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  1. The individual link tracks work fine and fast!
  2. crisis ! what crisis ? see over - Eduard leaflet discussion! Why not go for bread and butter eversellers. Am I the only one waiting for a Bf 110 G-4, a P-51BC, a Tiffy, a Hayabusa or La 7 ??????
  3. 1/48 3D printed tail more: www.vk.com/armatamodels?z=photo-114983756_457381921%2Fwall-114983756_346785
  4. just two designation systems: -industrial (27K) -administrative/military (33)
  5. It is possible to order sprues via the importer. Just did so with the slatted wings (#T, #U) from #61122. Costs are at around €13 and € 15 + pp. I cannot tell if VAT is already included. I will try out if these wings can be used for the Hasegawa kit. If it works it will be a great improvement for the stashed kits!
  6. from: www.gurkhan.blogspot.com Algerian Mini-Terminator
  7. Thanks for that hint. I know about that. My full trust is with the ZM designer but not with ZM´s kit philosophy and production quality, but let´s see how the 109 comes out.
  8. Then, I wish, the P-51 B/C was an "esoteric subject".
  9. Released: www.vk.com/zvezdamodels?w=wall-29859496_2709592 Friends and colleagues! Our summer novelties are already available for order on the website and in our store in Moscow! #новости_звезды #звезда_модели . Shop "Zvezda-hobbiy" today at 12:46 pm Good afternoon, Dear. On sale went new items from the company ZVEZDA : Soviet fighter Yak-9D scale 1/48 price 1490 rubles. German armored car SD. KFZ.234/2 "Puma" scale 1/100 price 270 rubles New items are available for order on the website and in our stores.
  10. only accidentally ? or conspiracy ? Su-33: Kinetic vs Minibase F-16: Kinetic vs Minibase F-104: Kinetic vs AMK
  11. announced for late autumn, just € 84 (motivation to start printing my own money), MBK kit no.: HB84565; 610+parts, PE + copper wire, rubber tracks, slide molded upper and lower hull. pre order at MBK www.modellbau-koenig.de/Fahrzeuge/Militaer-1-35/Panzer-1-35/Panzer-und-Kettenfahrzeuge-ab-1945-1-35/Sonstige-Gefechtsfahrzeuge-ab-1945-1-35/Bergepanzer-BPz3-Bueffel-ARV
  12. Generalized the above posting from TR: A competitive (price, shape, detail, extras) doublet, presumably an everseller.
  13. The kit (red "Christmas boxing") includes: metal pitot kabuki like pre cut masks (for clear parts only) small PE fret clear acetat for HUD 3 x AKU-58 pylon 8 x BD3-USK-A pylon AKU 170 pylon (Su-27 sprue) 4 x twin weapon carrier P-72 pylon (Su-27 sprue) SAP-518 ECM pod (Su-27 sprue) P-72 wingtip pylon (Su-27 sprue) Load out: 2 x APK-9 Data-Link pod 2 x Kh-59M 2 x Kh-59MK 4 x B-13L 4 x B-8M 2 x KAB-500Kr 2 x KAB-500L 2 x FAB-500M-62 2 x FAB-500M-54 2 x Kh-31AD 4 x R-73 4 x R-77 (welcome supplement for the Zvezda Su-25) HTH be
  14. got mine for € 55.- from mn-modelar (now 65 on their hp), maybe SBS, HAT or other AM labels will offer their own variants.
  15. source:www.southfront.org
  16. Just found this with more renderings on: www.gurkhan.blogspot.ru
  17. Su-30SM www.hobbyeasy.com called out for April 8 Maker : Great Wall Hobby Scale : 1/48 Material : Injection Item No.# : L4830 Release Date : 2022-04-08HKD638.00
  18. Do we have any photos showing the cross section of the canopy ? (Omega shape)
  19. According to a just done tel-chat with the importer for Europe (West) in Graz/AT the Frogfoots are on their way and should arrive within the next two weeks. At the moment deliveries are not affected. Anyway, an alternate solution will/would be mn-modelar.
  20. No shop in Narva/Est. ?????
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