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  1. Mstorin, Wow, that really IS darker than the kit decals. That's almost like a midnight blue! Hmm, will have a look and see what I can come up with. James.
  2. Hi All, Another F4 question... I'm just getting up to painting my F4J in the USMC scheme with the blue nose and fuselage surround. I've seen lots of pictures with varying shades of the same colour, but I was wondering if anyone knows if there is one paint out there that's as close as possible to being the same blue that is on the decals? Cheers, James.
  3. james424

    Removing Alclad

    Thank Tony. I'll give the IPA a go and if that doesn't work break out the sander. Other than that I'll be ordering a new part. James
  4. james424

    Removing Alclad

    Tony, just for future reference - How safe is it soaking resin in cellulose thinners? Just asking as I cocked up on some resin parts with the Aclad too but was fortunate that I had a friend will to do some swapping. Would just be good to know the safest way to deal with that evetuallity in the future. Cheers, James R
  5. james424

    Removing Alclad

    Old thumper, I sprayed it over Gloss black paint so I might be in look. Airea, I do have a little bit of IPA left so I'll sacrifice it in the name of progress and see what happens.
  6. james424

    Removing Alclad

    Edge, I think I'll avoid anything that'll eat through plastic, lol Old Thumper, I'll dig out my 'practice kit' and see what happens with someone cleaner Anyone else got any idea's. James R.
  7. james424

    Removing Alclad

    Hi all, So, I've ventured in to the world of Alclad... And royally cocked it up! I don't want to sand everything back as I'll lose all the panel lines and rivet details, but don't know how to strip the Alclad away. Anyone got any sneaky tips and tricks??? Cheers, James.
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get an after market nose pod so I can turn my 32nd IDS tornado in to an RAF gulf war tornado??? Had a look at Hannants and they haven't got anything. Any ideas? Cheers James
  9. Personally I'd go for the Sigma. Nothing wrong with the brand and it gives you more at the top end of the focal length which is where you're going to need it realistically. I've got a canon 100-400 (decided to treat myself a while ago) and to be honest at shows I stick it all the way out and never really come back to it's mid range...
  10. Hi Tonker, They're good, it's just a shame they have't got some of the custom nose arts that were out there. I'll PM you now about them though... Anyone else got any good links?
  11. Thanks for the link Scott. I was actually looking to keep it as a Vietnam gunship, but looking for some of the more interesting schemes. Something like what you would have seen on the Air Cav' birds...
  12. Hi All, Just a quick one. I recently purchased the Revell 1:24 Huey, and it's a MONSTER of a kit. Unfortunately the kit decals are so painfully dull! I've had a hunt around and come up dry for aftermarket options, do any of you know if there are any out there and if so - Where? Really want to make this look a little better than the stock stuff, so anything you can point out would be great. Cheers, James
  13. Colin Ritchie: The kit is the 'Black Nights' kit, looking at the kit I think it's probably the 2000 release you mentioned. I fully agree about the supplied 'pit, I was horrified when I saw it. I kind of thought maybe I had a sprue missing where the actual detail parts would be found... But no So definitely need to invest in something a little more appropriate. If you could pick one cockpit out to use, what would it be? As for decals, it's got to be one of the hi-vis schemes. I don't think it looks like a proper 'cat without a massive pair of tail fins that can bee seen from over the horizon I've seen a few that catch my eye, but I need to see which variant is purely a fighter variant (lets keep it doing what it does best!) before I can work out what decals I get. Wolf pack website was a tempting me to spend mucho £££! LEVI, Fighter town decals also tempting me to open my wallet!
  14. Well, it would appear that a Tamiya F14 in 1:32 dropped on to my door mat yesterday... I wonder how that happened I really want to make this kit the best one I've built, and as a mediocre modeller (and maybe I'm giving myself a little too much credit there) I wanted to ask you good people for some help and advice to help me along. Do any of you have any recommendations for decals, photo-etch parts, resin extra's? I've seen a few on Hannants that take my eye but thought I'd see what you guys came up with before I bought anything? Are there any metal undercarriage sets out there as I'm not sure I trust the plastic parts to hold the kit up? Do any of you know of any 'work in progress' threads (I've looked but can't find any)? And basically anything else I should be aware of that will help me make a really good go of this kit... Thanks guys and girls, look forward to reading your replies. James
  15. Just decided to strip mine down and give a look-see how dirty the inside gets... Quite surprised how mucky it is in there! Cleaners at the ready
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