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  1. What's the latest on this kit?
  2. It really doesn't, does it? But can imagine it was miles away more efficient than paddle wheel? Lots more optimization was to be had over the course of the next 150 years!
  3. Progress slowed a bit, here's a small update:
  4. At the moment I don't see the Photon as a means for production. However, what I've seen people able to produce tells me the quality is right there as far as resolution comparative to what Shapeways can give me. For now its more important to me to to streamline the prototyping process. For each product I create there's the back and forth iterative process and that adds up time and expense.
  5. Yes, see the CAD screen shots at the top; everything, turret and all within, CAD drawn and printed.
  6. No, Shapeways...for now. Saved up for an Anycubic Photon, waiting to see if there's a price drop on Amazon. With the Photon I could do all the prototyping at home. Shapeways is taking longer and longer to turn parts around.
  7. So after fiddling with the CSS Albemarle over the holidays I started to tinker with my USS Monitor kit...and decided to redo the turret and Dahlgrens that came with it... And so the parts started to arrive last month: It's a cheesebox on a raft! Comparison back to the kit part: Redid the pilot house: And the Ericsson propellor: Dahlgren XI smoothbore with some paint: And finally putting all the pieces together: Lots of work to get to this point!
  8. 1/192 CSS Albemarle Flagship Models kit. Built this some 13 years ago, hated the execution: Recently saw a build online and used that as inspiration to get off my butt and do something about it. Thus I've completely revamped my Albemarle:
  9. Did I hear correctly that the kit will be released in a few weeks?
  10. OK, try it now? I had it listed as private, but that still should have allowed anyone who had the link to see it. I've switched it to public.
  11. Got some video of the working hinge! 1/350 HMS Spartan working DDS door
  12. Gotten bogged down in other projects recently so haven't updated this in a while. Worked a little on this this week:
  13. You're talking about the shelter itself? Interesting. Can only imagine it's only a few steps up from a parachute hydrodynamically. Always wondered about flow noise too with these things. I thought the Astute's were to have an integral shelter from the get-go too. Something seamless combined into the structure above the pressure hull (what do you call the hutch, for a lack of a better word, that goes over the top of the pressure hull?), maybe slightly larger sail than needed. Been another delay, Shapeways didn't like my CAD (even though they printed it before?!?) so I had to tweak it to make them happy and that delayed it across a weekend + 48 hours. Should ship tomorrow, and if I'm very lucky, I'll have it Friday.
  14. Oh of course. I just wanted to know what they were. I've followed up by inquiring about the rando-nature of the number of holes.
  15. Asked the question over on Quora and an ex-RN submariner answered with this: These are the the launch tubes for torpedo countermeasures. A set of decoys are mounted under the casing, external to the pressure hull and can be fired remotely from the control room. The tubes are angled forward so that the decoys will not fall aft and impact either the afterplanes or propulsor. Or even worse, get jammed in the propulsor, meaning that you would be dragging a very loud noise source designed to attract enemy weapons.
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