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  1. Battlebirds is working on a 1/32 multimedia Buccaneer kit. Better known for doing commission builds and making corporate models. Jonathan is personally involved in the restoration of the SAAF Buccaneer at the Ysterplaat Airforce Museum, and therefore has 1/1 scale reference to work from. This should be interesting, as a second 1/32 Buccaneer kit is heading for the market. Source: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/81817-132-hs-buccaneer/
  2. Some more progress. Size comparison versus the original kit wheel (spare IIIC from the kit) JL-100 progress, as the kit ones are too long and too narrow. Cheers
  3. Thanks basket Some more progress. The instrument cowl test fit, and it doesn't interfere with the windshield fitment. What a relief... The kit brake chute cone diameter is too big, and I almost have it reduced to the correct diameter. Received replacement rocket pod cone for the JL-100 from a friend's spares box Here's all the additional and modified parts so far. Cheers
  4. The CRP 18 pylon has different panel lines from the left hand side and the right hand side, and this is mirrored on the opposing wing station. A resin copy was made, and details copied on opposing sides. They are still mounted on their sprues. The rudder control horn, it's linkage and fairing has been replaced. Cheers
  5. The brake chute fairing needs to be extended forward. I chose to do this with filler putty to build up the fairing. The putty (Perfect Plastic Putty) dries very quick and is really easy to sand and shape. Here's a picture showing the progress so far, with the original kit tail fin above and the modified one below. The difference between the rudders is clearly visible. Cheers
  6. I see, those wheels are not that great. I have replacements for you. Send me a PM if you're interested, then we can make a plan I live in Cape Town
  7. Thanks, on which 1/48 wheels do you want to try it? Cheers, John
  8. Some more progress, strips of plastic card added to simulate the tread on the main wheels, and this also corrects the diameter. A little bit of filler required, then it will be done. Cheers
  9. Jon, I have the same book, and it contains truly beautiful photos of the Mirages. Regarding the JL-100 pods, the blast vents/exhausts will be open, and the front of the tubes will have to slightly recessed oval covers, typical of a loaded configuration. Cheers, John
  10. Hi Jon, glad you like it The old Buff , Olive Drab and Light Admiralty Grey was the best, and would be the coolest scheme to do Another update, the main landing gear door reinforcing strips have been added. Cheers
  11. Thanks Werner and Unc2 The kit JL-100 rocket pods are a bit too long and the diameter +-2.5mm less. So I'm making new ones that will be the correct size. The pylons are underscale, so new ones as well. Cheers, John
  12. Thanks Patrick Some progress on the CRP 18 pylon, but still need to clean up the panel lines a bit. Cheers
  13. Hi guys, I started working on detailing and correcting the 1/32 Italeri Mirage IIIE to a SAAF Mirage IIIEZ. The kit is in need of quite a few improvements and corrections, such as the instrument cowl, Instrument panel, ejection seat, bulkhead, tail fin, exhaust nozzle, JL-100 rocket launchers and their pylons. The length of the intake trunks will also have to be trimmed back a bit. Here's some pics of what has been done so far. Most picture show a before and after of the parts. Cheers
  14. This set has been updated with a more detailed ejection seat and the option for the Recce pod Cheers
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