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  1. Ali - just got mine from Hannants, no cracks but quite a few of the could mould lines, and the big radome thing has a lot of what looks like scraping on it I would be up for an upgrade set at that sort of pricing
  2. That's great thanks, I have seen a picture of them stowed, and I remember from ages ago that the doors/windows slid to the side on runners - and you have now confirmed they both slide toward the nose of the aircraft Whoa - thanks!!!!!! I was all set to paint the bombardier station in an olive type green, because almost every picture (and diagram) indicates this, including some apparently of the 2019 restoration But after wading through a load of photos (and reviewing the 1944 film) this picture from the National Museum restoration website nails it for me: We can clearly see the bare metal interior, but a lot of the bracings and gun brackets are painted in (what to me is) bronze green, same as the cockpit - before the restoration it was all chromate "green"/interior green These guys went to incredible effort to get the plane looking as it was following its 25th mission (minus the weathering of course!), before the tour "upgrades", they even noticed the port side insignia was misaligned and reproduced that
  3. Another Monday Not much to report Bombardier station making slow progress Added more "ribs" Cut out the 3d-printed bombsight and just trying it for size... ...on the slightly progressed bombsight support Made up the bombardier's panel Dry fitting the whole lot in the nose going to use the Revell bombardier seat for the navigator, started making a replacement bombardier seat Much to do but shaping up I reckon
  4. My bad Your original colour seems to be zinc chromate I think mine is more interior green (and probably wrong for a Grumman!) But bronze green is much darker (you see it on brass and copper antiques) and seemed to be favoured by Grumman and Douglas (and generally by USN) - as your latest coat...
  5. Wow, that Aires set is a beast!!! It seems to nail the gear bay - it took me an age to realize those chains on the firewall were there to drive the gear up and down - the Tamiya kit has them, but the gear legs mount to sockets not in the same place (even odder that the chains are driven by a shaft from a crank in the cockpit) Looking forward to this!
  6. Not an expert but I think your green is pretty accurate - I'm assuming that is bronze green? My rendering of Jimmy Thach's White 23 is similar but less yellow (and I'm not saying it's right - I think I used 2 parts Tamiya yellow to one part green) - there seems to be a wide variance of colours if you google the subject and look at the colours used by various modellers I have that Monogram kit (unbuilt) it looks very detailed, really looking forward to your build!
  7. Update 1 So Week 1 - didn't get a huge amount of time Focussed on the nose (bombardier position) because I figured it would be the most visible First up I wanted a top quality Norden bombsight so I found an STL file, ran it through meshmixer, scaled if to 1/48 and printed it Whoops - too big, so tried various other scales (so difficult to measure at that size) And found one that matched (and matched the HK 1/48 sight) Then turned my attention to the forward part of the interior I said OOB and no scratch-building, but we all knew that wouldn't happen, but I will definitely focus on what will be visible, and a general feel of the interior, not every detail So I've added some interior ribs (not all) and started on the plates right at the front that support the front mgs, and there is another inside with the bombardier's oxygen supply I knocked up a quick Navigator's table, which is so big it's bound to be visible Detail at the rear of this position (navigator's console, the fire extinguisher etc) I'm thinking of just painting onto the rear bulkhead to save time I will aim to add the big black bombardier's console to make the interior a bit busier I also intend to add the mg braces, one for each window, and one each for the nose mgs I primed the cockpit interior, - I'm actually quite impressed with the quality of the mouldings once primed, there is some really good detail that just needs bringing out with paint Also started work on the bombardier's floor panel, the cut out at the front is for an alloy/steel frame the bombsight mounts on A few other bits cleaned up and primed Two more questions I can't find my Martin Caidin book, but I'm sure I read that the bombardier took the bombsight out to the plane with him when he boarded, and removed it as he exited the plane on return, so a parked B-17 would not have it in place? As we've already noted if the plane is about to take off, then the waist gun positions would be open (with the doors/covers slide to the side inside the plane - left or right?), but I don't think the waist guns would be pointing out the plane at this point, so would they face forward, or to the rear inside the plane, or be lying in the back of the plane somewhere? This also means I will have to put a bit of waist detail in, sigh…..
  8. Eric, thanks That b-17 looks great! Hope mine turns out as good. I'm aiming for a really faded look for mine, although I do like the clean unfaded look as well! So looks likes like carnival wheels are probably part of the package then.... Thanks again
  9. Great, thanks Corsair and Troy Right, so aim is for Memphis Belle as it was on completion of its 25th mission (before it was tarted up for the US Tour) With green splodges (see later) With two additional nose mgs And, talking of green splodges in addition to Troy's material I found these images of the Ohio restoration: My favourite Under different lighting maybe And outside Seems to vary, but always quite subtle, and quite diffusely edged Oh, and I will be looking to do the faded post-25th mission look not the nicely restored look (although I like that as well!) Now, what about those wheels???? Did they really have that fairground look in action? Or was that added on for the Tour? I think I will try and get the Master brass mgs, best source seems to be Model Hobbies, but are they closed for business at the moment, anyone know?
  10. I meant of course to say I DON'T like the silly green bright green bits... But we're saying that was the standard then? Might as well go for the Belle in that case. Those two extra mgs in the nose will certainly reduce the visibility inside (and the Revell nose transparency comes with the two mounts - well holes) I notice that film of the takeoff did indeed show it with the waist doors/windows stowed, but in flight they were in place, and then presumably stowed for action? I'm trying to find my copy of Martin Caidin's "Flying Forts"
  11. Hey, looking forward to seeing this move forward! Seriously hoping to get some pointers - although I think the Revell 17f has less detail...
  12. OK, here we go - I can't even think of a catchy title because I don't know which aircraft I'm actually going to build yet, so it's just a Surprise at the moment So, another surprise on opening the box, found a bunch of AM - the interior set maybe helpful - think I bought these around 2002 Just to prove I didn't jump before the gun (which was tempting….) And into the wash tank we go (no - I didn't buy that, my son bought it for car parts but has never used it) Thanks to @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @Troy Smith for suggestions on AM I may use the interior set above 48207 (and Troy's suggestion), and/or the 491181 (Corsair's suggestion), or bits of 49360 which is a G set for HKM - hmm decision, decisions My plan is... ...at some stage decide which aircraft to build - I like the silly bright green bits on the Belle - were they normal? Or real? The film version doesn't *seem* have them! May build the Belle exactly as depicted in the film! Put the waist doors on closed, so more or less nothing visible there, as Troy says just minimal detail required Ignore the cockpit, tail gunner and radio interiors (again I'm figuring they will be barely visible) Focus on what is actually visible through the plexiglas nose, which seems to be mainly the Norden bombsight Put most effort into the exterior The mgs do look pretty crummy, perhaps a set of metal ones, we'll see - I don't think the Eduard armament set ones will help too mucj - may look into them Well, it's all going to plan so far...
  13. Troy, funnily enough I opened the box and found that very Eduard set, plus a couple of others and some Paragon resin I must have bought and forgotten. I won't be using the resin, and yes the waist gun positions will have doors rolled shut ready for take off, although I notice in the film they take off with them open Plasticard strip lol, yes I have lots of that! Good luck with your build! I think largely oob is the way to go!
  14. Troy, that brought back stuff I built a lot of Airfix 1/72 aircraft (badly) when I was younger, but moved to armour when I took up wargaming. I don't remember anything in 1/48 Started again about seven years ago and completed five fighter planes in 1/48 Yes the b-17 is 1/48, I watched Memphis Belle yesterday to get in the mood! I can't see any True Details sets for sale currently, tbh my only concern internally is the front of the bombardier compartment in the nose that's quite visible through the Plexiglas nose section I actually have the (unbuilt) hk models version, so I'll look at the parts in that for comparison So what are you thinking for the build?
  15. Final update Well, I'm calling time on this model I started on 1 September 2020 and finished a couple of weeks ago, call it 1 June, so 21 months in all It's certainly not perfect - but then I never expected it to be I'm quite pleased though that I've actually finished (well almost finished) and that it has come out quite nicely in my eyes Here's the final set of photos (although I may add the serial numbers later) Thanks to those that watched, particularly @Troy Smith for his advice, comments and the time he took to upload some really useful photos
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