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  1. Wow I have found some more spare time (again today - sic!) So I decided to something qick - hull damage holes As usuall I would like to share with some reference pictures: Here You can see the vanila hull: First think was to locate the master holes: Next I started carwing and worked with details: In the and I recived this: I decided to close the holes with piece of styrene for a practical reason - in the end I need to paint the model and those gaps opened
  2. Hello again, Holidays are always a good time :P. The day seems to be much longer and new ideas comes out a bit faster. I have decided to focus on the gun port light box and set myself a must have list while building it: 1) It must be super durable - I do a lot of planning and testing. I need to be sure I will not destroy any of my job before I will take a brush loaded with paint into my hand. 2) It must be able to light up literally all the holes - Some of the lights are located on the top edge of the gun port (literally next to window edge) and I
  3. Thank you Andy for another masterpiece! I am so glad that you are sharing intresting build details and super quality pictures. When I will build mine slave 1 in 144 scale I will surely relly on this "manual" By the way what is your metod of aplying masking fluid? Do You use air brush for blowing air on brush bristles dipped with masking fluid?
  4. Thank You my friends. I have realized that I did not upload the pictures presenting the corridor mounted (for now temporally on some blue tack) into the ship hull: According to this source (I have used some pictures previously from here when I was presenting You quad cannons modification): http://millenniumfalcona.blogspot.com/2016/09/quad-laser-cannons.html both gunpits and a tube with a ladder in it would never fit inside the ship. And I must admit it’s true. Luckily thanks to green strawberr
  5. Hello again. For a start would like to apologize for my slow pace of work. I am the kind of person that is willing to spend a lot of time on planning before acting. In addition I cannot devote as much time for this build as I would like to, but I will try to do all in my power to keep it going. I do not want to do any compromise between quality and speed of this build. This build is just for me so I don’t need to hurry up. Last time I have suggested that I will do some optic fiber wiring. But I need to change my plans and will focus on the corridor between gun ports. As You wi
  6. I am glad You like it. - it really keps me motivated. After cutting gun ports window frames I decided to focus on quad canons. Bandai did not give You any movement options to it. I just simply do not like it since I want to put Finn in the gun port - it would look to weird as the guns aims only in a forward direction. Basisly he will only use the force to aim as he can’t even see what he is firing to. . This is a simple representation of Millenium falcon quad canon combat specifications: Adding a rotation will drastically improve the ability to look
  7. Hello again. I continue my journey with the gun ports. I have finished soldering one of the gun ports. Still I need to add to it some details like wires and other equipment. Here you see the size comparison between the original part (F/12) and photoetched greenstrawberry: I really like the Bandai gun ports mounting solution. It really helps when you can dismount parts and mount them again quickly without using glue. Modifying part F12 enabled me to keep using this mounting system: I could not resist myself to check how the gun
  8. Hi another small update. I found some spare time after Christmas. I have received my printed decals. I am very happy with the print quality. It’s much better than I have expected - a way better than my testing prints. Unfortunately, I did a couple of very basic mistakes. For example, I left some white filled shapes on places where they should be transparent. I should change the background color form white to let’s say green before saving a file. Then I would immediately spot the mistake. Now I have to pay for my rush and print order another print. Since I can
  9. I am back to build process. Sorry for such long break. I was a rough time for me and modeling wasn’t my priority. It took me a while to get down to Adobe illustrator. I need time to get to know better this program. First, I tried to replicate 100% accurate Millenium Falcon cockpit interior textures. Soon I badly found out that its waste of time. In 144 scale there is not much too look at. So Finally, I decided to focus on replicating and improving Greenstrawberry stickers. I did also some some decals for gunports. After some test printing on good class office printer I did some tri
  10. Thank You Stephen! I have gathered a lot of reference material but maybe You will surprise me. So if You have something interesting please send it.
  11. Hello after quite a long break!. I did more testing to light module (shinning through cockpit back wall). I decided to stick with small SMD leds there – they will be always on so there is no need to use Arduino there. It’s more complicated than I initially thought as I want to use some optic fibers on the cockpit back wall with different colors and blinking patterns. Anyway, I need to focus on finishing photo edge parts. As I said earlier, I am not pleased with greenrasberry stickers. This is the reference picture of it, which I have found in internet: I used it to build
  12. Hello Stephen Generally, for maintaining my brushes I use these products (the dedicated sope is the best I think): But I heard that tis is the best: https://www.josonjas-ukshop.com/ourshop/prod_2967348-FAUX-MEISTER-BRUSH-SOAP-CHROMA-BRUSH-SOAP-250ml.html (unfortunately hard to get in Poland where I live) I tend to spend more time cleaning my best natural hair brushes. From time to time I even use wife's hair shampoo to help them last long. There few general rules to make you brushes live long: 1. Do not steer paint with best brushes (the
  13. I am glad You like it Here comes another small progress update. So I have added crew members on their positions: In order to make room for optic fibers I plan to use in the front panel I had to modify the part part E1/24. I hope it will be enough. As You might noticed I have slightly changed colors i have added more greenish tones. For light part I have used glazes of Mr.Hobby Color H418 RLM 78 and then shaded it with oils (Abteilung 502 ABT-510 starship filth + some black). Darker cockpit part was als
  14. Wow. Please share more pictures from bulding the snowspeeder shape proces. What program do You use? I know Rhinoceros. Is it simmilar?
  15. I was quite busy last week. Sorry for no update As promised, I have painted Han. I have decided to paint him as old mam because his figure was molded to fit in “Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens” style. His outfit seems to be a bit boring in some way (just two main colors: dark lather and white skirt). I slightly changed some tones to make him pop up in the cokpit. As usual I shall post here some refference pictures: I would like to share with You some knowledge about painting as I suggested in my previous post. Han sems to ge a good example. I wi
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