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  1. I ordered Bronco tracks for my Sherman V project from a vendor on eBay, delivery from China was quoted at December to January ish, they came within two weeks Hopefully you’ll have the same experience
  2. Great find! As you say this just muddies the waters further on the mystery boxes by the torpedo tubes
  3. Very impressive! Great sea, model making, paint, photography, composition, it’s got it all
  4. I’m not sure I would have the patience for such tiny delicate brass work, well done! They look to be paravanes, like an underwater kite towed from the bow used to defeat mines. Photo: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paravane_(weapon)#/media/File%3AParavane_on_USS_Texas.jpg Article: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paravane_(weapon) Lewis
  5. Excellent! There is a great deal of skill, patience and tenacity required to both draw the assembly and to interpret dimensions from photos only. Bravo!
  6. The gauze came from a first aid kit I took out of scrap German armoured vehicle in 2012, I imagine it’s fairly generic, put I can post you some if you want? The problem with gauze, and the reason I suggest impregnating it with CA or similar, is that it’s a fairly loose weave, so the strands are free to move relative to each other. A bit of care getting even spacing, and then “sticking” it together when I hand painted it seemed to do the job for me, but my usage is in the background, rolled up, whereas yours is very much on show, so it might not be adequately regular
  7. If you’re trying to make rigid netting at that same thread pitch I would seriously just go with gauze and impregnate/soak it with thin CA to make it rigid. Building one from scratch the way I did is laborious and almost too delicate to use. Perhaps buy a cheap sieve and cut the netting out of that?
  8. So it’s time to drag this back out of the weeds. I ordered the Italeri horse drawn Breda 20mm set from Lucky Model back in April when I started this whole thing, but still no sign of it. I finally gave up and recently ordered the Tamiya/Italeri LRDG Chevrolet and trailed Breda so I could get a bit closer to finishing this build. I used the metal barrel from the Aber etch set, but not much else It’s a fiddly little assembly, and it looks like it’ll be delicate when reassembling after paint. At least it’s pr
  9. The boat is awesome, can you truly stand on it? I think the month for first stab at it learning curve might have put me off trying a second time
  10. I’ve not used the Griffin set, but did build the Italieri kit it’s intended for. The Griffin etch set is shown used in the Channel Adversaries build thread on model shipwrights, https://modelshipwrights.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=211104&ord=&page=1 It’s somewhere in those 41 pages
  11. Something like that printed to scale and transferred onto styrene sheet would be great. I’d still need some instructions though as I wouldn’t know where to start with the assembly. Apologies for the thread derailment Steve
  12. Ah, now you see my inexperience showing. I have absolutely zero knowledge of boat construction, scale or otherwise, it was just one of those idle fancies. If it’s impractical or unachievable then I’ll do something else, I’m agnostic
  13. I look forward to following the dinghy build Steve, and I’m open to any construction method. I guess I just envisaged building something as a real boat would be built, plank by plank as it were, hence sheet styrene
  14. This is really interesting. I have a desire to build a little dinghy entirely from plasticard, just for fun, to see if I can. But while there are drawings available online I have no understanding or ability to interpret them. They just make no sense to me whatsoever
  15. Lovely work I must try the Micro Krystal Klear on PE, I read great things about Gators Grip thin blend for PE, bought some and was underwhelmed with the results. How are you using it/in what situations do you use it? I guess for joining assemblies to the model, rather than etch to etch? Now that I have some medium CA I’m really quite taken with the acupuncture needle technique
  16. Excellent PE work! That is not what I would have ended up with
  17. I think “sailed” is a bit strong @Chris Hewitt! I believe she had a destroyer strapped either side to keep her afloat, and even then the decks were awash
  18. Tiny then! All the more impressive I’ve read some of these, mostly on the MGB 658 build, hence my asking for more . I never saw it as blowing your own trumpet, and have referred back a number of times, the jig building explanations being especially useful. I hope you will include more scratch building tips in future builds where appropriate. Always remember that just because something doesn’t provoke discussion at the time of posting it will still be found and be useful for many readers well after the fact. Thanks for the invitation to ask questions,
  19. Can you give us something for scale so I can see how big it is/isn’t. I’m only used to looking at 1/35 so it could be massive for all I know Would you mind taking us through something you scratch build step by step, mentioning materials, tools and techniques? I’m doing a bit of scratch work on my PT boat, and while thoroughly enjoying it I’m quite sure I haven’t a clue what I’m doing or how to do it. I’ve built 1/1 cars from the ground up, but sadly the skills, tools and techniques have not been transferable thus far
  20. Looking good! What is the part which you are rolling with the drill bit?
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