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J35 Draken

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  1. J35 Draken

    Red11 down at Cranwell

    From the BBC website.. However, it is believed that the aircraft touched down on the runway and then an undercarriage leg collapsed, causing the aircraft to veer off the runway and into the ATC carpark.
  2. J35 Draken

    Red11 down at Cranwell

    No worries John, totally understand Last I heard were the crew had some minor back injuries from the ejection but that was all.
  3. J35 Draken

    Red11 down at Cranwell

    It's still news though isn't it? As Angels49 said, it's pretty rare for any incident involving the Reds to happen. You could see the crew were ok just from the title so you didn't have to read it if it was just going to annoy you! Just because there's been one big incident in Spain doesn't mean the rest of the worlds aviation news has to be put on hold.. And I don't know whether Cranwell has a barrier but the aircraft ended up hitting the air traffic control tower and some cars that were parked near it.
  4. J35 Draken

    Red11 down at Cranwell

    Now reported it wasn't a Reds aircraft, instead just black Hawk but it did come from Scampton.
  5. J35 Draken

    Mitsubishi F-1 group build?

    Oops, so it does! Didn't see that, just thought you may have meant the twin seat variant of the F-1, the T-2, rather than the F-2
  6. J35 Draken

    Mitsubishi F-1 group build?

    Isn't the F-2 a totally different aircraft? Like building an F-16 for a Jaguar GB Unless you mean the T-2?
  7. J35 Draken

    Duxford September Show

    Nope, you are correct! my mistake, DX has too many shows to be able to remember which one has what aircraft
  8. J35 Draken

    Duxford September Show

    Doesn't look like a bad show. That list doesn't have the Belgian F-16 and SeaKing which should also be displaying too.
  9. J35 Draken

    Flashes of Lightning

    A lovely collection you've got there, the T5 is my favourite of the bunch.
  10. That's a beaut, nicely done Karl.
  11. J35 Draken

    Kfir C1

    You've made great progress Antoine, it's gonna look awesome with all that kit hanging off the wings too!
  12. J35 Draken

    Batajnica, Serbia, 02. August 2008.

    Lovely stuff. Not a fan of that J-22 scheme personally but I think those MiG-29's look the nuts!
  13. J35 Draken

    Cool looking Merlin

    I really don't like it, I think it's the day-glo bit under the cockpit that makes it look odd.
  14. J35 Draken

    Yet more Farnborough.

    Now I do like that angle on the Seaking, very unusual! True about Farnborough lacking the punch other shows have, and although it is a trade show, I do think it doesn't compare to the likes of ILA and Paris.
  15. J35 Draken

    Le Bourget 200708

    Awesome, thanks again Marcus!
  16. J35 Draken

    Le Bourget 200708

    Very nice Marcus! Looks like there's some unusual stuff there. Any more of the rarer French types?
  17. J35 Draken

    Another quick Eurofighter question...nose vanes...

    It really depends, at Waddo there was a 17Sqn Tiffie fully loaded up for the ground attack role, but I believe it's mostly seen in the above configuration.
  18. J35 Draken

    Chinook or herc?

    I was thinking the same thing though John, can't recall many crashes involving RAF Chinooks? Only the Mull of Kintyre crash.
  19. J35 Draken

    Farnborough 150708

    Some very nice stuff there Marcus. Shame they kept the cover on the 29!
  20. J35 Draken

    RIAT departures

    Made it down to Fairford yesterday to catch most of the stuff leaving for home. Some interesting departures, some not, lots of cloud and not much sun.. Hope you liked!
  21. J35 Draken

    RIAT pt.2

    Very nice stuff Steve, those Dhruv's look good.
  22. J35 Draken

    RIAT departures

    Cheers guys, that Pakistani Orion was very nice to see, just gutted didn't get to view it up close. 'Tis indeed a Nord 262, pretty rare in the UK nowadays. And I don't have a clue who/what Max Holst is!
  23. J35 Draken

    RIAT departures

    Thanks alot guys Some more for you..
  24. J35 Draken

    RIAT departures

    Thanks alot guys. May post some more a bit later on..
  25. J35 Draken

    The star of the (pre) show!

    Wow Steve, they're great. That fourth shot is just amazing!