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  1. 6 hours ago, Melsmith said:

    Hi Troy, 


    I opened up the package yesterday with the intention to start planning and appear to have an issue with figure 2 this should be gunner with the port fife stick but has a Shako, bent legs as if seated, twisted torso and no igniting fuse it appears to be completely different


    Lets hope i get the same response via Historex agents that you did 



    Sounds your kit came from the same batch as mine - that was the figure that was wrong in my set.
    I spoke to Historex Agents and they helped out ... work out the parts that you need replacing, and give them a call.

  2. 6 minutes ago, JOCKNEY said:

    Now of course the sensible thing would be to vote for GBs that you already have kits for in the stash......

    Limit my votes to my stash? I'd have to crawl around in the dust, lifting my loft insulation!
    S'pose it'd be one way of making my choice easier, five out of seven is simpler than five from eleven ...


    BTW, didn't the early Ju88 and Do17 both have glass noses and gondolas?  Obviously close derivatives ... I mean, who'd worry about a tail or two?

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  3. 2 hours ago, Melsmith said:

    I have just purchased "battery of fearless men" via Historex agents in Dover as I always wanted to try this kit (excellent service by the way) just need to find the time to start it now back at work.

    Already seen some excellent work on here and quite a few good tips ......may even get to IPMS at Telford this year too 

    As @Troy Smith says, I have this set.
    Heads Up: My own had a figure from another set, so check the figures included in yours - one should have a police bonnet, the others should all have bicorn hats; all should have crossed cannons for their pouches.

  4. 11 hours ago, Trevor L said:

    I have a couple of ideas in mind for this category, so could I belatedly jump on board this GB?

    Never too late - until the building over.

    Next thing to do is wait for the vote, (in November, I think), and cast your vote for the build 

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  5. For the vegetation, I'd start by taking a look at model figure and wargaming scenery.

    The smaller grass tufts aimed at 1/35 scale modellers might be suitable too - a 2-3 mm tuft would scale out at about 6" - 9".  Fields of Glory or Historex Agents, or model railway scenery suppliers should be able to help here.
    Alternatively, Woodland Scenics fine-leaf foliage can produce tufty ground work.

    For snow, I like Precision Ice and Snow, though other brands offer snow in this scale (Woodland Scenics among others).

  6. On 07/08/2021 at 10:58, JOCKNEY said:

    Just looking at all those lovely tiny parts, the carper monster will be salivating  !

    Good luck with this one.


    Cheers Pat 

    Thanks Pat
    I'll keep an eye open for the beast beneath my feet ...

    After a bit of a delay, I hope to back to modelling.
    One reason for holding off on this one was that the horse didn't inspire me.  Nothing wrong with his (her?) pose, just it was a parade pose, and a bit dull.


    So I ordered another two horses, to see if I could drum up some interest ...



    For what it is worth, Historex horse halves and heads can be ordered individually.

    One of the new right halves was kept as made, the left halves were split into front and hind quarters.



    And an appropriate re-mixing ...


    Gives us this - tacked together with Tamiya Ultra Thin





    A tad more drama?

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  7. I've been very quiet recently; dealing with RL, and not modelling.
    Hope that can change for a bit.

    A change of plan
    The cannon I have been modelling is a Gribeauval 8 pounder, the heaviest cannon that the original Historex offered.
    It is, in my view, a bit light for siege work, so, I'm moving to a heavier gun, one of Napoleon's belles filles (beautiful daughters).

    Over time, Nemrod, one of the companies that owned the Historex moulds produced a 12 pound canon (Canon de 12 Gribeauval).
    This uses the original Historex axel and wheels, but replaces the barrel and carriage with heavier items in resin.

    Nemrod 12 pounder parts, with 8 pounder barrel and carriage cheeks (arrowed).


    The most noticeable omissions from the new kit are a screw for elevating the gun, and some chains.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Ray_W said:

    Heavily influenced by this image:


    BM RR AC Construction 1



    Lots of useful detail in that photo Ray, along with some complex tonal variations.
    The spill on that near-side front tyre is intriguing (to me), I'd've expected them to grease the hub, not use a fluid?

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  9. 7 hours ago, Ray_W said:

    Count me in. Good opportunity to build my Meng 1/35 Rolls-Royce armoured car most likely in one of the First World War versions.

     You are counted too Ray.
    Does WWI Rolls-Royce car have wire wheels?  That would be interesting.

  10. 19 hours ago, John said:

    Me! I have a couple of likely candidates in my growing 1/56th scale stash. 



    Excellent, you are welcome too.

    1/56 scale? I had to look that up ... looks interesting, there should be several options open to you!

  11. We are in the bun fight ... Enzo moved us over yesterday.
    Thinking about a (prospective) build, I stumbled across this video of Swiss F-5Es.
    {edit} The video has to be of a rear 'pit, so an F-5F - the others are Es {/edit}





    When playing that (or frozen/paused ;)) you can look around the 'pit by dragging with your mouse.



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  12. @Troy Smith, thank-you for sharing the link to your Friedland build, that looks good.


    I've started thinking about displaying this cannon.
    The backstory is the siege of Toulon, so the gun would be emplaced in siege works.  A common feature in illustrations of the battery is a wall of gabions - baskets filled with earth or stone, often used in the same way as sandbags*.

    Unsurprisingly, I cannot find any photos of Napoleonic gabions - but did find an interesting reference for gabion used in an American Civil War siege: Civil War Field Fortifications Website: Fortification Images: Fort Sedgwick including the size and use of these baskets.


    As an experiment, I tried making a gabion - or, at least, a start at making one.









    *Sandbags would be an option too, they were use during the American Revolution.

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  13. Thanks to @dromia and @Troy Smith for mentioning this thread ...

    I'd add Napoleon's Army: As Depicted in the Prints of Aaron Martinet to the mix



    As I understand it, the plates in the book were drawn from life; the target customers were soldiers based in Paris, so very accurate in detail.
    Some plates were reused, but that only serves to high-light regimental differences.


    My copy is white with a Hussar (or Chausseur) Officer on the cover


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  14. @Planebuilder62, Toby, I'd love to see your Friedland set completed - plese feel free include a link here when it is ready.


    @Troy Smith, sorry to hear that you've missed the saddle cloth.

    It might be easier to replace the cloth than to adapt to a trooper - are you aware that Historex Agents sell spare parts for Historex kits - or conversions.

    Take a look at their website, go to brands, then Historex Spare Parts.  I'd then do a browser search for British and go forward to Saddlecloths - Saddle with cloth, British style.

    The Funken Napoleonic Uniforms books are excellent. My copies are of an earlier edition with white covers (and pretty battered) - excellent reference material.  IIRC, volume 1 includes British uniforms along-side the French.

    Has anybody mentioned "Napoleon's Army: As Depicted in the Prints of Aaron Martinet"


    As I understand it, the plates in the book were drawn from life; the target customers were soldiers based in Paris, so very accurate in detail.
    Some plates were reused, but that only serves to high-light regimental differences.

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  15. I spoke to Historex Agents yesterday afternoon about my issues with figure 2 - the one with the wrong shako.  Further inspection had shown that he was a figure for a different kit altogether.

    In today's post, they have sent me the parts needed to correct this - a bicorne hat, together with correct coat tails, epaulettes and the correct sword & bayonet together with a few other bits and pieces.


    Excellent service from Historex Agents - a very quick response, so thank-you to them.

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  16. Thanks Toby - I tried  looking for your Friedland build, but couldn't find it.


    From memory, the Friedland set has figures in stiff, drill-book type, poses.
    The figures in this kit have a bit more animation, but lack buttons on the lapels of their jackets - I'll have to take photos when I get to that stage.


    As to how I'll handle them, and the Historex stiffness, I've yet to make a decision - I've just realized, none of the figures in this set have bases, so I have to make a vignette if I'm to complete the build 🤔


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