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  1. Correct CT. Will grab both C and D versions when I see any at a reasonable price. I’m also researching the possibility of recasting these pilots figures for personal use, which will be easier in a long term basis. thanks again.
  2. Thanks Time to do a little shopping for Hasegawa F/A-18D.
  3. Thanks for the insight CT. I plan to build USN jets from 80s’ to OEF era. I hope I can find some pilots fitting into this period of time. But then I’m quite certain it’s a wishful thinking. Already got pilots from Fujimi Tomcat and Intruder to begin with. Believe they’re good for F-4J or S from the late 80s. I also have an OA-4M from Fujimi that I want to work on.... too many projects and too little pilots.
  4. Thanks Robertone. Guess I will leave them to the USAF birds then.....
  5. wkw

    Newbie here

    Thanks for the good tips guys. I am going to order some decal film and try out on my decals. cheers.
  6. I’m wondering if I can use pilots from the Hasegawa F-16CJ (spruce G) or Tamiya F-16CJ as modern USN pilots? thanks
  7. wkw

    Newbie here

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and great advice. i do have prepared the kit decals are unusable. I have a few micro/super scale and repli decal sheets, which is around the same age as the kit sitting at home so I’m not putting my money on them. Then again, I will try using some of the stencils and see how things develop. thanks again.
  8. wkw

    Newbie here

    Thanks Chris. I always like Canada.....
  9. wkw

    Newbie here

    Thanks Dennis. Your generosity is highly appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the great advice guys. I think the Revell kit is pretty good so I’ll look for one. PJ resin will be my back up. I do have a Fujimi tomcat and Intruder in my stash so the last resort is to recast their pilot figures myself. This requires skills which is totally new to me. Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.
  11. wkw

    Newbie here

    Thanks Mack for the warm welcome. I’m still in the research phase. I believe I need to right off the stock decal, which is unusable. I am considerIng to build one of those late J models from the 80s’, when they are about to covert into S. I recall I have seen a picture of a USMC F-4J wearing TPS scheme (?VF-102) long long time ago and I am quite interested on this breed. Then again, plan B is to work on one from VMFA-333.... thanks
  12. Hi guys, New joiner here. Not so sure if this topic has been covered previously or not. I have decided to go back to aircraft modeling, after taking a break for 20 plus years. I’m into Post Vietnam era jets and I have very hard time finding seated pilots. I am planning to work on 1/72 F-4J/S, EA-6B, A-6E, A-7E kits which have been collecting dust in my store room for at least 2 decades. After spending sometime searching the net, I have hard time finding any seated pilot figures. The best bet I have is the pilots came with the Fujimi Tomcat and Intruder kits. May I seek your assistance directing me to somewhere that I can get some 1/72 pilots from the 90s’ until now? Thanks in advance. Wkw
  13. wkw

    Newbie here

    Hi guys, newbie says hi. I’ve been into modeling since I was a kid, mostly jets in 1/72. Haven’t worked on any aircraft model since high school. Just bumped into britmodeller and now I’m all excited and want to pick up a 1/72 item to work on. I went thru stuffs in my storage and located a F-4J from Fujimi, which I bought in the early 1990s’. Will start working on it soon and...hope the decals don’t act on me. cheers
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