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  1. Hi guys, I used the 1/72 AMK Kfir C2/C7 as a base to convert it to a Cheetah C. The Kfir kit is really well detailed and accurate, and made it very pleasant to work with. The forward fuselage was extended just behind the cockpit, but the nose wheel bay had to remain in the same location. Some vents, Formation lights, panel lines and radar warning receivers were added. The canards are considerably larger and has different sweep angles than the Kfir ones, so new ones were made. The ejection seat is quite nicely detailed, so I only added harnesses to it. The instrument panel was modified, as well as on-board oxygen generators on the bulkhead. The Cheetah C has an in flight refueling probe, which was made from brass rod bent to shape, and the nozzle was turned from a piece of sprue on my drill. The two dorsal intakes on either side of the spine and the ventral ones behind the main gear wheel well was made from plastic card. The tail fairing and exhaust was modified from an earlier Cheetah E project. The tail fin was more tricky, havind to remove the intake at the front of the fin. Also the fin needing a longer brake chute housing with a cable duct on the starboard side that leads to an EW unit, 3 x radar warning receivers added, two antennas and a reinforced access panel on the port side of the fin. A new chaff/flare dispenser fairing was made, with 6 x downward facing dispenser units. There is also a RAM-powered APU on the starboard side of the ventral fuel tank. The main wheels were replaced with ones from an earlier Cheetah project, that have larger holes. Antennas that go underneath the forward fuselage and along the spine were made. The Cheetah C has a single piece windshield instead of the two frames. The frames were filed down, then sanded with very fine wet & dry sandpaper, buffed to a shine, and finally dunked into some Future floor polish for a brilliant shine. I made molds of the parts, and did a test assembly so far.  Cheers, John
  2. Thanks Unc2 Glad you like it. You can order it via email to scaleworx@yahoo.com Cheers, John
  3. Hi Adrian, the Pantera DCM has been completed The 1/48 Cheetah E conversion for the old ESCI/Italeri Mirage IIIE has been updated with better nose, CHAFF/Flare dispenser and canards Cheers, John
  4. Hi guys, The A-109BA set has been updated, and now includes the mounting plate for the roof mounted sight. Cheers, John
  5. Hi guys, I've been working on a 1/48 UH-72 Lakota, using the ScaleWorx 1/48 BK-117 resin kit to base it on. Cheers, John
  6. Thanks ROBOT Here's the final resin parts, as well as some pics of the hoist assembly and rudder pedal mechanisms masters.
  7. Just did a quick test fit of the dust filter. Cheers, John
  8. I managed to get the engine deck, basic gearbox and swashplate done. Tail fin and tail rotor also being modified. Some before and after pics. Cheers, John
  9. Bell209, glad you like it. It's unfortunate that this lovely helicopter has been neglected in 1/48. The plan is to use this build as masters for a resin kit. I intentionally made the effort to retain the standard intakes and be useful for modelers that would want to build another version without the airfilter. The external differences are minimal between the variants. An EC-145/UH-72 will be a possible future spinoff from this.
  10. Thanks guys Bell209, I'm building a SAAF BK117, and what a mix they are... Some came from Venda, Transkei, Ciskei, and Bophuthatswana. They were A3, A-4 and B1. All currently upgraded to B1 as far as I know. My model will be one that came from Venda serial number 381, (an A3) with the older type dogbox airfilter and without the windows on the clamshell doors.
  11. Hi guys, I started on refurbishing the ancient and extremely rare Revell Junior BK-117 snapkit recently. The kit is very basic and has no interior (besides two "couches") or clear parts. The fuselage dimensions are 1/48, making things a bit easier. Started with the floorboard, center console, instrument panel and cowl, and then realized that I better get the blanks done for the clear parts. These were made from resin and filler, but the overhead windows didn't feature, and had to be carefully cut out. Noticed that the engine covers did not have the bulges, and the middle section was too high. Cut two slots on either side of the center line to lower it, and then added two strips of plastic card on top of the engine covers to shape the bulges. The intakes had to be opened up a bit, which brought another issue to light. The fairing that separates the intakes is too narrow and too rounded. This was cut out and a new one built from plastic card. The main rotor blades are 12.5mm too short, and the chord just a fraction short. Lengthened one blade with a section of another to use as a master. Also added a thin strip to the trailing edge, of which most will be sanded down to adjust the chord. Cheers, John
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