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  1. I think the tank has the normal track hangers but they were not utilising the first and the last one to stow track for whatever reason. Anyway he turret floor is done Thanks for looking S
  2. Fuel/water stowage, this Panther G has two, that particular installation would have been impossible on mine given the distinctive three exhausts on the final versions of the Ausf A. It probably was a field modification ?
  3. Thank you for your comment. A quick update the build is more or less completed and the turret will now be painted before final assembly
  4. Very nice build, I am noting the differences to the Panther A. The Jagdpanther is the only tank that I have ever actually been inside so I am eager to build one too S
  5. Hello, A photo heavy update I am afraid. After finalising the hull I have started and almost completed the turret There are a few fitment issues which I have to resolve which prevents the turret from sitting flush with the hull. Turret Interior with main gun Muzzle brake, soldered obviously ! Exterior with mantlet Turret with Gun Not much PE in this section at all so progress is rapid and its starting to look like a tank now. Thanks for looking S
  6. Nice build, but yes there are issues with the application of the dark yellow
  7. Nice build but the Academy Tiger 1 with Interior kit was inaccurate when it was released and completely obsolete now. A RFM kit would be a generational leap over the academy offering
  8. Another very nice 16th kit to add to the collection. You will have a Panzer battalion before long
  9. Everything is going well if slowly, the hull is about 98% complete The only real additions left are the brass chains, which I might leave off until the turret build is completed. Soldering is straightforward enough if you have the right leaded solder and flux. I have no idea what I am going to do after the Panther A tbh
  10. Very impressive progress, the interior is looking very realistic. I did not know Trumpy was releasing a Late model Panther G............. that's my favorite variant of my favorite tank
  11. Thank you all for your continued comments. I can't remember the reasons why i left armourama, I think it was something to do with them refusing to allow me to become a kit reviewer after doing detailed build logs for 7 years as I "clearly did not have enough build experience" and that was after them asking for people to undertake more kit reviews. Plus it was at the time when photobucket was going through their image ransome stage and my entire legacy and build logs on the site was gone. Seemed like a natural time to quit. Anyway, progress has been rather slowed down because I now have to build lots of things in brass and solder them. To make the brackets to fit the tracks to the hull will take me at least a full day to make and fit Thanks for looking S
  12. Made some more progress, this time installing the side skirts and the support brackets. These really aren't fun to build or install. Thanks for looking S
  13. Thank you for your comment. Images before April 10th taken on Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and later ones with the Galaxy S10 plus. I tried using my Sony Alpha 65 SLT and the images were nowhere near the same quality even in micro mode. Samsung have done a good job with the phone
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