage halves, all work so far fits into these pieces so it is a logical step. The piece that is the main gear doors and air brake well sits deep in the fuselage and there was a step, it was necessary to sand around the perimeter to allow it to protrude slightly to give a flush fit. This also occurred with the wing section, it sat too high, the highlighted area was sanded a bit to give a flush fit. The red box highlights two vents (one has been removed) these are for the GR1 which is the same basic kit, the GR3 has additional sprues to bring it up to spec, the blue box highlights the vent to be removed if you are building a GR1. This is called out in the instructions and is correct. One note, the yellow arrow highlights an unsightly mould line, this was sanded smooth, I scribed the lines that may have been lost as I went, as it got closer to them disappearing I opened them up again with a scalpel.
  6. Well, as luck would have it I've decided to make my Harrier next so would like to be included in this GB if I may. The actual kit is for a SHAR but I've decided to build it as a GR3 as this interests me more. Everything that I need is in the box so far as I can see, I've managed to download the GR3 instructions from somewhere, and Airfix will sell me the appropriate decals for £8 so it's all good. Opening the box I confess to being a bit apprehensive at the sheer amount of plastic in there, much of which seems to be off the sprue and rattling around loose. The kit is well know for being very basic in some areas such as the cockpit and over detailed in others (think rivets). I'm going to do some "busying" in the pit with an emphasis on the spirit of the thing rather than strict accuracy and may well do a bit of filling of the rivet detail although I'm slightly embarrassed to admit I actually kind of like it. I made a start on the ejection seat last night, will post some pictures later.
  7. I have the Airfix GR1A Harrier in 1/24 scale and I really want to do it as a GR3. Does anybody know of any conversions and decals I know there is a GR3 kit that was released later but I already have the GR1A so it would be a bit daft to buy a complete new kit. Any leads would be greatly appreciated as it would free up stash space if it got built. Rodders
  8. Hi all This is on of my 3 entries for the fantastic Obsolete Kit GB. It has been really good fun and the hosts Enzo and Col were fantastic as was Mish and everyone who took part. I was invited with my Old hasegawa Foxbot build. Which I will post later. However after that I got the itch to make more and after coming back from Telford I have not stopped modelling since (I think I picked up some bug I am modelling more than ever...) So with that I entered with this delightful Old Kit and a Matchbox Jaguar that did not get finished in time. This kit is old and basic but the fit is great and it looks like a Harrier. Excellent for when it was made but not the most accurate perhaps but I love it. I sprayed it with Humbrols excellent new spray cans HU163 and HU164. Blue tak masked, Other paints for the engines and interior were Revel Aqua and Citadel paints. I did drop her and smash the tail wing off the day before the end.... But I rectified that thankfully... Here she is Many I had to take the photos of her on my knee in the car as I was so close to the deadline but I love how she looks in the blueish light of night. Cheers Rob WIP is here : http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234950210-matchbox-harrier-gr3/
  9. Hi all well I was enjoying the Jaguar that much and the nostalgia of Matchbox kits I decided to do another, Here I am doing another off the stash. The Matchbox Harrier GR3. I am really enjoying this group build and its giving me a reason to do some modeling. Heres were I am so far. Cheers Rob (I think its the box art that does it.) Cheers Rob
  10. HI folks. I need some advice and if possible links to photos of Harrier GR3's in the winter scheme of white and dark sea grey. I have long intended to do a model of one on a diorama with netting and other details and such on and around it poking between a few trees and bushes. Ideally I want photos of them Actually in snowy conditions as I intend to model it with Precision Ice and Snow. I also need advice on the scale I should go for as I know I will likely need to buy ground accessories but not sure what to buy so I need educating there. I was thinking 1/72 Initially but I might go for 1/48 as I like the old airfix 1/48 kit and I imagine there might be more accessories for that. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Rob
  11. Happy New Year to all on BM! This year i want to bring some fun and nostalgia back into my hobby , so the plan is to build straight from the box with no extras , other than plasticard. First up will be my new Harrier. Im only going to cut the auxillary doors out on the intakes , add a bulkhead to the rear of the canopy and MAYBE add some very basic sidewall detail to the cockpit. Ive made a start this morning. The pilot is probably the best one they have done in 1/24 and he is crying out for a good paintjob. Im figuring that he takes up most of the cockpit so i may add some basic structure detail to the cockpit but it may not be necessary. The canopy will be closed anyway. The engine has been built and now needs painting. Its actually been alot of fun so far , but you do have to battle with your mind telling you to add detail! I will even be keeping the surface detail! I will post more later. Heres the box. Stunning artwork and most inspirational. The engine actually has alot of detail for a kit from the 70s Heres the cockpit. Sidewalls and inst panels are actually quite good.
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