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  1. nice to see another Mountfleet in build, i enjoyed my St Nectan, but see you have the same problems with some of the metal parts
  2. good evening everyone sorry for no recent updates and not visiting so often as i used to my last post was day 26 and now moved on to 63 i planked the inside of the hull Port side only and have spent the last few weeks working without plans to do some internal detailing its not very special, but im happy with it this is the after half deck, and sits below the officers accommodation the deck beams shown in the photo are the upper deck beams and been adapted to fit, i will order another set later on, when needed to represent treenails, i drilled holes and used a cheap filler several attempts at building the after platform, but go there in the end
  3. Good evening everyone, thank you for likes and comments Day 26 deck beam supports i have realised tonight, that there is so much to think about on this build, im not in a hurry to do things that are not in sequence, that might be for two reasons, 1 i dont have anything else to do that is out of sequence, and may be the 2 is the same as the first i have the next two part to the build, but CAF are resupplying some of it, hopefully will be here this week the point i was trying to make is that im in no hurry to go and make deck fitting or cannons, mast parts, as i am constantly thinking about the project that is on the go at present, and personally i think it is a good thing for me, lol its the most difficult kit i have ever done, and i aint got to the thinking about bits yet the deck beams on my build serve two purposes, first to support the deck and also to keep the frames in an upright positions, hopefully she can then be removed from the frame to enable some sanding to be done as previously mentioned the deck line on the plans is the very top of the deck not the deck supports, so the beams and deck planking has to be subtracted from the line shown which represent 7.5mm i had no idea how to put the beams supports in place so i came up with my own idea of using nuts bots and washers, it came in very useful, but very fiddly, i also put lower temp deck supports in (the white beams), to enable, ensuring both side were right, or at least both would be wrong the bow planks were soaked for a coupls of hours and clamped in place securing the planks, i never used just wood glue, i have drilled 2mm holes through the beam and frame and and used wooden cocktai sticks with glue on as a very oversized treenail, i will let you know if it works, but seams very secure at present, non of this will be seen
  4. Good afternoon everyone day 22 hawse timbers fitted thank you for comments and likes i would like to think im getting better at the wooden kit building, or the quality of the kit is, lol must be the latter thats the hawse timbers in, although i needed to remove a bit of wood
  5. good evening everyone Day 21 last of the cants been a quite week, lots of things happening, and not a lot of boat building, but today the last of the stern cants were put in, that leave the hawse timbers and stern timbers, Parts 2 and 3 arrived and i will show photos at a later date
  6. good evening everyone, thank you for comments and likes Hawse trimbers these are the timbers that fit at the very front of the ship, although not fitted yet they still need to be built jig made up most timbers have a lasered fairing line, which is removed the timbers then fit very nice infills placed Jig removed Cant Frames Fwd these fit after the hawse timbers upto where the full frames start, 7 sets After cants after the full frames upto the stern timbers 11 sets made up the same as the full frames also there is a angle template provided for each numbered cant to help achieve the correct angle, this template is to set up the bench sander at the correct angle, mine kept moving so i devised my own answer by gluing the template to the cant and then sanding to the correct line, it worked having done that, i then found i did not have enough room to get access to pin the cants, so i removed the top level of the jig glued starboard cants 2 to 7 in position, when the glue set, i removed the hull from the frame to pin, this will be repeated on the stbd side
  7. good evening Steve watch out for my next update, on releasing the hull, in the next hour or so, there is some different sized strip wood included in part one but at this time i dont know what its for, some of it might be to brace the ribs but parts 2 and 3 arrive this week, so i might be better informed
  8. lovely to catch up with your work. she looks stunning
  9. Good afternoon everyone lets bring you up to date the keel with a minimum of fuss and a quick touch against the bench grinder, to remove the laser char, tall the bits fit together very well against the 1/1 plans, the problems arose because i took it all apart again to put the ribbit line in lol using a new glue to me, brilliant stuff Frames 57 frames make up most of the hull, most are full about quarter of them are 1/2 frames full frames the full frames are made up in layers, mostly doubles, a few triples and frame 27 is 4 layers thick each layers is 7 or 8 pieces to make it up sheet 07 has pieces for frame 14 and 15 and is a double frame as it is identified with A and B, relevant frame sheet covered with tracing paper to potect it the end of each piece is sanded to remove laser char a glue stick hold the outside piece in place, and the opposite outside is attached so it is back to back and we have one complete full frame this still needs cleaning up frames pieces ready to be made up 1/2 frames are made up the same way, still to be cleaned up sitting in the jig to make me feel i am getting some where cleaning up the cherry frames
  10. i was recommended this one and recd it at a very good price one other book i wishing to obtain is the Pandora (autonomy of a ship) but quite expensive on fleabay and other places
  11. lol refits normally are done a few years after the vessel has been in commission. she will be finished one day,i actually enjoyed the rebuild, as she looks much better, but the HMS Enterprise project has taken over, for now anyway, all my other new projects, as in new kits have been sold so my options are presently for what i have already started
  12. glad to have you along, i will catch up with the build tomorrow,
  13. updated as she is now back on the shelf, but not the shelf of doom, as i have yet another project on the go
  14. good evening everyone, good to be back and with yet another new build yes this is a kit, but the closest i will get to a scratch the kit is available in one big package, or can be ordered in 3 sections, i chose to order part one £250 + plus shipping (7.5 kg) and export duties which added about £150 on top most of the weight for part one comes from the building rig, basically a frame to hold the frames in position there are no written instructions, what is written (occasional sentence i in Chinese) a few diagrams are shown which helps, but on the jig and lot of quess work is involved , this mainly for the building jig anyone interested in following me on this build?
  15. HMS Enterprize was the lead ship of the Enterpize class of 1770. The class was designed by Sir John Williams with a gross dimensions and tons of 120’6” (gun deck), 99’6” (keel), 33’6” (beam), 11’ (depth of hold) and to carry 200,men. Armament was 24 x 9 pound guns on the upper deck, 4 x 3 pound guns on the quarter deck, and 12 swivel guns. She was ordered in January 1771, Keel laid on September 9, 1771 at Deptford, launched August 24, 1774; hulked in 1791. Twenty-seven ships composed this class. A pair of paintings of the ship by Joseph Marshall in 1775 is held by the Science Museum in Kensington and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Enterprise served as a cruiser and convoy escort. Her most notable action occurred on June 7, 1780 whilst at Gibraltar when her crew spotted six Spanish fire ships drifting into the harbour toward the fleet at anchor. A warning salvo was fired to alert the fleet and the Enterprize’s cables cut to allow the ship to drift away from the hulks and opened fire on the hulks in an attempt to sink them. The Spanish fleet lay outside the harbour for any British ships trying to escape so the British seamen boarded the small the fire ships to attach lines to away from the fleet and burn themselves out. On April 27, 1782 near the Leeward Islands she captured the 22-gun American privateer Mohawk which was later taken into Royal Navy service. Mohawk was sold in1783. Enterprize was decommissioned in May 1784 and from 1790 she served as a receiving ship and hulked in 1791. In 1806 she was taken to Deptford and broken up in 1807. Lines, profile and decoration drawings of Surprize as built can be purchased from the Royal Museums Greenwich (National Maritime Museum). The Kit CAF MODELS of Shanghai, China has created a stunning 1/48 scale Admiralty model of HMS Enterprize. Before reviewing the kit a few words about wooden sailing ship kits from Chinese producers is warranted because they are not all created equal. In 2001 China was allowed to formally join the World Trade Organization (WTO) which meant the country had to abide by international trade agreements and practices such as copyright protection. Prior to 2001, China was the largest source of counterfeit goods that focused on covered luxury goods, cosmetics, sportswear, and appliances. As a result of joining the WTO, far fewer counterfeit goods are no longer produced or available in China, but remains a problem because copying has become a way of life and normal practice for many manufacturers. This problem is endemic among many wooden model kit producers in China who readily use copyrighted drawings to produce their kits without acknowledgement or licence, and these kits are readily available on shopping websites. They will continue to do this as long as it is profitable so do not buy these unlicensed and counterfeit kits. A concerted effort by Model Ship World and the Nautical Research Guild to highlight these practices and alert model makers to the counterfeit products is having success and has gone further to lend an open and willing hand to any Chinese producers who wish to abide by the WTO and international agreements. One of these companies is CAF MODELS located in Shanghai, China. CAF MODELS first came to attention for producing unlicenced kits of French vessels from the ANCRE collection of drawings and monographs. With the help of members of the Model Ship World community, proper agreements between ANCRE and CAF MODELS are being negotiated and to CAF MODELS’ credit, has stopped selling any models based on ANCRE material until an agreement is signed. These kits will return once the agreement is finalized and signed. In the meantime, CAF MODELS has a number of original kits for sale such as HMS Enterprize, with several more under development. CAF MODELS kits are designed and manufactured by Mr. CAO Feng, or in English -- Tom Cao. Tom is an engineer by profession and used CAD to design kits from Admiralty drawings and other references. His CAD designs have become very precise and is able to detect and correct draughting errors in commercially available plans and well-known sources. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his lovely family in Shanghai in 2018 where he kindly took me to his home to show me how he designed model kits and his extensive reference library.
  16. Good evening everyone thank you for the comments dont think i have ever built anything, quite like this, yes the box art is very different to the kit, but for an OOB kit the instructions are good, the material is good, everything fits, and it is certainly a nice looking subject, would be even better if i was a half decent builder the deck fittings have had attention today, the cockpit breakwater, cabin hosing and various bits are in progress on the table, including making your own blocks
  17. good afternoon everyone between sanding priming and filling the AV hull, lets put some colour on the Dorade hawse holes, i have decided to leave in brass, rather than paint them the hull colour yet again the box art shows a difference to the kit contents, the glosst pictures show a overhang of the capping rail , unfortunately even i i did not put a overhang on they would not have fitted, so and infill was put in at the pointy end these photo def show the capping rail overhanging the hull Waterline stripe went on ok, it called for 8mm i could only get 6mm i might put a go faster one on at a later date, i bought them in 10m rolls of ebay, car pin stripes rails fitted went ok the mast, it calls for the mast to be chamfered to fit a 10mm hole in the lower deck, i decided to pin a 10mm dowel to the mast, which worked ok, it was then checked for height, and then adapting to fit the various brass bit, which took a while to get right
  18. Good evening everyone 1st and 2nd planking completed at the stern, and 90% forard i want to get the cabins in first before the front bit is completed the stern now works for me in the respect that the balcony fits and although a lots of sanding/filler in places, i am happy with it at present i am recovering the templates that make up the cabins, in a worst case scenario, i will remake them all still a lot of work required on the bow using the recovered templates where possible
  19. Good morning everyone 1st planking continues, but as i correct things, i keep removing more of the original build, so i might have a few issues getting the new to match whats left when the 2nd planking is complete, yes it would have been easier to strip it all back but hopefully i can rescue all this and get her back to pre-strip down the bow is much better than before and the stern, is now the troublesome area but the shape is right this is the most fun i have had since the last time i had fun, if how ever it does not look right, i will send her to to big model ship scrapyard in the sky, the frame will not take this much treatment again the map pins are keeping the vertical planks in place,
  20. good afternoon everyone once the deck was completed, i wanted to sort the bulkheads under the 1/4 deck. the originals were broken up and used as templates
  21. Good evening everyone well the main decking is done, and had one coat of diluted water based varnish, and is actually better than i thought and 1000% better than that previous effort i did. Next will be to work on the cabins under the decks, to allow the two upper false decks to be fitted/planked, then i can complete 2nd planking 12 years ago prior to sanding port side with supervisor checking on progress
  22. good afternoon everyone 1st planking although not ready to do this area, it needs to be got right this time, so i packed between the supports with Balsa mixed with PVA white glue whick although not perfect at this time is much better my next thing to sort was the backing for the portholes, as the wood tended to splinter and break away last time around, and is not accessible so i have just glued some ply or balsa to give a bit of extra support (might not work) and middle section secured in place, some of the smaller pieces are being salvaged and reused after being cleaned up midships deck planking i have now gone out of sequence, the first planking should continue, but it wraps around all 3 decks. which would limit access to the midships section
  23. to progress this build i need to go backwards, and basically rip her apart, i stopped building her for several reason, one of them was nothing fitted, and not because of a poor kit, another reason was, it was just the wrong kit in the first place, as I really wanted the Victory anyway thats enough of the excuses THE RIP OUT HULL REPAIR two holes needed to be sorted, one from being kicked by me, and another from being in the dustbin (yes that close to going to the great failed kevin build in the sky) the holes were made a bit bigger, reinforcements on the back and patched, they will be sanded down when the hull is sanded back
  24. might be a while, took me 7 years on the Victory lol however this is different,, as i can dedicate as much time to my builds as i see fit, without work commitments any more
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