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  1. Thanks Rob much appreciated. Laurie
  2. Problem. I changed a setting & have forgotten how & where I went to change it. If I have a window filling the full screen. I then open another if I slip out of this new window onto the full window under the new window disappears. That did not happen before I had to manually remove the top screen or tap on the window under to bring it forward. Now for instance. Window full screen. Open sticky notes I have to race across to get to the sticky note before it disappears. Any help would be appreciated to restore the original as highlighted above. Laurie
  3. So I have to com clean & be honest. i have been posturing. It says What makes you happy Nothing really
  4. Pete 4 on the go . Do you think you may be a bit mad . One is a problem for me & I am mad. All the best. Laurie
  5. My wife told the doctor I was not impotent. Only thing she got right we have 4 children. Ah well only 4 times. Laurie
  6. Looks good to me Pockets so I would certainly be happy. Laurie
  7. Dick bury it it is corned beef.
  8. Nice Wez. Just had a fifth resident offer help. She is a young lady perhaps 25. Met her a few times in the lift lives on the same floor. She said in her note I am Kat (the one with the nice face) I told her one day, you can at 81, she has a very nice face. That is all very nice plus my two angel daughters getting our needs. One just emailed to say 12 year old grandson made some jam tarts this afternoon & the 16 year old did some ironing Laurie
  9. Yes my mum & dad thought that i was clever in avoiding them. Actually, bit of history, we were relativley safe in a shelter dug in the ground. Dad made bunks. Lots of bedding. All four of us mum dad & sister. Despite all going on it was very comfortable & cosy. Laurie
  10. I built myself a paint mixer for large tin of emulsion. It was a large tin. A Blacker Decker was the base & into the drill a large Allan key. Worked fine until the Allan key decided it wanted freedom through the side of the paint can. At the same time bringing freedom to lots of emulsion paint as the tin can revolved around the Allan key. But all worked out OK just 6 hours to clear up the mess in the garage. So all was well. Laurie
  11. Oh very funny Gordon still giggling. Laurie
  12. Yes that is why I changed to plastic. The paper tape becomes near saturated with paint which affects the adhesive. That is my theory. One tip with plastic tape. Cut a new edge with a Morton blade as the adhesive tends to spread on the edge of the tape. Laurie
  13. Which one has reacted the plastic or paper Pockets. ? Laurie
  14. I use Tamiya XF & remove the tape almost immediately after finishing spraying. I use Tamiya & Car lining plastic tape which I have found far better than paper tape. LAurie
  15. JU 87 Remember them well. They dropped bombs around me when I was about 2 years old. They missed. Laurie
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