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  1. So here we go (sorry for the quality, I hate the light in my flat) 1st up is the 1/72 Airfix Mustang, for £3 odd I'm not going to complain 2nd is the new Defiant, my word, what a fabulous little kit, no drama, no issues just cut, glue, paint. I was torn over which one to do as I have one on order at my LMS but I can't see me getting it soon, luckily Fenwicks in Newcastle had more of these than the RAF did so into my hands it went. I settled for the night fighter, I like the contrast between the black and the sharksmouth, I can always buy more.
  2. I tried to be patient, and to hold my peace, telling myself that if I just waited until July I could build a few of the new Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant kits for the BoB GB... but the kits looks so nice, and there are so many possible options that I would like to build, that my cunning lower animal brain hatched a plan: build a couple of nightfighters, and maybe in July when the BoB GB starts, a couple of day fighters if I do run out of other things to build (which given the contents of my stash being specifically tailored to the first 18 months or so of the war is not likely to happen unless by choice). So I find myself here: Looking at these: ... which is a bit of an embarrassment of riches. I think I will be building the sharkmouthed N3328 from the kit decals, and N3313 of 264 Squadron from the Print Scale set. I recently moved into a new flat in a tenement, and being on the ground floor means all the other tenants have to trek past my front door in the communal hallway to get to their flats. This is a new experience for me but logic dictated that it is probably not best to have the sort of smells emanating from my flat that the uninitiated might erroneously associate with a crack factory or methamphetamine lab, so as an experiment I invested in a set of Hataka RAF acrylic paints (though I will only be using the interior grey-green for these builds). For sprue shots I refer you to Mark's pictures here, which are better than anything I might attempt. Construction starts with the fitting of various internal parts, I will be using the crew figures who are unique to this kit and look rather good... The floors, seats and bulkheads etc are just clicked into place to keep the mating surfaces free of paint, which was then sprayed: The Hataka paint went on nicely and covered well, didn't smell too chemically either... The detail parts were painted and the painted pilots fitted: Then posed for a picture with the gunners: The instrument panel was decalled and fitted into the fuselage - note that it sits a bit aft of the coaming, so you need to paint the back of the panel as well: I think I got a bit out of sequence with the instructions and built the wings next (I was waiting for the decal setting solution to dry on the IP, that's my excuse and I defy anyone to prove otherwise): Then joined the fuselage halves: The wings and fuselage halves both fitted very well, I needed a smear of filler along the upper cowling to disguise the join and sanded the leading edges of the wings just for tidiness' sake. As Mark (FZ6) noted in his build, the trailing edges of the wings are rather thick; how much of a problem this is for you depends on your tolerances but to me it is not excessive enough to be worth remedial action (I have fairly sloppy standards though). I then fitted the aft turret fairing - both raised, although you have to option to build it lowered if you prefer; I am so used to seeing it raised that it looks a bit weird if it isn't, so as you see it was an informed decision on my part and not just some whim that occurred on the spur of the moment: Then I sort of slipped out of sequence again and masked and fitted the pilot's canopy and the forward turret fairings. I chose to do one closed up and one open; it seems it was fairly common practice for pilots to leave the hood open and anyway, because I can, okay? A word on the canopies - again, as noted by Mark (FZ6) the framing is not terribly well defined, it is as if it has been moulded at an angle and I think it might be something to do with Airfix moulding the turret 'glass' as one-piece (which is an excellent thing)... if you are particularly averse to masking I would recommend you wait until Peewit, Montex or Eduard make a masking set for this kit - you can bet that these are being worked on even now (and you can also bet that the Eduard one will cost almost as much as the kit, so I leave it up to you to decide whether you really do hate masking that much, although the Peewit and Montex sets are generally much cheaper). Still got those turrets to do Finally, I assembled the various parts for the radiator and the oil cooler, I plan to Blu-tack these on so I can spray them when I do the camo then remove them to paint the grilles before permanently gluing them back on: ... and that's where I am now. Hopefully will get some more done at the weekend, so far it has gone very well. Cheers, Stew
  3. On Hannant's 'Future Releases' list - http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72217 I'll be in for one of these, for sure Cheers, Stew
  4. Hi, Another rather old model from shelf - Boulton-Paul Defiant, made out of Airfix kit but I was trying to reshape it following drawings in 1/72. The whole fuselage is made wider, turret is completly new (home-made), new u/c and both coolers. Now I think that two detail should be improved - a propeller (blades are to narrow) and main canopy (which is remain untouched and with wider fuselage it is a bit narrow as well). A compromise, what was achivable, those days - some teens years ago. Have a look Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  5. Hi all, The third build in my trilogy, and the one that keeps me awake the most at night, is the Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant mk1... A kit considered the anti-christ by many - The newish box hides a kit first tooled in 1960...... This will be built hopefully with some etch and maybe some new decals...... The box Some Sprues..... (look at those rivets!!!!) A closer look at some of that glorious detail Some more sprues..... And the "transaprencies" or as airfix circa 1960 would like to call them "bricks" Lets take a closer look at those "transparentbricks" - oh that's right - there are ejector pinmarks on the inside of the canopy - that's going to be a treat to get rid of If I can somehow find a vac form canopy I'm going to have to... As ever any known pitfalls (please form an orderly line) please let me know.. Thanks for looking Tuco
  6. Hello All, I had this half-finished Defiant lurking in the closet. It was one of my first models after returning to the hobby and it's been stalled for several years now. I had painted the dark earth and duck egg blue, neither of which I liked, and had made a mess of the turret. I pulled it out over Christmas and lost the turret somewhere in the process. Problem solved! I replaced it with a Matchbox Halifax turret (an optional part in the kit) with a scratch built interior and guns. The turret has some elaborate interior structure to hold the guns in place, which I replaced with some bent acetate sheet for the gunner's aiming window. I also added some black-painted paper strips for the new framing. It's a nice kit and looks spot on when compared to photographs. I modified "PS-A" to "PS-V" and added a new home made serial number. Someone described the Defiant as a bad idea, well executed and the last picture shows off how sleek it could look... Compare the last picture to http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d6/Boulton_Paul_Defiant.jpg. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  7. Airfix Improvement Sets – Hurricane, Stirling & Defiant 1:72 Valiant Wings Valiant Wings have brought out a range of 1/72 aftermarket products to improve or convert existing kits. These particular samples are for a selection of Airfix kits. Their range covers vac form, etch and resin upgrades and as their website states, they aim to “offer simple to use modelling solutions to improve or upgrade kits that have been on the market for some time”. Their niche is focussed on those who are venturing into the realm of aftermarket for the first time having gained some experience building kits ‘out of the box’. Having this clear focus behind a product range is quite refreshing. That said, the solutions they have aren’t just restricted to novice builders, they can be used for any level. Additional to what is described below, the instructions that come with the sets is very comprehensive. Apart from very detailed guides on how to use the parts contained, you also get tips on further correction / conversion work required to the kit including additional correction sets on the market as well as references to relevant books that will help in your research. Boulton Paul Defiant – Nose Correction Set for Airfix kit Here is a replacement nose section to replace the very poor kit profile. The nose is moulded as one piece with a separate prop spinner. The parts are formed on a resin back plate, so I recommend the purchase of a razor saw if you don’t already have one to remove the parts. The parts are nicely moulded with no visible bubble holes. Fine surface detail is presents on the nose cone. There is some flash behind the moulded in exhausts, so you will need to trim this off, a modelling knife should do the trick here. Short Stirling Mk.IV Nose Conversion for the airfix kit If you’re wanting to build a Stirling, then there is Hobsons choice, the venerable old Airfix kit. As standard, the kit comes as a Mk.I/III with the front mounted turret, however this conversion allows you to build the Mk.IV Transport / Tug used successfully later in the war. Moulded as a single vac form piece, this makes for the easiest way of upgrading the nose, requiring you to cut the existing nose off the kit 26mm from the front. The instructions also offer guidance on the other modifications to complete a Mk.IV. Hurricane II Improvement Set for the New Tool Airfix Kit Although the new tool kit from Airfix is pretty good, this set improves it in several areas. The kit prop I believe is about 3mm too small in diameter so a replacement is provided. Replacement wheels, carb intake, cannon, underwing pitot tube and two types of exhausts (fishtail and normal) all benefit from the fine detail you can get from resin moulding compared to plastic injection moulding. This set will sharpen up the look of your Mk.II and true to their objective, all parts are direct replacement for the kit parts. Care will need to be taken removing the prop from its support plate as there are thin connections running the full length of two of the blades. A sharp modelling knife will be required to do this. Hurricane I Photo Etch Improvement Set for the Airfix kit This set provides a simple pre-coloured etch set to enhance the Hurricane Mk.I. Primarily designed for the airfix kit, it should fit most kits in the scale too. You get a new panel built up in 3 layers, seatbelts, radiator grill, pitot tube, canopy handles, rear view mirror and control column. This is a great starter set if you’re new to using photo-etch details. I recommend some fine tweezers for handling these parts if you don’t currently have any. Conclusion The range of products offered by Valiant Wings is well thought out. I’ve been daunted by some of the aftermarket sets I’ve had in the past both in terms of skill needed (that I never had !!) and shear number of intricate parts, so I do appreciate a range of products that caters for people who are newcomers into this aspect of modelling. The quality of the parts is good and a selection of respected aftermarket producers such as Eduard and CMR are used to make the parts on behalf of Valiant Wings. Review sample courtesy of
  8. Tomasz Gronczewski has written an article about Frederick Hughes and his Defiants going from day-fighting to night. We´re proud to publish the article on our website: http://www.ipmsstock...n-paul-defiant/ /Lars Befring for IPMS-Stockholm
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