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    'Codger' R I P

    Very sad to hear of this news, I enjoyed following his Rolls thread on here, such fantastic talented guy I will greatly miss on here. Rest in peace, codger
  2. Very tough choice, I have tried to do this several times in the past and usually get lost in my thoughts. Surprised there is no real space subjects as this is a main subject in my collection, anyway a bit of a mix of subjects 1) 1/24 AMT Payhauler 2) 1/25 Revell Electronic Gravel Hauler 3) 1/32 Hobbyboss M1070 HET with ton of aftermarket 4) 1/35 Takom V-2 & SS-100 Transporter 5) 1/72 Hobbyboss Dora 6) 1/144 Moebius Discovery 7) 1/12 Tamiya Lotus 72D (to be replaced with 1/8 Pocher kit when it arrives) 1/72 Bandai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon 9) 1/12 Tamiya Tyrrell P-34 10) 1/35 Tamiya Famo tank transporter
  3. Thanks for all the replies, I am more settled about things, I hope the kit is ok when I receive it back later this week. Frustrating as my sales have really slowed down, and this particular kit is one I wanted to reclaim space for and make a very slight dent in stash number. I had same issue with a car I bought of autotrader in 2007, sadly I didn't find out about the poor repair until it was too late, about 4 weeks after I bought it. I felt very bad about it
  4. Hi, Yes it states no returns Update: Have had very stressful afternoon, I discover that eBay has automatically accepted the return and buyer has got label to post the item back to me. I contacted customer services and there is nothing that can be done, was told it is down to seller to accept the return and this was done on Wednesday, but I explained I only clicked on a link to respond to the case. It seems that this started the process. I messaged the buyer to explain and asked him to put £20 he offered inside the parcel if he is returning it, but says he has no cash, has been a very distressing situation
  5. Hi, I have been selling on eBay for a while and have a bit on an odd situation. I sold a model kit about 2 weeks ago and this Wednesday I get a return request in my account where buyer says he has no knowledge of buying the item but was in intensive care when it was purchased. He says he only noticed when his wife was leaving feedback for another purchase. Not sure why they didn't notice when the item arrived beforehand. The reason given on the return is "change of mind" So I have an option to respond to the request, but as far as I can make out as soon as I answer the first prompt which is to confirm return address, I am commited to accepting the return. According to eBays help pages for requesting a return, once seller has posted the item and there are no issues with the sale, the seller can decide whether to accept the return, I don't seem to be given that option. With my health issues it takes me some time to get orders out, and I like having a delay between placings the order and shipping, incase the buyer does change his mind or they want to combine shipping with another item. That's one thing, but the main problem I have is because I had to use eBay payments, the payments are instantly put on hold, until the matter is resolved. I think they have sent the payment to me, but hold means funds from subsequent sales are taken. Another issue is postage, in that once item is returned outbound postage will be included in a full refund. To be fair, the buyer has offered £20 for my trouble if I accept the return, but I don't think there will be any control on my part as to how much will be refunded. I was thinking of asking him to put cash with the kit, but not sure eBay would have issue with that, and would work against me if return is disputed. I am concerned about my seller stats as the issue as far as eBay is concerned seems to be unresolved. I have sent buyer a message explaining situation, and while I have not commited to declining the return at the moment, I have explain that seems to be the only viable solution for me. I do feel bad about doing that Just wondering if another member has gone through the process of a change of mind return and can shed any light on the process. I have contacted eBay's customer service, and have been told that I would be supported if the buyer contests it as there was significant time after they received the item before they raised the request. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading the long post, I no longer work, and is difficult not being able to discuss things with my colleagues.
  6. Thanks again for all the feedback, just read an interesting report explaining a lot of properties are being sold off market, by using buying agents as one method. If anyone has any advice of how to buy off market, I would be interested to hear. I have discussed the Thursday sale which fell through with my Father and there have been a number of odd discussions with estate agent and we beleived the sale was agreed before it was listed
  7. Thanks for all the feedback, was trying to take a back seat but this afternoon thought I would check property web sites to keep my eye on the ball so to speak. Similar situation happened again, a good match came up this time not local, will take me at least 4hour journey, say they will call back to see if seller wants to arrange viewing, they open at 10am, seller is only doing viewings until 12am. So I told estate agent to book me in for 12am and I would aim to get there. She refused to do it as they have viewings this evenings and property could be off the market, was only put on this lunchtime
  8. Thanks for feedback, I am trying to get an understanding of the situation to help me move. I remember just over year ago outlook was very different, with certain price falls expected, after viewings were not allowed. It does seem working from home aspect it impacting on the market, I could deal with the stamp duty issue, just hold on a while, but work from home aspect, not sure. I had problems working from home in my last job, managers feeling a loss of power because they cant look over your shoulder or physically call you in to a face to face meeting at a moments notice. I feel some companies have moved too quickly in to plans to close offices with shift to working from home, focusing on saving expensive rents. Current shortcomings being accepted because of covid situation.
  9. Hi In a bit of a difficult place at the moment, I have been looking for a place to buy for a long time. I stumbled across a nice place local to me on zoopla Yesterday, it was out side what I had budgeted but felt right. I phoned agent to arrange a viewing on Friday, and then decided it would be best to view as soon as possible. I managed to get a viewing 10:30 this Morning. I liked the place very much and there were a couple of worries on the place, but thought I am so particular and this place is very close to my ideal so as I walked back from house in to Town I phoned estate agent and put in offer of full market value, ready to proceed, no need to sell as I am buying. I am in ideal position for them, but got phone call saying the seller had agreed a different offer. The estate agent said time was crazy and he did not know any similar time where interest has been like it is now in past twenty years. They could not divulge why my offer was turned down and I had no opportunity to negotiate I just feel totally drained and depressed, so this house sold in 2 days, they boast on one listing that a house sold in 3 hours. I don't understand why in the tail end of a pandemic how the market is like this. Mortgages are cheaper with interest rates, but lending multiples of earnings have not changed
  10. Have been looking these US truck kits for several months, have been unsucessful getting any in UK at good-ish prices. Had tried to pre-order some last week on UK model store and was told their pre-order had sold out so could not even pre-order them. Prompted me to look outside UK and worried about importing them after Brexit changes all the import rules. Ordered them late Monday evening and they arrived on Friday all the way from US, very impressed, and shipping was reasonable cost. Import duty and VAT was pre-paid, removing some of the worry about getting blackmailed by courier when they turned up. The Apollo 17 kits should turn up later this week, although I do have that one in my stash already. I had got addicted to buying kits along with stuff from other interests, but have vastly cut back on that. I am just focusing on buying mostly newly issued or re-issued kits. I have a lot of US truck kits, and like to obtain more of the Round 2 issues
  11. Thanks for the replies I will check out the co-wheels club, thanks Fifer54. I agree bentwaters81tfw, they were so eager to "help me out" over the phone, my health has not been great and had I been a bit stronger I would have been able to challenge them about taking it. I can make a little use of the Bus service here, it is not great
  12. Bit of an update and a vent Good news is local scrap dealer offered me £220 for the car, phone Garage to arrange as they offered me £100, but now they are wanting to charge me £60 for recovery/diagnostics. When I phoned them initially they were more than helpful and said they would give me a free quote. I said I didn't need recovery as I have it on my insurance, and angry why this was not explained to me then. I said I was worried about the expense of the repairs, so I feel there were indicators there that this could be risk. I feel absolutely gutted, while I understand they have spent time on it, I feel it should have been made clear about possibility of charge in this event, as I said I told them I was worried about cost, and can not justify spending a lot of money on the car
  13. Yes £800 for the work and parts involved I felt was fair, I will take a look at Pavilion, thanks for the tip. My budget I have set at 10k, but I am having to re-consider things as I don't do the work commute now I have left work. Everyday driving is roughly 100 miles a month, Mileage is low, only 90000 miles. The bodywork is really good, as it has been kept in my Garage, apart from some cosmetic damage. It had a small shunt 3 years ago, and was written off, minor cosmetic damage, I bought it back from insurance company, so it is a Cat D. Have been wondering if I can syphon the fuel from the tank
  14. Just got news from Garage, its going to cost nearly £800 for replacement radiator, new head gasket, and skimming to repair. Absolutely gutted as I have just ploughed £600 in to it to get it past it's MOT, if it had broken down a month earlier I would have avoided all that expense. The car is only worth £200 at best as it is an 05 Plate 206 Cat D write off, I owned the car from 2007 and it had been reliable up until last year and recent problems. So I have decided to scrap the car, not sure how I am going to get a replacement sorted, the cars in Garages locally just seem too old and overpriced, I expect I would get in to more expenses down the road. I would much prefer to buy from private sale, but that means travelling out there to test ride. Just so many thoughts going through my mind, I have not settled on budget for replacement yet, my worries are more geared to living without a car. Things like travelling to test drive a private second hand car. I am also wanting to move North of the country and viewing houses. I know public transport is there, I do find it very stressful travelling this way, but I am sure I going to have to do this. I usually travel 6 miles to supermarket, I looked at using an Uber, but that would cost around £18 each way I don't need a car for work, the occasional long trip, and just some regular local driving for food and days out Just asking for some general advice
  15. Thanks for your message On my last trip, approx 15 mile round trip the car repeatedly stalled, I also had trouble re-starting the car, with that and having to charge my mobile to arrange help took all the charge. I think main cause of that is overheating, which is clear as the car now dumps significant amount of coolant when started. Now have a new problem where car revs high on its own just after starting I have garage booked to look at it over next couple of days, I am very worried how much it is going to cost to repair, at some point I am going to have to stop throwing money at it at look to replace it
  16. Hi, thanks for the replies and advice, I do have a charger, not sure how effective it will be. Will send you a pm bentwaters81tfw Update: Got the battery charged now, engine revs way too high and coolant was dumped from radiator, frustrating as I have just pumped £600 in to the thing for repairs
  17. Hello Sorry bit of a newbie problem, my battery is flat in the car, although I expect the battery is healthy. I think I need to remove battery and charge it as Car is parked at end of my drive but there is a public pavement between the drive and the car. Have searched videos about removing battery and have been given different advice about which terminals I should remove first the positive or negative. I think it should be negative first then positive, but want to make sure beforehand, I would appreciate any advice please Thanks Paul
  18. After years of good service from him I had a really dire experience trying to resolve a problem with a large order, personally I would avoid
  19. Hi I have had a fleeting interest in Pocher model kits and don't own any, got close to buying the Aventador kit, and I won a Rolls Royce on eBay, but seller said it was damaged and didn't ship it (or offer a refund which was a bit of a nightmare). Have just found the new announcement of the Lotus 72D and this is one I am very keen to ger hold off. It's just that not best of times for me to spend a lot on model kits, and would like to buy it in 6 months to a year's time. I am just a bit uneasy about what expected availability will be like after the kit is made available to the market. I am in to buying the large scale Tamiya releases, and they can be very difficult to get hold off. The Tyrell P34 released a few years back was only available for a couple of weeks after they were first available. If anyone can give an idea of how long it would be available after release would be great, thanks.
  20. Personally, I would avoid mr Coley, had been satisfied with him on the occaisional order I placed until a fairly straight forward issue on a large delivery last week, the response from him has been very poor to say the least. Don't want to go in to detail about it on the forum, I feel uncomfortable with them being recommended to members here. I would recommend Creative Models, have a lot of kits on special offer. Jadlam also have some good deals,
  21. Tamiya 1:6 Suzuki Katana £70-£80-ish Magnifier 1:12 (ex Trumpeter) Ford GT 40 @ £80-£90 if you can find stock, this does have etch which may not meet your complexity requirement
  22. Has been a expensive month, after about four months of not buying 4 x Tamiya 1:12 Porsche 935 Martini 3 x Magnifier 1:12 Ford GT 40 2 x Rye Field Models Sturmtiger with interior 1 x Rye Field Models Tiger 1 with interior 2 x 1:48 Zvezda Mil Hind 2 x Revell Bucket Wheel Excavator 2 x Dragon Apollo 10 CSM+LM+Adaptor 2 x Dragon Apollo 17 CSM+LM+Rover 1 x Eduard Spitfire Story Dual Combo 2 x Bandai Death Star & Star Destroyer 2 x Airfix 1:48 Boulton & Paul Defiant 2 x IBG Scammell Tank Transporter 2 x Mini Art German Staff Bus 1 x Mini Art Triebflugel with boarding ladder I made a big mistake with the Ford GT 40, I have another four on order from China, I spent ages searching for a UK supplier so initially ordered a couple on eBay from china, after which I got caught in the black friday hype with a good cashback deal so doubled my order to 4. Only to find a week later a UK supplier had stock at a good price, so ordered again as the China ones coule be arriving in March at latest, the cashback deal turned sour. I am sure I am dealing with some compulsive buying which I need hold back
  23. No, Just checked it out on line and looks very good, one to add to the wishlist, thanks for the heads up
  24. Had a trip to London to deliver some speakers I sold and collect a bunch of model kits I bought, I had convinced myself the physical .size of my new acquisitions would balance out, but I think the model kits have turned out to be double the volume of the speakers. First time I have seen the Shuttle Launch Tower kit, although I have one of the re-issued set with shuttle stack. I had one of the big shuttle stack kits I purchased on a holiday to Florida many years ago, I sold it for peanuts when I wanted to downsize my collection, for some reason there were two extremely low sales on eBay for the kit at that time, and I based it on that. I was hoping to get the recent re-issue from the states, but postage charge these days. I also bought the 2 bandai saturn v models on same trip, my most expensive acquisition for models. I have bought the Glencoe kits on a bit of a whim for really early space model kits. I'm really tired after the trip
  25. Went a bit mad in Jumblies sale - Revell Phantom FGR 2 - AMT Ford Delivery Truck - AMT GMC Astro Truck - Rye Field Model Tiger 1 - Rye Field Model Sturmtiger - Moebius 2001 Discovery (1:144 scale) A little gutted I found the Rye Field model kits a good bit cheaper elsewhere afterwards and the boxes for mine were a little worn although the packaging was extremely well done. They are awesome kits though, extremly impressed. The discovery is a big leap given the expense for such a small box, it is my second, I don't think I could contemplate a build for the only kit I have, so this one opens up option to start building it, has been on my wish list for a long time.
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