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  1. Yes I think that is what I used. Found it in a cupboard at home. It came as think sheet which I pulled apart and stretched. Probably used as stuffing for jacket or thin cushion.
  2. They are 'PJ Productions 1/72 Search and Rescue Sea King Crew # 721126'. Purchased from eBay & www.sgsmodelstore.com I think it was 3 sets. The seated are used inside the lifeboat.
  3. Thank you. I used a thin sheet of cardboard, toilet paper (used like papier maché) and watered down PVA. The thin PVA helped to warp the cardboard to give the effect of waves rolling in.
  4. Just finished RNLI Severn Class & RAF Rescue on sea with stretcher rescue. Great kit but decals to thin on the lines. Had to cut templates and hand paint.
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