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  1. Thanks Pat- I'm undeterred! I knew what I was getting in to. It's a good chance to keep those 'modelling skills' up to date. I've been busy with work, but able to get a bit done here and there: Nothing too fancy- although you could pose the side windows open (I shall not be), even with a vac canopy, I wouldn't think you'd see too much. Other than some seatbelts up front, everything is as it came from Tasman. I used Gunze H312- I find it an acceptable equivalent for RAF interior green, as well as various Vallejo shades. Tasman provide a metal instrument panel, as the
  2. Ray, that Airfix E-3 came up a beauty! Reading your build log, I was inspired by your commitment to large models- like, real large! I've got many big models waiting under my bed for me to show a similar level of commitment. It always comes down to space with these ones, but boy, when they're done it's so worth it. And there is all that ceiling space just going to waste, you know?
  3. Thanks Cliff, good point- exactly the sort of thing I hope to hear! I am leaning towards a silver dope scheme, so I think it won't stand out. I think it would be better to invest my time in getting the basics of building this old kit up well, rather than going all out on it for not much more benefit. And it will need plenty of TLC: Tony, I will check that out, as well as your build, thanks.
  4. Heller really are a special brand. Any of those Saabs would make a great choice, but a Lansen is so cool! I have my eyes out for a Safir- I'm told it is a lovely kit. Nice.
  5. That's not actually an option in this boxing, by the way!
  6. The Tasman instructions do say this of the window surrounds: "One of the more distinctive features of the Rapide is the window surrounds on the fuselage. They are, in reality, quite deceptive as they are not as prominent as some photos might suggest. As can be seen in photos 1, 13, 17 and 42, the window frames are no more than a third of an inch (8mm) proud of the fuselage. In 1/72 scale this would be barely perceptible, but for those who want to add them to their model, the simplest way we have found is to lay a strip of very thin, adhesive-backed metal foil (before gluing the cle
  7. This model is another fine example of the quite unusual kits Heller were prepared to release in mainstream, injected styrene. So good!
  8. This will be a cool model. I've been a bit put off doing one by the kit's tracks- these photo etch ones might be the solution. Nice one.
  9. As a dual Kiwi-Aussie, either of the RNZAF/RAAF schemes instantly appeal. I might see how the build goes- if things are looking smooth and nice enough for a silver dope finish, then I'll most likely go with one of those two. But if things go awry...olive drab UFAAF!
  10. Hi, This is my Tasman Dragon Rapide in 1/72nd scale. The plastic is original Heller, reboxed with new decals for 5 aircraft and a vac transparency. Also included is a white metal instrument panel, as well as sone copper wire (for rigging) and some free cellophane (for window tinting?). The original instructions are incorporated into a larger sheet with very detailed directions for improving this already very nice little kit. There is also an A3 sheet of close-up detail photos (not pictured). My aims for this build are: 1) To actually finish
  11. My LHS down here in Melbourne has one of these going cheap. I've been tempted- will have to see how this goes, for sure. It will be big and beautiful!
  12. This promises to be a beauty! I notice Moroccan roundels on the sheet- one of my favourite air forces, hands-down. Nice one.
  13. Thanks heaps for the welcome! I've managed to get onto the Classic Heller group build- I shall be making a Dragon Rapide. Objective 1 complete! I look forward to benefitting from, and hopefully, contributing to the expertise in this site. Cheers, Dom
  14. Cheers for that. I do appreciate the help navigating forums. If it hasn't been said already, see you all in Hell...er! Dom
  15. Hi, I'm new here, so hopefully I've got this right... Can I please join this group build? I would like to build a 1/72 De Havilland DH.89A Dragon Rapide, as released by Tasman Models. It has new decals and vac canopy, but the plastic is thoroughbred Heller. Cheers, Dom
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