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  1. Many thanks. I don't seem to be able to find the time now a days to publish my work. Maybe i'll find time in the future.
  2. You say poor photographer but an excellent modller, very nice
  3. Nice looking aircraft. This should be a good one! Looking nice so far
  4. Hi guys, I've been searching the internet to try and find a conclusive answer to whether or not there is a replacement for Johnsons Klear/ future? Is the original available in other countries? Thanks justin
  5. Are you planning on just making a chinook or are you a 'rivet counter' and want to make a specific chinook? The reason I ask is that the Revell/Italeri version you have is a Mk 1 chinook, since mid 90's the RAF have been flying the Mk2 (a modified Mk1). If you want to build a Mk2 there are a fair few differences which I can list if you want? This would invloved some modifying and the purchase of at least the CMK lumps and bumps for the outside. Let me know Justin
  6. So, despite my best efforts I'm not going to be able to finish my buc in time for the group build, gutted! I'm off to somewhere warm and sandy tonight and won't be back for 4 months or so. Enjoy the rest of the build, I'll try and watch it. When I'm back I'll post in here an the main forum Justin
  7. Looking very nice, Always nice to see an unsual varient. Justin
  8. If you fancy reading a couple of interesting accounts of WWII Luftwaffe pilots then try Stuka Pilot by Hans Ulrich Rudel and Stormbird by Herman Buchner. Just finished them both and they're fantastic accounts.
  9. Cracking build, looks lovely. The chipping really sets the build off. Justin
  10. I bought it from Cotney Col. Think you can pick them (21st century) up for about £10
  11. Agreed Iain, I think because it's so cheap you don't mind making mistakes. It allowed me to experiment with a lot of scratch building and I loved the build.
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