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  1. Thank you. That F-35 was mine.... But I can tell you only one thing about it.... Italeri kit never more. They are making kits like before 30 years.... Terrible plastic parts and surface, no details. Bad plastic.... I was build this kit almost 2 years....
  2. Hello gentlemans! Thanks to all ! Brewer: I build two kits. In first one, was brassin engine and cockpit, but I wasn ´t able to fit the cockpit with engine and windshield together. So I bought second kit and use engine and some (half) parts from brassin to tunnig the plastic cockpit. Is better fit the smaller engine partition with plastic partition of cockpit. I hope you understand me :-). Build is here: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=85353 James: masks are made by my friend.
  3. Eduard kit with brassin engine, half of brassin cockpit and wheels. Sanded Fuselage and angle of gear was repaired. Scheme by gunze Mr.Color and tamiya. JG54, Dorpat, 1944... Insignia airbrushed over masks... Thanks for watching :-)
  4. Jessica: Every woman wants a nice, kind and good man, but that man already has a man
  5. Hi Mike, try to look here... maybe you find something... cockpit photos are in, I think... http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=41866&hilit=suchoj+50+prvn%C3%AD+vzlet http://i052.radikal.ru/1003/64/4bf1c499544f.jpg http://www.czechairspotters.com/photos/2011/2104.jpg
  6. what problem is with pilots windshield? you have a big gap there...
  7. Thanks! I hope too, then Trumpeter will make the long wing version...
  8. thanks guys! Everything fit perfect for now...
  9. hello, here are some photos from progress...
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