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  1. Thank you Cellarfrog; You're right; we should be, as modellers, thanking Luftwaffe for numerous variants of all types of airplanes, for their crazy projects never left drawing room, for prototypes that never saw combat. They're all great subjects...
  2. Thank you Greg. The base is a piece of sandpaper painted and weathered in minutes, basically for changing plane position without touching "the bird" during photo shoot. I was not planning to use it afterwards but looking at photos again; you're right, it looks cool... I'm keeping the base! I'm planning to go on with fighter (Tamiya) and night fighter (Italeri) versions. Thanks again for your advice and and your kindness...
  3. Thank you all for your positive comments.
  4. Hi; I'm working on the same model. Obviously I missed this until I read your article. Seems like a small or negligible detail but without the correction you feel like "there's something wrong". Thanks...
  5. Weekend update: Cockpit with... Some parts from Eduard PE set, Yahu's instrument panel, straps from Tamiya masking tape, OOB seat belts and a little wiring...
  6. Thank you so much... And these were the links I used if anyone needs... https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2336 https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/3/3/5/1097335-28-instructions.pdf Thanks again...
  7. Weekend work: By the help of reference photos + some improvisation... Does anyone have any photos/references/templates of "engine to wing" connection in 1/32 scale..? Thanks.
  8. Metal finish with such an old kit..? Such a bold decision, and an outstanding progress..!
  9. Hi, thank you all for nice comments. After a while and a 5,8 magnitude earthquake, now the engine! I'm planning to make starboard engine open, port one fully closed. Before passing to plumbing/wiring/weathering stage, while she is still under a gloss coat, I'd like to share some progress. Minor modifications has needed. Such as omitting the hydraulic oil pump and closing its place (circle) with a simple cover. There is a part missing in Trumpeter's kit design. I scratch built that part from an acetate sheet and imitated the details from reference pictures. The inner wall of cowling must not be that close. There must be some hollow place according to references. Therefore, I cut/modified the parts, to create such a depth. Left ones are the kit's parts remained untouched for the other engine. See you in next steps...
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