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  1. Hannants list these https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PJ721142 correct oxygen masks and JHMCS helmets for current USN Rhino pilots, adding a bit more 'bump' to the visor and cover might make you a decent F-35A/C pilot.
  2. That's the exact photo I was thinking of the original Hahn F-16A's. In fact I seem to remember building one of those 313 TFS aircraft in the photo from the old Airfix 1/72nd scale. If I recall Hasegawa did a good variant of the Hahn 50 TFW boss bird with its RED/WHITE/BLUE tail stripe and gorgeous Falcon motif on the tail. I remember those calendars well. So miss the annual trek to 'the 'hall' at the end of May.
  3. Earlier USAF F-16 scheme was up top 36118 over the rear and wings, nose/cockpit section would be 36370. Underside would be 36375 overall the underside. Scheme moved later to an all 36370 underside. The panel in question does look quite like 36375 (it matches the forward panel colour of the port inner pylon drop tank.)Judging by the colour difference between the rear half of the drop tank (36370) the nose are and replacement wing panel look to be 36375. There's a slight blue tint to this grey which suggest 36375 is the nearest shade to the panel to my eye. Suspect this has been used and an ad-hoc colour that's been available to the Vermont ANG maintainers while maintaining the aircraft whilst on ops. The static wicks on the trailing edge are correctly spaced so I doubt this is an inverted port wing panel. Really interested to see your weathering ideas and process to reproduce this (literally) battle worn colour scheme.
  4. Why thank you, and thinking back it will be 36 year since I first saw an HR tailcoded F-16A at the Mildenhall Air Fete 82. Always been a fan of the F-16 in all variants but especially have a soft spot for them at their prime with USAFE in the 80's and 90's. BAR SIDE get us some shots of your model upwhen you can. Always got time for an F-16 project
  5. Hahn 50th TFW F-16A/B from 1982 (tailcode HR), converted to C/D models 85-86. Torrejon Spain (tailcode TJ) 401 TFW got F-16A/B in 1983 and C/D in 1987, eventually moving to Aviano Italy in early 90's. Ramstein (tailcode RS) 86th TFW replaced their F-4's for F-16C/D's in 1985. The 52nd TFW at Spangdahlem (tailcode SP) F-16 C/D's in 1985 initially replacing F-4E's and supplementing the F-4G wild weasel in the SEAD role as a mixed hunter/killer teams - the vipers would eventually replace the F-4G's in the mid 90's. The 527th TFTAS (tailcode WR) took on the aggressor role with ex Hahn F-16's at RAF Woodbridge after the previous F-5E unit disbanded and reformed moving from RAF Alconbury to Bentwaters/Woodbridge around 1988 these retained the standard grey scheme unlike the current Nellis/Elison aggressor vipers, the unit disbanded in the early 1990's as the A-10 units at the same base also were disbanded. Last USAFE viper wing 31 TFW with its the AV tailcodes F-16 C/D's from 1994 taking over from the previous 401st TFW.
  6. Indeed, these things are just sexy https://www.eduard.com/store/aircraft-and-helicopters/1-72/b-2a-bomb-bay-1-72.html?cur=1 https://www.eduard.com/store/aircraft-and-helicopters/1-72/b-2a-undercarriage-1-72.html?cur=1 https://www.eduard.com/store/aircraft-and-helicopters/1-72/b-2a-1-72-1.html?cur=1
  7. I agree with Trevor on the aeroguides, I had that book when it first came out and its awesome as a modelling reference. The new Key Publishing British Phantoms magazine is also very good. It's not long come out and there are some nice references in it. You should be able to pick it up in W.H Smiths easily. PhilB
  8. No Dave the FG.1 sprue with SNEB pods, slatted tailevators and radar unit were not included - If I was doing and FG.1 this would be on its way back to the supplier now. As the instruction set was FG.1 and has no crossover with the FGR.2 bits this is probably a packing error at manufacture, I seem to be the first who have received the kit in this fashion - to be honest I'm not complaining. The Sparrow/Skyflash/Sidewinders and tanks are still in there as are the 1000lb freefall bombs - more than enough weaponry for my project but anyone receiving this kit with this sprue only will be pretty hacked off. PhilB
  9. From what I remember of the Matchbox pod - approx 32ish years ago I built this kit as a old 29 sqn FGR.2. It looks to be similar sized to the new FG.1's centreline drop tank, not seen the Fujimi one only ever built USAF F-4's in those so cant comment on their offering On the sprue its 100mm long by about 15mm deep at the centre and about 10mm wide as the widest part of the lower camera/sensor plate. Has a far less 'chunky' look than that the Matchbox one of old, has a much sleeker shaping to it. To my eye looks about right, recon FGR.2's were a little bit before my time to have seen one in the metal (2 sqn were Jaguars when I knew about them) but cross referencing the shape of pieces of the real thing from photos I've seen it looks pretty good, I assume this is to drop on the 2 Sqn variant of the FGR.2 Airfix are bundling decals in for. Interestingly Airfix have the sprue labelled as frame G in their instructions this one is labelled up as ATML---462 Frame H. My Xtradescal low-vis FG.1/FGR.2 sheet with its frightening amount of 1/72nd scale stencils also arrived as has the 74 sqn markings for the FGR.2. My theme for this model will the aircraft Airfix have used for reference XV474 of 74 9Tiger sqn boss bird circa 1992, undecided to go with a slick APC weapons fit (dummy Skyflashes forward, centre line SUU-23 and AIM9L(s) on wing pylons no outer Sgt Fetcher tanks. Or go for a full QRA 'AIRCRAFT ARMED' live weapons fit with tanks and live Skyflashes/AIM9L's. Going to try the Hataka modern RAF acrylics on this chap via the airbrush which should be here pretty soon. With little in the way of resins for this particular kit I think works on the using the standard kit cockpit/seats, will be doing canopies popped on this too. PhilB
  10. Well it finally turned up today, opened the box and looked through the sprues and came across this ... Expecting the SNEB/Radar/slatted tailplane sprue; I appear to have a rather nice SUU-23 gunpod, FGR.2 front oleo, EMI recon pod and non-slatted tailplanes... that's saved me a whole heap of time as I was planning to build and FGR.2 Think someone at Airfix has dropped the FGR.2 here 10 months early PhilB
  11. Pleasure, happy to help. I've got a Airfix F-4, Academy F-15E and a Revell F-16CJ to attend to yet. A-10 is on the 'want to do' list. Looking at your dry-fit I can see some fit problems with the Italeri offering. Nose fit looks a bit of a flaky. Surprised the Aires resin needs fuselage correction to fit. Only usually found this trying to fit their resin in manufacturers they aren't intended for (as with my Academy F-15E) PhilB
  12. Bit of info that might help you... http://www.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=161345 http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/000073175.html http://www.2951clss-gulfwar.com/piwigo/index.php?/category/1 (LOADS HERE) http://warthognews.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/10c-80-0186-caught-at-d-m.html good luck with the build, I'll be tacking a current spec A-10C in 1/72 at some time I'd be interested to see how this kit shapes up PhilB
  13. And on the day my FG. 1 is due to arrive, airfix announce https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2018/mcdonnell-douglas-fgr2-phantom-1-72.html PhilB
  14. Just ordered one on the basis of looking over the photos of the sprues. Lovely kit. Mine will be a FGR.2 don't think the changes to make an FGR.2 are too taxing. Also just ordered Xtradecals new stencil set and the 74 sqn FGR.2 set to accompany it. Hasegawa weapons set with SUU-23 turned up in the week and I've a plethora of Skyflash and Sidewinders too. Anyone know if the missile pylon ALE-40 countermeasure dispensers are available in kit form anywhere - although not too radical to scratchbuild I suppose? Seem to remember an old Airwaves metal set from years ago but not seen them in ages. KEITHJS - Thanks for the shots love to see a WIP thread on this. Think I'll be doing one myself. PhilB
  15. Just in time ... http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p711_72-106-B-2-Spirit-Global-Strike-Stealth.html
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