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  1. Been painting the crate today and I'm a bit weirded out by the colours. The green is really grassy and the grey is very dark. Not sure if I should carry on with the Airfix paints or not
  2. Marklo, you are correct the clear parts for the Airfix E3 are actually the later E4 parts with the single frame up front and squared off profile. That makes the kit good for my plane. I have been chatting with Nick Millman, who has been very patient with my continual questions. He's advised on colour schemes. One thing that is apparent is that these planes changed colours through their time in Japan. Choosing a colour scheme is a matter of picking a photo and using that as reference. If only they were in colour !! They also look to have changed in armament spec
  3. I bought the kit on Tuesday and spent last night working on it after a quick blast of undercoat. All sorts of stuff has been written on the Airfix ME109. It's a great kit, very good fit and nice details. I had no problem sticking it all together in a few hours. I'll not do a detailed build chat, just some observations. I really liked the moulded in seatbelts. I know they aren't super accurate, but they do represent belts pretty well - the buckle hardware is missing, but for a Christmas build off sprint they were just right. My plane in the picture I want to replicate has th
  4. If anyone knows the exterior differences between the 3 and 7 please pipe up, I'm trawling the web for them now and it seems to me there aren't many visible ones....
  5. It's nearly Christmas and the Airfix starter kits are in Lidl and Aldi... Not one to miss an opportunity or a bargain I wanted to get one. The only issue I have is that I'm building Japanese planes and the stock is really BoB based with a gnat and some fancy old ships. I spoke to a pal of mine who got me restarted on plastic modelling back in the early lockdown. He's a Spitfire fan and is focused on British planes, mostly spitfires We got to chatting and he suggested a Christmas build off based on the Airfix ME109E starter kit. He's doing it in GB colours and as
  6. Many thanks for taking the time to respond, I appreciate the input. I was running at 25PSI after watching a video where a painter using Valejo acrylics worked at this pressure. I normally use 10 to 15 before. I turned it up and I got good results, but I was also tweaking the mix too, so I'm not 100% sure what change worked. What I did do was get very focused and intense on my brushing, I forgot where I was and got really in to the painting. Which is why the spurt of water shocked me so much I had also been painting for about 30 minutes, with the complressor on pretty
  7. HIya, my trap is empty In fact it never seems to have anything in it at all... I loked at the little clear traps for under the gun and they look neat. And for £3 I really shold give it a go, it will give the brush a bit more of a trigger style grip too. I have gone from 15 psi to 25 though recently, not sure if that causes more of an issue.. thanks for the tips
  8. I have spent a number of weeks getting to grips with my airbrush. My main issue has been paint, I've been fiddling with viscosity, thinners, flow improver, water, etc. I ended up with a good recipe that I was progressing well with. I got very focussed on the spraying, really concentrating on fow control and line width and then WHAM! a giant splat of water came flying out and scared the heck out of me. I have an AS15 compressor with a pressure regulator/water trap. DO I need to add anbother trap at the brush end? I have realised my pipe lays on
  9. I've been messing about with my airbrush on this kit. I tried some shading. It took about two hours of work to get a nice even thin line.Experimenting with paint viscosity, thinning agents etc. In the end I got a good controllable thin line that I could follow panel lines etc and adjust on the fly. I was quite pleased. But then I got a giant blob of water come flying out of my brush while I was focussed right in on the lines. Scared the heck out of me! Now I need to work out how to prevent water build up in my pipe. I have a water trap on the comperessor
  10. Stuck together, let the scraping and filling begin.
  11. This is a really super job, the weathing and attention to detail is perfect. I pass one of these parked in Southsea most days. Very inspirational. Great job
  12. I fitted out the seats with the PE belts and added some toe straps from paper, much easier to handle than that PE stuff. Nothing seems to stick the brass. My CA just about holds it. Here's the whole lot. I was quite pleased with how it turned out The instructions are here - they are completely unrelated to the parts that go in the cockpit. As I struggled to fit the parts in somewhere I got the feeling that this PE wasn't actually designed for this kit. Further on the IP's just don't fit in any way, I had to carve bits out of the inner walls. I
  13. As I fninshed off my Ki-27 I started plane number seven in my twenty plane Japanese odyssey. The new project is a K5Y2 float plane. In my list I'm supposed to do a K5Y1, but the float plane looks nicer and it's still effectively a K5Y isn't it? I like the orange and green colour scheme as well. This is a navy plane and presents a few first for me. Number one is a kit first - photoetch! wowsers, this stuff is delicate. Number two is rigging, this is the fault of the prototype, so I can't complain. I started on the cockpit and interior. This is a fabric
  14. So it's now green and grey. I sprayed both surfaces with no masking and now I'm tidying it up with a brush. I had a few blemishes that I sanded off and touched up. The green looks very lifeless, unrea;istic. I need to inject some variation in there and get it looking less flat. I will be fiddling with the paintbrushes this weekend and hopefully it will start to take on a bit of life.
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