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  1. Todays update, some progress over the weekend and a little last night. The floats are back on. I'm not that happy with the way the plane sits on them, but they are done. Now the plane is a whole lump I can start to fiddle with the paint. The exhaust pipes are a complete mess, they do not fit and will take a lot of fiddling in order to get them on and lined up in a realistic manner. Decals are this weeks task. Don't mention the rigging the last few bits left to fit..
  2. Very nice of you to say so, it's been a challenge so far, I hope it ends up looking ok.
  3. I thought about it and I decided to add push rods to the engine. I used some copper wire from a piece of 16/02 electrical wire, straightened and CA'd in place. Each was 2.5mm long. I tried styrene rod but it was too fat. I also found a picture of a prototype that explains the shape of the inner section of the engine. It looks like a painted cowl of some sorts. At least I know whay it's that shape now. I had the feeling it was some random effect added by Valom. I've decided to leave the armament off as I've yet to see a picture of a float plane with any on. I need to find a way to create the little wingtop light pods. Looking at this photo now, I wish I'd produced a plane based on it. The colour scheme looks simple and there is a lot of details I could copy. The float attachments are nicely shown here, mine have ended up just melded to the cross member... Onwards and upwards.
  4. I've been touching up areas of over spray and leakage, I've also added the leather colour to the cockpit coping and some red stripes at the front of the floats. I started to add some panel definition on the floats but I'm not that happy with it. It's being toned down and improved. All of the struts are now fixed but I have some work to do on the float strut attachement as the cross member is bowed. I have to improve the fit up front. I took a chunk out of the bottom of the fin as the prototype has a strange slot there. Things left to do include making the engine look better by adding pushrods, add the sticky out parts and fit the gun and rail. There is a strange item with a little prop on top of the wing in the centre, it looks like a little generator. It's not always present on the prototype, but it does add a little bit of interest. There are also two small sticking up bits that I think are lights on the outer wing tips. These are not in the kit, but are handily marked on the painting guide Latest string of pics:
  5. Work continues. I gave the whole plane a spray of primer and then a coat of IJN trainer orange from AK interactive. The paint colour is nice. The paint is very thin and quite transparent, I am not looking forward to trying to touch up any green overspray. I masked and then painted with AK interative IJN dark green which is pretty dark. The painting instructions are not great, the areas of green and orange changing from view to view. Some of the orange peeled off when I removed the masking, but I didn't leave if for a full day to dry as the pot says. The green covered superbly, and I got a limited amount of bleed through. Next up is assembly, painting the life in to the plane with highlights, lowlights, wear and tear and some degree of useage dirt. These planes don't look beaten up like some of the aluminium bodied ones, so the wear and waethering will be limited to some fading on the fabric areas and a little bit of grime. I'm still pondering a good way to rig this crate. Drill holes and use fishing line, maybe use the lycra rigging thread? I have some 3 thou boron rod I could use, but it's very brittle and will not stand any handling.
  6. Superb rendition of a tiny plane. You should feel very happy with that.
  7. A few more steps forward. I made the grab handles using some guitar string. Drilled some slightly oversize holes because I was too lazy to find the smaller drill bit. Bent them up, stuck them in. I'm looking at this engine and thinking it needs pushrods... Now I'm getting drawn back in to additional details when really all I want to do is spray this thing orange and move on. Such is scale modelling I guess. quite a bit of detailing needed to get it to look like the real thing.. I'm filling an airbrush with primer now...
  8. More work on this beast today, I'm trying to get it ready for the first coat of primer. I fixed the rear stabiliser struts on, they went on OK. Actually fitted well. You'll notice there are a couple of rather big holes at the back of the fuselage underside for the tail wheel. The float plane doesn't have a lot of use for a tail wheel, so these need filling in. I dropped some CA in them and built it up until it was flat. I also filled the dents for the grab handles. You can see the little clear bombs here. The engine got it's first coat of detail wash. This is the front end, the little PE part has pinged off so many times I'm expecting to lose it very soon. I drilled the holes out that the float frame sits in and it holds them on nicely. Side view so far, with foam in the cockpit areas as protection if I ever get to paint it. Here are the bombs, they are moulded in clear which is a nice touch. The instructions say to stick them on somewhere underneath, the bomb racks have two pegs to go in two alignment holes, that are not there. I'm leaving them off, I have pictures with the racks present and nothing present but no pic with the bombs there. Here's what's left kicking about in component parts. I'm adding grab handles and a step tonight and hopefuly priming tomorrow. I'm wondering about leaving the top wing off for painting. I'm also bothered about the horrible sunken areas that the struts have left in the lower wing. They really need to be filled.
  9. OK I'm back on it. Boy, is this a duff kit... The main body is complete, I created better steps on the side of the plane and I will be adding wire hand rails. I wanted to see how the engine looked up front so I tried to add the engine mounting piece - it fits this well... Not sure what to do there, probably cut another piece out of plasticard. I can avoid the part altogher and stick the exhausts to the plane at the nose area, there are some holes and pins. Then stick the engine to the exhausts. I will need to paint the whole plane first. I stuck the stabiliser on, it wasn't a great fit and took a few goes to get it square in all directions. The front end of it is round yet the area it sits in has a square end. I guess it needs filling. I will probably not be filling it. The fin sits on top of it, the stabiliser has an aerofoil section, the lower edge of the fin doesn't. a bit more fettling. I looked at the floats and stuck them together, I noticed that there are differencesin the sides of the floats, I guess there are some access holes. The ones in the kit are identical left to right rather than be a mirror image. I checked as many pictures as I can and the floats look nothing like the prototype that has large ribs along the tops, I guess for walking on. The float support framework structure has pins on the bottoms to go in to holes in the floats. The floats don't have any holes in them. So a bit more fettling. Where the float support framework meets the fuselage they have nice pins to go in to holes, but there were no holes So I drilled some holes and fitted them. It all sort of drops together OK. I'm now just slapping this together so I can paint it. If the paint turns out OK, I might rig it The upper wings are just held on here by the struts, nothings fixed. I am pondering how to paint it - with wing on or off. onwards and upwards
  10. OK, the Bf109 interruption is over and I am back in the room with regards this little monster. I just bumped this up so I could find it again, sorry
  11. Just before Christmas a pal of mine suggested we do a simultaneous build with a common subject. I am making Japanese WWII fighters and he's a bit of a Spitfire man, so we decided that the Airfix bf109e would fit our bill as we had a few pictures of it in British and Japanese hands and it was on offer in Lidl. So he built the RAF marked version and I built the Japanese version. I wanted to base my model on the one in the photos, number 1. The Airfix kit is a beauty and goes together very well, so no issues there, I filled in the gun holes in the wing as they were sent with no armament. There were no other physical changes to make apart from not fitting the gun sight as it appears not to be there on the photos. I spoke at length to NIck Millman who has been a font of knowledge. And as a result I came up with a plan that he inspired of painting the original markings and then over spraying with a Japanese colour. We discussed various theories and I plumped for the one that I liked the sound of. That the German aircraft were stored at the Fussa test centre which was near the location of the 47th Sentai. That unit used a brown over spray. I decided to go for the gunze colour H-37 Wood Brown. I wanted to match the photos as much as I could, here is the result: I've just noticed my chock rope is too long Here are some colour shots.
  12. Well I made a lot of progress over the Christmas break and I've completed the plane. I have still got some work to do to match the photo and I've decided to also match the second side view photo too. But my printer isn't working so I can't print out the little group. The colour I chose to use to overspray was a Gunze colour designed to be similar to the camo colour of the 47th Sentai. Apparently the airfield that the test planes were flown from was close to the airfield the 47th flew from, so they may have used the same paint and maybe even the same painter... The rear fuselage markings were just added with a paint brush as I had no suitable decals, they look OK from a distance and in the period style photos. Here are some pics of the finished article, I'll add a thread in the RFI section along with the front phot shot. I have just finished the chocks so I will take a new picture, as I noticed they were missing in the one below. I've also got some image filters to add to make it look more like a period photo. I think my little cardboard cut outs worked quite nicely, although they are a little out of focus Thanks for reading, I really enjoyed building this little plane. The kit was really superb, the one single issue I found was the injection point on the front of the windscreen created a tiny circular fracture and left me with a small hole in the front. The fit and the engineering was super, the little engine a marvel, pity it was covered up. Back to the real Japanese planes now and time to finish that yucky Valom float plane... Happy New Year!
  13. I've been speaking to Nick, he's been giving me lots and lots of info regarding colours and the test aircraft. I want to use the browny colour, as I feel it might be more accurate, but I fell the green is a safe bet as it's quite prevelant on Japanese planes and just looks familiar. But I have a bunch of actual Japanese aircraft already done or in plan in the green camo, so this in brown would be a nice contrast. I have to take a deep breath and give it a go
  14. There was a single Gnat left after three days in mine, although Aldi has had a restock.
  15. The brown colour is a dirty reddish, sandy colour. LIke this:
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