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  1. You need to email them asking if certain ones are for sale, they are all updates for readily available kits. Often they will have sold out of certain ones. If you email expressing an interest they take that as a desire to buy. They can be tricky to deal with, they aren’t cheap, the cb750 Freddie Spencer kit cost me around £100 but they are good. Oh and generally you can buy the decals separately.
  2. Nice build I’m in process of doing a couple of these kits. heres 2 of my old bikes
  3. I have the pavla conversion, and the xtracolour pink, so I’m interested to see some say it’s too pink. Your colour looks spot on and a fine build it is.
  4. Wow simply great. I love this, I’ll be watching the progress
  5. Do love a good cobra, this looks good be interesting to find out what it actually scales out to? Had a bit of fun with one recently when we drew up next to one, both sat blipping our throttles like teenagers.
  6. I’ve built quite a few of the matchbox kits as well as airfix, the usual sites hannants and eBay milicast has some great unusual stuff as well as barrels, decals and figures etc
  7. Could you drill them out from underneath and then add the smoke?
  8. When I get to painting the bodywork it won’t be pristine and some of the decals will be deliberately placed over the lacquer as they were just stickers. I’m after a used look this wasnt ever a show queen but a used race bike from the early 80’s all my reference pics show it as a used work in progress eg the use of duct tape
  9. So more progress had to make more bracing and brackets for the frame, brace the swing arm, made number plates for race numbers, build a race exhaust the moriwaki ones were pressed alloy. Made out of various cones tubing etc, exhaust clamp on the collector. The original brake calipers only show the front not rear of the calipers so cut up spare calipers to make them complete, I’ve used new discs more in keeping The seat had an extra piece of foam duct taped in place so I’ve done that I have to re engrave the seat to show the quilting The oil cooler on showed fins on the front so I’ve cut up a spare to show it complete and fitted alloy goodridge hose junctions New bottom yoke being made
  10. Doing the same with my z1r Gardner in 1/12th I may even attempt to recreate lock wiring. mill be watching this develop. here is my old original one it’s a slightly later rc.
  11. This is a Japanese concern, quite often things are out of stock and they aren’t cheap. I’ve got several of their trans kits for AMA super bikes as well some Barry sheene ones. if you contact them it needs to be in Japanese (use Google translate) and any expression of interest generally is taken as an intent to buy. However their stuff is damn good. http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~uta/
  12. Hadn’t seen these before they look pretty good, as an ex 851 strada owner I’d have one.
  13. I’ve also started several Kawasaki z90-1000 AMA super bikes incl this Wayne Gardner moriwaki replica based on a Z1R this is the frame braced as per the racer and the left hand side engine mount brackets removed so I can complete the frame then fit the engine having made new engine plates I started with a set of brembo discs that have had all holes drilled but may use different ones motor with uta design updates motor with Kr1000 alternator cover oil breather over flow catch tank left hand side frame ive also braces the swing arm amongst lots of other bits. I tend to flick between builds so chances are I will end up listing of builds here as well, incl a Wes Cooley gs1000, katana AMA racer, a fast Freddie cb750 etc etc
  14. I’ve only done a little on the yoshimura gsxr Motor Metal rear disc made of 7 parts Swing arm filled ive done the body work and primed it
  15. Shouldn’t be too hard to build them and then source aftermarket decals?
  16. I’m currently building a whole host of bikes, 2 gsxr 750’s several ama Kawasaki z racers and do exactly as you’ve done fill swing arms and frames really detracts for me when they are hollow.
  17. Wow, lovely looking moggie. I recently had the good fortune of driving a modern version which my mate owns. It was the most fun I’d had in a while, slow idiosyncratic uncomfortable and wonderfully fun, so much so it inspired me to buy a ‘manual’ ‘analog’ car. I’d love to build a modern moggie 3 wheeler kit for him.
  18. Wow lovely build. I grew up down the road from bagington airport (Coventry) and had one of the last flights in the air atlantique Dc3’s. I remember climbing in and thinking how the hell did people go to war in these things a very different but great flight.
  19. Keep meaning to model one of these, I’ve several pictures that my grandfather took when he was in the army pre ww2 of a flight line of these in Khartoum? I think fabulous.
  20. Brilliant build very realistic looking a real credit to your skills.
  21. Got the same conversion set every time I look at it, it makes my eyes hurt it’s so small. You’ve done a lovely job on it. Well done.
  22. Porsche and Tvr always loved 911’s and been fortunate to own both a 996 and a 997 C4S, the build quality is fabulous, for about 10 years worked in bike sales then car sales and it was always the 911 for me, I’m also fortunate to have another of their range as my family car. I sold my 911 couple of years ago for several reasons and replaced it this year with a 5.0lt chimaera. I grew up around Tvr’s and Tvr power. I drove my mates Morgan 3 wheeler earlier this year and decided I wanted a proper drivers car hence my tiv. so both brands are connected to my youth.
  23. Ink cartridges for silencers on motorcycle models. Empty obviously
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