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  1. This cowling was painted according to the scheme of Zero model 21: blue-black outer shell (for anti-reflective purposes) and aotake green for internals (as far as sources told me). I didn't varnish outside yet. No outside weathering has been performed because this is a quite new aircraft and very well maintained. Inside weathering includes oil streaks on the bottom cowling (gravity and blowing wind) and general engine grime/dust.
  2. Very nice job! Tidy and accurate. I simply love Japanese minimalist aircraft painting
  3. Very nice paint work! Great job! However, in case of old decals, I would use paint and making tape in order to get these red and white lines which are quite easy to make because these are just straight lines. Just my opinion.
  4. Yeah,thank you so much! I was listening to it on Audible while modeling. Kept my imagination going and entertained
  5. I think this is a stunning work. I love the color, shades, dark tones and your weathering is on point. Masterfully made and the figure gives a sense of scale. Brilliant! I'm sorry for being "off topic", but since we are talking about Marseile here, I would like to recommend to read/listen the book "The German Aces Speak" (2 volumes). This amazing book is based on real war stories (from interviews) from German aces, and they have a good lengthy story about life/lifestyle and professional life of Marseile. That lad fascinated me, he had the balls to do mind blowing stuff! I highly
  6. Thank you, Paul! The prop had tested my patience every time I sat to work (and rework, and rework, and rework, and....) on it. I really hope that the rest of the model will be easy on me. Thank you, Roberto!
  7. Hello Jorge, Thank you for kind words! I looked up your Bismarck and was blown away how detailed it is! This is incredibly stunning and fascinating to see it that full of "going on" on a deck. Your time was well invested! I can totally agree with you about loosing interest on a long project, it happens to me from time to time (I guess our human nature of "want it now") but then I manage to go through these phases and with a fresh set of strength I continue on the project and just move on. "It seemed to never finished with all those tiny little details and day after d
  8. This is just mind blowing! Absolutely stunning attention to detail! I really can believe my eyes how detailed this is. Just pure WOW!
  9. Great job! Looks unique just as unique model by itself. Beautiful!
  10. Thank you so much for kind words! I'm sure you can do it! Just take your time and decide whether you want it to be as much as accurate (as skills allow) or "just another model". I do enjoy never ending research and improvement of the actual kit as far as my novice abilities let me. Being honest with you, I'm very dreadful of painting part because this is "make it or brake it" stage. Thank you, John. You are absolutely right. It will be complete covered. But some modelers prefer to fix ejector pin marks inside of the closed shell (never to be seen again) just because they k
  11. I spent a lot of time trying to find good pictures of plumbing/wiring behind the firewall to no avail. Looks incomplete but there is nothing else I could do.
  12. Haha.. I like the way you said "Little teal accents", sounds very cute But thank you so much! I do like this color too, not sure why Nakajima omitted them in engine department and went with all black. Thank you, Nikolay! Making baby steps here. ____________________________________________________ A few more looks with the rear "guts" exposed
  13. It has been some time since I made my last record here. The reason is this engine. I didn't want to give away any snippets so I took my time to properly build it. It wasn't easy at all. You are looking at 132 parts put together. I can’t even guess how many hours I put in. Just insane. The ignition wires were the hardest work. Just like I mentioned before, it takes 42 gluing spots to attach these wires. What a nightmare! I can not describe how many times I had to re-glue the same wires over and over while trying to attach another one. Extremely fiddly and fragile construction. Just to add
  14. Looks impeccably amazing! Excellent work on glass nose. I bet it was a project of its own!
  15. Honestly saying, this 262 is one of the best I've ever seen. Splendid job!
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