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Found 13 results

  1. My son got married earlier this year, and drove his car 900km so that it could be used in the wedding. I thought that it would be a nice idea to model it for him.... But.. NC MX-5 models with a retractable roof are like hen's teeth, only more expensive... I finally managed to find a damaged one, with the wrong colour paint and interior, and missing a wiper, both mirrors, steering wheel, and with the wrong road wheels and gear lever. Oh - and a bent aerial. Disassembling the model wasn't easy. It's held together with lots of screws, but covering them is plastic bodywork (bumpers and sills) which not only snap in but are also glued. I stripped the main body with no issues but the plastic parts were more of a problem. The bumpers and sills were made from an ABS like plastic, and extremely careful use of the paintstripper worked OK. The folding roof is in 3 sections (top, rear and rear window) and is a marvel of ingenious linkages - all held on with M1 screws. As these parts were very thin, I decided to use Tamiya plastic stripper for styrene. The roof parts obviously weren't styrene: a short soak did nothing, and so I left them overnight. In the morning I found soft blobs of plastic in the stripper. To say I was gutted is an understatement! So - no working roof. It was retracted for the wedding anyway. For painting in Mazda "True Red" (it's bright!) I got automotive paint mixed into a rattlecan. Spraying done with an airbrush - spray paint into a ziplock bag, and them use a pipette to transfer it to the airbrush. No thinning required! The interior was changed from tan to black, I used a Tamiya rattlecan of Rubber Black - it's not dead black but looks really good. Anyway some photos.... The Wedding car (the background is in Wanaka - south Island of NZ) And the model Making all the extra parts (the missing bits) was a new adventure in Fusion 360. The wheels are nearly correct - could do with some more radiuses on the edges, but it was time to stop fiddling with the 3d model. The Mazda logo in the middle is drawn from a "canvas" - basically traced over a logo from the web. The gearlever is for the six speed ND - but it's on the car (and the car has the six speed box), so.... It's about 2.2mm diameter, and no you can't see the shift pattern. Fun doing it though. The steering wheel also suffered a little from details, Again I couldn't fully radius the spokes into the wheel rim. I'm quite pleased with the centre though And the wiper. Probably the easiest part to model (apart from the number plate - next) To simulate the roof I made a simple piece which is a push fit between the roof cover supports, giving it a slight bow The most difficult part to model was the mirror. After several false start I used a "T-spline" - not as hard as it sounds, it's basically a shape (box, sphere etc.) with contour lines that can be pulled in any direction, defining the shape. I started using lots of lines and soon discovered that the fewer the better. The mirror id made up of two shapes, the body and the support. Once I'd got the shape and the size correct, it was down to figuring out the multiple angles to get it to sit on the door. A case of gentle refinement.... Side view Top view
  2. It's finished! 1/18 scale FW-190 A-8 has left the bench. The model produced by HobbyBoss lacking a lot of details, it has them less than models in 1/72 but I wanted to make it because the larger the model, the easier it is to stuff the electrics. I remade the interior of cockpit, added aluminum foil seatbelts, added gunsight and detailed a bit landing gear wells. The armament is made of brass tubes. Apart from that, I added diodes, optical fibers and a motor. As German equipment other than prototypes and what-ifs will never appear on my shelves, I painted my FW in the colors it wore when the Yankees tested it at the Toul-Rosières airport in France in 1945. To paint this one I've used AK Real Color, Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints, and weathered it with Ammo Mig pigments and liquids also from this manufacturer. It is driven by a 12V motor and the optical fibers are powered by 12V LED diodes. The resin lady on the wing (to distract from the lack of details of the model ) is also on a 1/18 scale, from Coree. My wife helped me plant the grass on the base, many thanks Short movie with working engine and lights:
  3. Hello It is my second project at Britmodeler forum. I would still work on my Millennium Falcon, Its very demanding project, as I want to heavy modify the vanilla Bandai kit. This miniature seems to fit a bit more to my usual working environment. Here I plan to focus on painting since the very beginning. The miniature is 90 mm (1/18 scale) and is distributed by Aradia miniatures: https://aradiaminiatures.com/index.php?id_product=49&controller=product There were 2 significant problems that were preventing me for painting this miniature earlier. First was money. It does cost a little fortune (75 € + shipment). This one could be somehow overcamed as I really want to paint it. The second was avability and this one totally destroyed my plans. They offered the miniature in a limited edition – only 190 units. To add the spice I will stress that all of them were sold in just 44 hours. A couple of weeks ago when I was scrolling aliexpress I saw this miniature and was quite shocked. The Chinese wanted only 25% of the original product and were selling it with free worldwide shipping. The miniature seems to look pretty much the same as the original Aradia product. Even though I was quite sceptic, but the pictures taken by a real buyers convinced me to give it a shot. When I opened the package, I know (just from a fist glance) it will be a good product. Ofcorse there were many bad mold lines and other mold errors but after all, it was not as bad as I was previously expecting it to be. Probably those lucky sweethearts who bought the original product could benefit from a perfect casting. I simply had no choice and got down to work. Here You have some photos of the product before cleaning process: To sum up I would like to point that there were obviously some features of this bold that help the caster achieve a good result. · There aren’t many complex shapes. · The miniature is quite big –so details are asier to copy. · It was deviated in many pieces. Soon I will show You wchat i have managed to do after mold cleaning process.
  4. For all the ME262 enthusiasts, I think this is the largest ME262 model on the market at 1:18 scale. I built their 1/48 scale and enjoyed it. The level of detail and accessories is great. However don;t think I have space for a 1/18 scale!
  5. Phew! Well I just sneaked in under the radar with this build, plan was to complete and post the pictures before the stroke of midnight in the UK. Anyway here are the final reveal pictures; I have included a few pictures of the Trophy that was given to my Nephew at the Event in LA. I built the kit as a memento of the occasion for him. I painted the body in AK primer grey, followed by a white basecoat, then about 8 coats of Zero paints Arancio Boreallis pearl, however I found the colour to be too light and had a gold tint to it. So I over coated it with Tamiya LP-53 clear orange, then a few coats of 2k clear. This gave me the orange pearl colour I was after. I painted the seats, door cards and top of the dash with Zero paints charcoal textured paint, then picked out the stitching details with Flory models rust weathering wash, then sealed it over with Zero paints Matt clear coat lacquer. Finally I used black garment elastic cut in half length ways to make the seat belts and I made the floor mats from 2 layers of masking tape. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and Happy New Year! Now's where that drink?
  6. Hi guys, I picked up this resin kit from Hiroboy, I originally ordered the hard top version of the kit, but they contacted me to say they had a mix up with their stock and only had the convertible available at this time. There's a bit of a back story to this project, my Nephew Richard is a long time online car racer, earlier this year he joined a professional racing team so that he could compete in the Forza Racing Championship 2019 event. His team qualified to go to the semi final and finals weekend in Los Angeles, as he had never flown or been abroad before, I offered to accompany him. We had a great time and although Richard's team did not make the final, he still came away with some prize money and some cool freebees. Lamborghini was a sponsor and they provided a car for the stage for the weekend’s events. I wanted to build a 1/18 model of this car, however the Alpha Models convertible was the nearest I could get to it. When the kit arrived I found it had no instructions, so I had to follow up with some research on YouTube looking at the real cars and a guy in Australia who built this kit and also reviewed it. The wheels in the kit were a different spoke pattern to the car in LA, but I found a set on eBay that looked more accurate, so I bought them, they took about 10 days to arrive from Australia! Anyway I have been suffering with a bad cold and chest infection since I got back from LA, but I am hoping to get this kit finished by the end of the year, wish me luck.
  7. No one here gets out alive.... The now hard to find 1/18 Great White Shark & Diver Diorama model from Pegasus Hobbies, turned into a diorama with a bit of a difference to get the most from the kit boxes contents as opposed to having to waste the unused alternative choice of head posture. The kit is supplied to be modelled as the shark and diver/cage as 2 separate free standing standalone pieces, using a choice of snapping jaw head or dormant jaw head. A few alterations to the diver and cage to get the blood splattering reminder of the might, power and aggression of these amazing beasts right up the top of the food chain.
  8. Picked up at Telford last year for £30, here is the vinyl and poly combination kit of the 1/18 Great white Shark and Diver / diving cage model. It is a fine model and a bit of a refresher to work on in-between the sci-fi stuff I have out on the bench. My intended final model will utilise both the optional heads, as the below pictures explain. I expect to have to go through at least 3 stages of filling and sanding/priming, however these photos only run through to the second stage of filling. The diver is rubber and was boiled for 5 mins and then wired into his new leg pose and had his arms cut, manipulated and filled into the new arm pose. The spare head will be used as shown, poking up from within the cage flesh chewing fun bye for now - John
  9. total construction time just under two years. From Merit SBD-3/4 kit with extensive modifications. New windshield, scratchbuilt flaps and actuating mechanism, scratchbuilt interior, twin 0.30 cals, engine, engine accessory compartment, bomb racks and fuselage interior. Skinned with pewter sheet.
  10. This Catwoman Batpod build was a follow on from the Moebius Tumbler Diorama. I wasn't happy with the cannons on the front of the Batpod, the kit ones looked a little too puny so I scratch built some new ones using some electrical gold connectors and some plastic tubing, I think it looks a lot more menacing and purposeful. I also wasn't happy with the resin cast of her hair it was too thick and looked unnatural so I filed the ends of the hair down as thin as I dared, then using my heat gun I reshaped the hair into a more natural look. I used Indian ink for her boots to add contrast also she had serrated blades on the inside of her heels in the movie however I took a little artistic license and using an old Tamiya saw blade I cynoed them to the rear of her heels, my excuse was Bruce Wayne gave her a new set of boots that were easier to ride the Batpod with LOL. I had an old vase stand that was destined for the trash I kept it for a future model base, it was perfect for this project. It was my first attempt at making a snow diorama, I used pva glue on the steps then spooned baking soda over the pva knocking off the excess then I hit the steps with hair spray lacquer, it locked in the soda and gave a slightly melted effect, I think it looks ok so enjoy the ride guys.
  11. HpH is to release a 1/18th Messerschmitt Me.109E fiberglass resin kit. Source: http://www.hphmodels.cz/index.php/en/news/item/367-bf-109e-1-18 V.P.
  12. Very large - 1/18th ! - Bell UH-1B Huey gunship kits are announced by Merit International in 2014-2015 - ref.60028 - Huey UH-1B Gunship v.1 Source: https://www.facebook.com/MeritIntlLtd?hc_location=timeline#!/photo.php?fbid=589305344494378&set=a.589304677827778.1073741854.117797744978476&type=1&theater - ref.60029 - Huey UH-1B Gunship v.2 Source: https://www.facebook.com/MeritIntlLtd?hc_location=timeline#!/photo.php?fbid=589305727827673&set=a.589304677827778.1073741854.117797744978476&type=1&theater V.P.
  13. A very large - 1/18th ! - Focke-Wulf Fw.190A-5 kit is announced by Merit International in 2014-2015 - ref. 61802 Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=587325854692327&set=pb.117797744978476.-2207520000.1391410224.&type=3&theater In the same way a - 1/18th ! - Focke-Wulf Fw.190A-8 kit is announced by Merit International in 2014-2015 - ref. 61803 Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=587324268025819&set=pb.117797744978476.-2207520000.1391410224.&type=3&permPage=1 V.P.
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