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  1. Thank you! I divide the model into separate "models" (cockpit, engine, landing gear, frame, etc) and each module gets my 100% undivided attention and good research. This way the final model should be 100% quality of its own (I have very high standards). Thanks! Many thanks! Good to know that I'm not the only one who is trying to represent the aircraft in decent condition. Pretty much 90% of models [I see] have a heavy weathering of one kind or another.
  2. I like clean builds. Looks stunning to me! Perfect paint job!
  3. It has been some time since my last post. Well, life tends to get in the way of fun, you know? Anyway, I was working on these landing gears (x2) since sometime in October (taking my time for research and proper prep). After many weeks of working on numerous parts (~22 for each side) the result is right in front of you. Being honest with you, I quite like it. No crazy weathering/wear of any kind involved. Just typical dirt/dust where the maintenance crew won't bother to clean. Cheers!
  4. Thank you! This is the kindest compliment I'd ever received! I'm so glad to know that you find some value in it.
  5. that is more than some hobby shops have in stock! Wow!
  6. Looks stunning and unusual. This is the first time I see zero model in such color combo. Beautiful finish and masterfully assembled.
  7. Thank you! I only wish it could have been a bit faster. Feel like a snail.
  8. Made some important corrections here: antennae and raised rivets. Some quite omissions on behalf of Tamiya. Both were time-consuming to fix. The rivets are Archer decals made of resin. The antennae is PE with my fix - thinly cut Tamiya tape (less than 1mm) to represent fabric and applied by hand. Everything was sprayed with "cowling black" by Mr Color.
  9. Looks great! You nailed it very well! Can you tell exactly what was hard/required modification? I have this model in my stash and want to be prepared for unknown
  10. This is an amazing work! I would like to know what is it you don't like here. Fit and finish 100% (at least from pics).
  11. Very nice result of a complicated camo! However, there should not be any camo on yellow lines, if I stand corrected.
  12. Hello guys! The front end is officially complete. I'm quite happy with the result. The prop decals are HGW wet transfers which were applied without gloss coat, straight on alclad finish w/o varnishing over it as well. Keep it "metallicy" real! Finally, it starts to look like a zero we all know about! P.S. If you interested in how I painted the prop, please check my post #2.
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